Monday 12th June 2006
Antos: Gary: Danno: Dodgy: Magua: Mole on our way to Germany for the World cup 2006.
Stopped at Bristol Airport and checked if football Hooligans. 3 OK 3 further checked cleared after 45 mins 1 DODGY character.
Met Joe Jordan at airport offered Stanleytown Job. Turned it down.
Arrived MAINZ Frankfurt. Watched Italy v Ghana in Bar.
Went to Irish Bar until early Hours.
Tuesday 13th June 2006
After power walking around MAINZ in morning. Traveled 45 mins by train to FRANKFURT. Went to watch at Fans Fest, a large Screen in the middle of Rhine. Temperature very hot retired to bar to watch second half of South Korea v Togo. Experienced apple wine ( cider ) and strawberries
Returned to MAINZ Antos treated us Kitty Kitty from his winnings.
Dodgy got us lost again looking for late night pizza and cocktails.
Wednesday 14th June 2006
Traveled 120 miles to COLOGNE took 2 hours to get there and 1 hours trying to find Hotel
Hotel next to Irish Bar. Watched Spain v Ukraine 3.00pm there.
Went to just outside Fans fest park 300 yards from hotel to watch Germany V Poland Great atmosphere.
Antos human skittle champion again. Carried Home.
Thursday 15th June 2006
Got up early due to LOUD church bells. Mole and Magua went for stroll to river. Settled down to watch England v Trinidad & Tobago in Irish bar with English fans. Good atmosphere, good bouncers on door.
Out in evening for meal then to watch Sweden v Paraguay. Mole won fancy dress competition. COMPO ??
Friday 16th June 2006
Still hoping for tickets for Argentina v Serbia we traveled 50 miles to DORTMUND. Short journey but Dodgy excelled at map reading took over 90 mins to find hotel. Watched match in Greek restaurant.
Ten pin bowling competition early evening. Out to Dortmund Fan Fest to watch Holland v Ivory Coast on big screen. In night sat out in open air. Magua & Dodgy in keepy up competition Discussed Stanleytown season.
Saturday 17th June 2006
Traveled to AMSTERDAM with Danno doing all the driving, with Antos considering coming home. Arrived early afternoon Got posh Hotel near airport and had tram into centre. Had a relaxing time watched Italy v USA
Sunday 18th June 2006
Went to centre of Amsterdam for the day. Had great meal sat in square watched the world go by and watched Japan v Croatia: Brazil v Australia ( great fans and atmosphere) and finally France v South Korea.
Convinced Antos not to go home.
Monday 19th June 2006
This was to be the longest journey where we traveled from Holland through Belgium and Luxembourg to the French / German border town of SAARBRUCKEN. Found the Hotel eventually ( Dodgy again )
Went out for meal and found another open air bar and stayed out until late.
Tuesday 20th June 2006
Hotel we stayed in had the roofers starting work at 6.00am and were stripping roof and throwing tiles in skip Very Loud
Went on train to KAISERSLAUTERN to watch Trinidad v Paraguay. Gary, Danno, Magua and Mole had tickets for match. Trinidad fans put on Carnival display in town centre in day ( very colourful ).
Touts offered Antos and Dodgy tickets but price to high. Watched Equador v Germany in bookies ( air conditioned ) with the Fans Fest packed with thousands of German supporters
Went to stadium to watch match with everyone wanting Trinidad to win.
Great view enjoyed the game and occasion. Traveled back to Saarbrucken, late night drink
Wednesday 21st June 2006
Went to place called DAMSTAART ( near Frankfurt ) for our final hotel. Again watched match in open air.
Portugal v Mexico in the afternoon and on the town square for the evening match Argentina v Holland.
Tried some special German lager???
Thursday 22nd June 2006
Got up early did our shopping, watched Czech Republic v Italy in afternoon in yet another Irish bar and returned in the night for the Japan v Brazil match. Finished the evening with Karaoke where we all made fools of ourselves by singing.
Friday 23rd June 2006
At the end of an exhausting trip we got to the airport early had food watched Ukraine v Tunisia. Flight on time arrived Bristol airport early. Minibus turned up 90 mins late. Got home 10.30 pm
Great trip, very good company