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Saturday 22nd August 2009
Gareth Smith 31
Dale Hughes 41
Own Goal 45
Anthony Phillips 56
Wayne Davies 64
Ian Reed 8
Fairly quiet first 80 minutes, then pulled off some top notch saves to ensure the clean sheet.
Positive: Distribution much improved, mixed up big kicks and throws to full backs.
Negative: Needs to be on his game with Big Gav in the wings.
John Williams 9 – STAR MAN
A performance of the highest order. Contained their best player with ease. Player of the year standard.
Positive: Great supporting the attack and defending.
Negative: Needs to avoid the lure of Friday night lager if he wants to keep his place.
Huw Evans 8
Was typically solid and allowed typhoon to venture forward.
Positive: No frills robust defending
Negative: Got Jez breathing down his neck for a place in the back four.
Gareth Smith 8
Captain Boris Johnson was another of the back 4 who made our defence look rock solid.
Positive: Boris never misses from one yard out, and didn’t today to notch town’s first of the season.
Negative: Captain Carnell will want that magical armband back soon.
Matthew Smith 9
Kept their aggressive striker quiet and didn’t get bit. Looks at home with his big brother.
Positive: Playing in his favoured position.
Negative: Rumours circulating the OAP hut that they are starting an indoor bowls league during the winter.
Carl Semmens 7
Cruelly forced off after 15 minutes.
Positive: Was looking for the ball when he was on.
Negative: Needs to get his fitness back, then his place in the first XI.
Jarrad Davies 8
Played through the pain barrier to deliver a composed performance.
Positive: Has a 2 week recuperation trip planned.
Negative: Could be providing a window of opportunity for U2’s greatest fan ever, Karl Mole.
Thomas Harrison 8
One of the most surprising signings of the close season came good, as the manager knew he would.
Positive: Looking to shed weight at every opportunity
Negative: But it cant be that clever to save the weight of shin pads?
Dale Hughes 9
Played a superb game, was unselfish and played it easy. Deserved his goal for his all round play.
Positive: Could be the signing of the season, and has potential to score a bagful this year.
Negative: On average, treads on the ball and falls over about once a game.
Tyrone Jones 8
Don’t think I’ve seen typhoon put so much effort in a game. Linked play up well and his footwork in the box skinned the defenders more than once.
Positive: Looks like he is up for it this season.
Negative: Rumours are that there is another club vying for his signature.
Anthony Phillips 9
Hardest thing for Ant today was finding the ground. Was class today.
Positive: You will not see a better finish all season. 4 keepers would not have got near it.
Negative: Got to keep wearing those cotton wool slippers.
Lee Bolderson 8
Some say he changed the game when he came on. Delivered a pinpoint cross for Dale Hughes BA Hons goal.
Positive: Staked his claim for a starting position.
Negative: After performance like that, needs to do it every week.
Ryan Jones 7
Knocked the ball around well when he came on.
Positive: Ball at feet, he is quality.
Negative: Running after the ball, he is not quality.
Wayne Davies 7
Scored goal on his debut, then his legs went.
Positive: Fastest thing on two legs.
Negative: But not for long.
Tuesday 25th August 2009
Dale Hughes 65
Gareth Smith 85
Saturday 29th August 2009
Karl Williams 26
Ashley Davies 62
Dale Hughes 73 (PEN)
Ian Reed 9 – STAR MAN
It wont be the last time this season that reedy’s performance is the difference that gets us 3 points. Some of his saves were superb again, and Dale Hughes BA Hons cannot believe just how good he is.
Positive: Not just best keeper in this league, but at least the league above as well.
Negative: Needs to bullock his full backs to want the ball more.
John Williams 7
Not as good as in the first 2 games, but still decent enough.
Positive: Will take some shifting from right full back if he keeps playing well.
Negative: Drinks at our rivals pub so is a target for free drinks on Friday night..
Huw Evans 7
Good defensive display, particularly when moving to centre back for Boris.
Positive: One great run where he carried the ball for 50 yards.
Negative: Didn’t look too comfortable when he was just outside the opponents box.
Gareth Smith 7
Another game, another injury. This time a twisted back to go with the bad ankle and dodgy calf, groin and hamstring.
Positive: Played through the pain barrier when we needed him to stay on.
Negative: At this rate, he’ll be needing a rest when the rugby internationals start up.
Matthew Smith 7
Quiet game from trotter, but kept position well and did enough.
Positive: Looks more comfortable at centre back.
Negative: Heard this bowls league is starting up when the rugby internationals start.
Wayne Davies 8
Fast Wayne lived up to his name and created chance after chance with his pace.
Positive: Another Rhondda league discard that is making waves down in Stanleytown. Negative: Looks like that boy driving the car on the TV advert.
Jeremy Morgan 7
Could have and should have scored a couple. But didn’t.
Positive: Didn’t look out of place in midfield.
Negative: But was very out of breath in the second half.
Thomas Harrison 7
Did well in the middle of the park and was unlucky with one good strike.
Positive: Must have left the angry tablets at home cos it was his first game without a booking – after warning from the hierarchy.
Negative: Didn’t get on the ball as much as we want. And doesn’t like having different midfield partners.
Dale Hughes 8
There are some things you can bank on with Dale Hughes BA Hons. 1. Every other game he will stand on the ball and hit the deck. 2. Every other game he will miscontrol the ball into his beak. 3. Every game he will walk into the opposition changing room or parade outside with his top off while tensed up.
Positive: Was only 2 of the 3 above this week. But he did score his third in three games.
Negative: Jez was the only one who fancied him to score the pen – everyone was picking someone else to take it.
Tyrone Jones 7
Good technique and skill yet again from the only home grown Stanleytown player.
Positive: Dazzles the crowd with his footwork.
Negative: People on the side calling him jigsaw…..??
Karl Williams 7
Quality play from Karl before an enforced change due to injury. Good follow up to get goal.
Positive: Tried to play on, and hopes to be fit for next game.
Negative: Or is that attic calling again?
Ashley Davies 7
Came on and got a goal on his debut, cant ask for more than that.
Positive: Looking to go for goal at every opportunity.
Negative: Needs a full game up front to show us what he can do.
Carl Semmens 7
Welcome return from injury for the best looking member of the club.
Positive: Looked the part out on the wing.
Negative: Didn’t play as good as we know he can, but we are now expecting wonder goals every game after his pre season displays.
Saturday 5th September 2009
Ashley Davies 11
Tuesday 8th September 2009
John Williams (2) 42, 80
Lee Bolderson (2 PEN) 66, 71
Saturday 12th September 2009
Lee Bolderson (PEN) 41
Jason Carnell 42
This week the town took a short trip down the road to hopkinstown. two changes were made to the squad that beat penrhiwfer on tuesday, with Dale Hughes and Carl Semmens replacing Wayne Davies and Gary Thomas. It was once again a slow start for the town with hopkinstown pressing early on. They soon got their reward with a goal from some sloppy stanleytown defending. Hopkinstown continued to dominate the game in the early stages and soon got a second after a flick of a long throw somehow found its way through Ian Reed and the post. However Stanleytown were not going down without a fight and fought back in to the game. Some fine link up play between Karl Williams and John Williams on the edge of the area led to Karl being unfairly brought down in the opposition box. The result, a penalty, which Lee bolderson Calmly slotted home down the middle. 2-1 Hopkinstown. Minutes later a fine bit of footwork and a fierce shot from Jason 'captain cazzy' Carnel, found its way into the top right hand corner of the goal. Things were all square going in to half time at 2-2. Second half started with Stanleytown having their fair share of the ball and chances started to come our way. The best of which fell to Jason Carnell, when Dale Hughes brought the ball down and layed it off to the ageing stanleytown idol. After the hour mark, vice deputy reserve manager Mr Mole decided to ring in the changes with Thomas Harrisson and Dale hughes making way for Wayne davies and Jarrad davies. This appeared to be the kick stanleytown was looking for as hopkinstown failed to handle the pace of Wayne and the energy of Jarrad. Late on in the game Wayne appeared to be brought down in the box by the keeper, but the ref waved play on. Last chance of the game fell to Lee Bolderson who went for glory instead of passing, much to the disgust of Huw Evans! Final whistle 2-2, a fair result considering the state of the players in jeremus wedding party the night before and in the changing room before kick off. This is a fine example that friday night drinking just doesn't go well with saturday afternoon football
Ian Reed 7
Some fine saves from the best goal keeper in the league. 1 or 2 proving vital.
Positive - Goal kicking improving all the time, and now looking to get the attack away quicker with the full backs.
Negative - How did that second goal creep in?
Carl Semmens 6
Back to his right back position, which he did no favours in keeping next week.
Positive - Some decent tackles won.
Negative - Too many wayward balls into touch
Huw Evans 5
Not the best of games from Delme, and he wasnt even at the wedding party the night before.
Positive - Only captain caswell shouts 'come on' better then Huw.
Negative - Has a first touch like a shot! and got beaten on numerous occasions by santa clause.
Matthew Smith 6
Fairly quiet game from young trotter. Did what he had to do well against a strong, tall opponent.
Positive - Some good ariel challanges won, beating his opponent to the ball regular.
Negative - Wasnt completly focused on the game with his mind still on the £120 bill from the night before
Gareth Smith 7 - STAR MAN
Solid game from boris at the heart of the defence. Strong in the tackle, cant recall his oposing number beating him once!
Positive - Lasted the full game. Forming quite a partnership with post man matt
Negative - Wants a crack at up front
John Williams 6
Normally plays well after a session on a friday but didnt turn up today, maybe his mind was on his lady friend who accompanied him the night before?
Positive - Came in to the game later on and made some good tackles
Negative - too much sauce friday night, caught up with him more than anyone else i think
Lee Bolderson 6
Some good showing out wide from the man the stanleytown faithful love to hate
Positive - Had a chance late on to steal it for the town
Negative - Didnt take it
Thomas Harrisson 6
Seemed to find it difficult against a tricky opponent in the middle of the park.
Positive - Not afraid to put himself about
Negative - Maybe all that muscle is a bit too heavy for him to carry around all game
Karl Williams 7
Glimses of class that we have come to expect from Karl
Positive - Feet like Ryan Giggs to get through several defenders for the penalty
Negative - Think i seen santa clause get past him once aswell?
Dale Hughes 6
Quiet one from the hollywood hughesy up top, why was that bottle of vodka he gave as a wedding present empty?
Positive - Didnt wear that scarf this week
Negative - Touches weren't up to his usual standard this week
Jason Carnell 7
A firm believer in the saying 'age is just a number' still able to perform, even at this stage of his career
Positive - The wonder strike. Need i say no more. AND he didn get hungry this week and start eating the oppositions ear
Negative - Went missing in patches, only way we found him was when he shouted COME ON!!
Jarrad Davies 6
Made it all the way back from swansea only to be put on the bench. Came on with the usual high tempo and energy
Positive - Was looking for the ball when he came on and didnt stop running
Negative - Quite simple, hes ginger
Wayne Davies 6
Full pelt came on and did what he does best, run! Made some good runs down the wing, and often beat his opponent
Positive - Almost won a penelty
Negative - Should have stayed down
Special mention to the gaffer and his newly crowned wife, turning up the morning after their wedding. He must really love this club
Saturday 19th September 2009
Lee Bolderson 29
Wayne Davies 78
This week saw the town welcome league new boys penrhiwceiber, an unknown quantity to say the least. The game got off with both teams getting possession of the ball, but it was ceiber who got the first chance, when fred rees came of his line only to miss the ball (and player for a change) with the ball hitting the post with the follow up being called offside (much to the relief of boris who seemed to handle the ball) The town soon struck back when a beautifully lofted ball by karl mole found fast wayne at the back where he nodded the ball onto the post from 10 yards. After more battling in the middle of the field, the deadlock was finally broken when dale hughes caught their defence in possession and played a perfect ball to lee bolderson, who slotted the ball home with ease from the edge of the area, 1-0 stanleytown. This seemed to bring penrhiwceiber to life and the town soon came under some intense pressure, with nicky rees staking his claim for the #1 jersey with some fine saves, however at one stage he came off his line and missed the ball and cleaned the striker out and appeared very lucky to stay on the field. 1-0 to the town at half time.
The second half started as the first ended, with the away team piling on the pressure and only remained in the game with some more heroics from local hero fred rees. Ceiber continued to pressure the home side but could not seem to penetrate the solid defence of the town, which on times resembled the berlin wall. Town soon weathered the storm and when a ball was played over the top for fast wayne he got onto the end and calmly chipped over the keeper, he is a constant threat with his blistering pace. 2-0 stanleytown. With the game won the town sat back and soaked up the pressure with no real chances for ceiber due to some hard fought defending by the home team. The only remaining real chance of the game fell to substitute ashley davies who seemingly miscontrolled with his first touch but still managed to get a shot away, thought it didnt trouble the keeper. With the final whistle going, it was a hard fought win for stanleytown, who have clawed their way back up the league and are now joint second. Final score stanleytown 2 - 0 penrhiwceiber, good result lads!
Nicky Rees 9 – STAR MAN
I know it sounds like a joke but Mr. Stanleytown really was that good. Even heard the away fans asking where we got him from.
Positive – Magua had the camera… still not tired of hearing Gary laughing at him at 0:57 on the video (take a look)
Negative – Looks like he may be sent off every time he leaves his line.
John Williams 7
Confessed he stayed in on Friday night, never a good sign.
Positive – Has the record time for the 6 halves challenge
Negative – Record: 3 days, 4 hours and counting…
Huw Evans 7
Looked very comfortable at centre back. Had the pace to make up for mistakes in the first half. Didn’t make any in the second half.
Positive – Second half
Negative – The boys know his middle name
Gareth Smith 7
Solid seems to be the best was to describe the way he plays so I’ll stick with it. Worked hard to keep us in front at a shaky 1-0.
Positive – a clean sheet to be proud of.
Negative – hasn’t scored for a while.
Karl Williams 7
Moved to left back and settled straight in, defended well and got forward too.
Positive – Nobody knows what’s his strongest foot, can play anywhere!
Negative – he’s due a week off.
Carl Semmens 7
Had a choice – right back or right midfield, made the right choice… then went to right back?
Positive – More involved this week good partnership forming with Little John.
Negative – Lee’s jealous
Lee Bolderson 7
Took a few to get his eye in but finished well.
Positive – Top scorer (and Dale hates it)
Negative – Free kicks are worse than his pens (or so they all say)
Thomas Harrisson 7
Good link between defence and attack. Always wanted the ball and played it easy.
Positive - Got through another game without a ‘Hulk’ impression.
Negative – can’t build a partnership in the middle, he plays with 2 or 3 different people a game.
Jarrad Davies 7
Back in the team and deserved it after the energy burst against Hopkinstown. Didn’t get the ball on the wing, but saw plenty when he moved into the middle, didn’t waste a thing.
Positive – He was like David Batty in centre midfield.
Negative – He looks a bit like him too.
Wayne Davies 7
Full pelt beat his man every time, so they started kicking him. Took the pressure off with a good finish.
Positive – Fastest man in the league.
Negative – Got caught speeding in the week.
Dale Hughes 7
Had their ‘bruiser’ in his pocket. He also made both the goals. Good day for Hollywood Hughesy.
Positive – Fastest man from seat to food in the Star
Negative – Was really hurt when his nose was mentioned again
Ashley Davies 7
Ran the line well when he came on had a few chance too.
Positive – Full of energy and running.
Negative – Doesn’t come every week
Saturday 3rd October 2009
Wayne Davies 18
Saturday 10th October 2009
We took a break from the league this week to travel to division one leaders Bridgend Street in the Bruty Cup First Round. The game didn’t start in the best way when we were reduced to 10 men in the first 20 minutes, then shortly after we went 1 – 0 down. Then 5 minutes later we conceded a penalty and reduced to nine men, however Ian Reed saved the penalty. The match as a contest was over at this point and it was a game of attack against defence with Reed pulling off several goods saves to keep the score at 1 – 0 at the break. The second half was a similar story to the first with the town resistance keeping the leagues leading scores at bay, they have scored 50 goals in 8 games this season. It was only when in the 75th minute that Bridgend Street doubled their lead with what seemed an offside goal. 10 minutes from time Bridgend Street got a third with a breakaway goal. Even though we lost this game we can take great heart from our performance, restricting Bridgend Street to their lowest goal tally of the season so far.
We have a week off next week and return to action on the 24th of October at home to AFC Butetown, kick off 2.00pm
Saturday 31st October 2009
After a 2 week break stanleytown were back to buisness with a tough trip down the road to local rivals ynyshir albions. It was clear to see from the start that stanleytown had been out of practice with a 2 week break, coming under some early pressure early on. However the defence seemed to cope well, limiting ynyshir to mainly long shots which failed to trouble keeper Ian Reed. Stanleytown did start to string some passes together and soon got their first chance when Jarrad Davies got on the end of a Karl Williams corner, only for it to sail past the post. There was few clear chances in the first half for either team, except for a few long range shots from ynyshir and a few crosses from stanleytown. The second half started with stanleytown seemingly on top, crossing the ball into the box on several occassions, with no-one able to connect with the ball. Stanleytown then seemed to go to sleep and invite their opponents to go at them. And it was this reason that ynyshir broke the deadlock, with a fine bit of footwork from the ynyshir striker skipping past a stanleytown defender and squareing to his team mate for him to fire the ball home from point blank range, 1-0 ynyshir. The next half hour passed with few chances for either team, but it was stanleytown who got the next chance, with Jarrad davies getting on the end of another corner, only for the ball to brush past the post. Ynyshirs second goal was soon to follow, and it was much the same as the first, with a squared ball finding an ynyshir player, scoring from 5 yards out. With both teams down to 10 men with Jarrad Davies getting sent off for throwing his handbag about, ynyshir seemed happy to hold on to their lead till the end, Final score Ynyshir 2 - 0 Stanleytown.
Ian Reed – 7
Quiet game by his standards, commanded his area well, punched and caught the ball well.
Positive - Gave the full backs the ball quickly to set up attacks
Negative - That mane in the shower afterward was scary!
Carl Semmens – 6
Not afraid to put himself about, with some good tackles
Positive - Some good balls down the line and some decent deliveries on free kicks
Negative - Tired toward the end, was blamed by the goalkeeper for the second goal
John Williams – 6
Surely little john was out on the town on friday, his football may have taken a back seat since this new bird
Positive - got forward quite well
Negative - Didnt make it back in time
Gareth Smith - 7 STAR MAN
Another strong game from boris, wearing the armband, did well in the tackle and in the air
Positive - the rock at the back, showed he is a good striker aswell
Negative - Had to get carried off by his opponents
Huw Evans – 7
Good performance from delme, another one strong in the tackle and in the air
Positive - Played till the end and never give up
Negative - His middle name
Matthew Smith – 7
Moved to the middle of the park to man mark a very good player and did it well
Positive - Fitness as good as ever, got stuck in to his new role
Negative - Taken off which seemed to cause a flurry of ynyshir attacks
Karl Williams – 6
Provided his usual flare in the middle of the park
Positive - Provided some good link up play with jarrad and lee
negative - Seemed to struggle to get back to defend
Lee Bolderson – 6
started up top, then moved to right wing, played 3 or 4 positions in 3 games, needs to be kept in a position if we are to see his best
Positive - Some good dead ball deliveries and always looking for the ball out wide
Negative - Another who seemed to struggle to get back in defence
Wayne Davies – 6
Proving to be a great asset down the wing with his blistering pace
Positive - Beat his marker time and time again, often getting fouled and winning free kicks
Negative - On occassions the end result was missing
Jarrad Davies – 7
Here, there and everywhere, doesnt stop running this boy
positive - Some excellent link up play and passing and moving was good
Negative - Sent off because the guy took his lipstick without asking
Jason Carnell – 7
This man continues to defy the rule of ageing, another who will run all day
Positive - Won his fare share of ball in the air and linked up well with jarrad. Also put himself about well
Negative - Didnt hear a 'CMOOOON'all game, which may have something to do with the end result??
Jarrad Facey – 6
Came on late on with not much time to impress but done well with a few decent balls into the box
Positive - looks like a player for the future with good speed and skill
Negative - Hasn't had much game time to show us what he can do, needs a start to prove himself
Stephen Thomas – 6
Came on at the end for the injured skipper, touched the ball once
Positive - Turned up with his boots willing to play (more than can be said for nicky rees)
Negative- Didnt turn up with much else, borrowing gel, deoderant, towel..... after the match
Saturday 7th November 2009
Saturday 12th December 2009
Saturday 23rd January 2010
Saturday 6th February 2010
Saturday 20th February 2010
Wayne Davies 70
Saturday 27th February 2010
Saturday 6th March 2010
Dale Hughes
Saturday 13th March 2010
John Williams
Saturday 20th March 2010
Jarrad Davies (2)
Nicky Rees 8
Mr Stanleytown sustained a severe leg wound on 20 mins, and played through the pain to earn a draw.
Positive: Didn’t put a foot wrong and didn’t look out of place in goal.
Negative: Will be doubtful for next game with injury. Reedy’s jersey makes him look about 5ft 2.
Carl Semmens 7
Tough job of marking a tricky winger. First half hour looked disinterested, after that was the Carlos of old.
Positive: Contender for Claude Makalele’s big tackle award in front of away contingent. Knocked some lovely balls down the channel.
Negative: Looking for worms again in first half hour.
Karl Williams 7
Did well filling in at full back. Became more prominent when moved into midfield.
Positive: Team played better when Karl was in the middle.
Negative: Lots of competition for centre mid positions.
Gareth Smith 7
Usual Boris performance. Gets on with it and keeps the forwards quiet without being too noticed.
Positive: Feeling revitalised after first points in 6 months.
Negative: Summer contract talks could be difficult
Huw Evans 8
Another one like Boris. Just gets on with it and rarely does anyone get the better of him.
Positive: Playing like he’s 21.
Negative: Looking like he’s 41
Thomas Harrison 7
Took out young Bolderson. Had plenty of touches, especially in second half before he saw red.
Positive: Asked not to get caught in possession, and he didn’t.
Negative: Mistaken identity and will receive a ban for it.
Lee Bolderson 6
Good effort and played on after a blow to the temple from fellow mifielder.
Positive: Looking as keen as ever, played it simple.
Negative: Didn’t make the second half. And that arse is getting bigger by the week.
Jarrad Davies 8 – STAR MAN
Super performance capped with 2 opportunist goals.
Positive: Great left foot volley for goal of the season contender.
Negative: Manager expects a super performance every week.
Dale Hughes 7
Class centre forward play. To be fair, he was up against the best player on the park, but gave it his all.
Positive: Can’t fault the effort or enthusiasm. Made the most robust challenge of the day.
Negative: Stood on the ball in typical fashion. Dale had a bleeding nose and the ref gave the free kick the other way.
Jason Carnell 7
Much improved in second half when he came looking for the ball.
Positive: Great fitness levels from the veteran.
Negative: How many more years can he keep it up?
Wayne Davies 6
This boy is fast. Not sure he knows exactly where to run or when though. Little bit more experience and fast wayne can become a class act for the club.
Positive: Gives us a great outlet and a different option.
Negative: A bit lightweight on times, but suppose that comes with the speed.
Matthew Symmons 5
Came on for fast wayne, and looks almost as fast.
Positive: Looks keen.
Negative: Another bantam weight flyer. Will be ideal on the fast hard ground.
Jeremy Morgan 5
Came on when winning and end up drawing.
Positive: 6 months worth of frustration over.
Negative: Missed a sitter at the end. And is still thinking about it.
Jarrad Facey 7
Didn’t look out of place at left full back.
Positive: Can become mr versatile for stanleytown. Looked robust.
Negative: Needs the confidence to match his ability.
Saturday 27th March 2010
Ian Reed 7
Welcome return to the fold for the league’s number 1 keeper. No chance with any of the goals.
Positive: Played through the pain and kicked well.
Negative: Didn’t have a lot to do but picked the ball out of the net 3 times.
Carl Semmens 8
Very good game for Carlos, hit some good balls into the channel.
Positive: Looked confident throughout.
Negative: In a position wanted by Little John, Young Jarrad, Gary Thomas and Jez. And Tom Huddlestone started to cause him some problems when he came on.
Huw Evans 9 – STAR MAN
Moved to full back and didn’t let the team down.
Positive: Looked confident going forward, even on the left flank.
Negative: Wasn’t 100% behind the selection policy.
Gareth Smith 8
Put in several robust challenges to break down opposition attacks.
Positive: At one point was helping the diversity guy with his dance moves.
Negative: Be hard to retain his services in the Rhondda league
Craig Williams 7
Great in the air and won plenty of challenges. But slipped on his arse a couple of times at key moments.
Positive: Nice to see him last 90 minutes.
Negative: Strange choice to wear flip flops to play on a surface like that.
Thomas Harrison 7
Very good first half with every pass on target.
Positive: Was always looking for the ball.
Negative: Played his customary 70 minutes.
Lee Bolderson 7
Another one with strange footwear choice, bolderson wore his slippers on a muddy pitch. Hit one great volley in second half that needed a good save.
Positive: Knocked some lovely balls down the left flank in the first half.
Negative: Faded in the second half.
Jarrad Davies 7
Couldn’t repeat heroics from last week.
Positive: Gave great effort as usual.
Negative: Picked up a knock and hobbled around for last 20 minutes.
Dale Hughes 8
Gave his all, and held ball up well on occasions.
Positive: Getting back into the fold and was given MOM by opposition for second third week running. Is that why he always showers with the other team?
Negative: Positional play can improve, finding himself chasing the ball to often.
Jason Carnell 6
Only lasted 20 mins, pulled up lame.
Positive: Made up for his disappointment by beating chuckles in arm wrestling. Again.
Negative: Is a doubt for Tuesday’s friendly with Ynyshir.
Karl Williams 9
Ran Huw close for STAR MAN. Footwork on times was class apart. Closed down their good midfielder well.
Positive: Plenty of life left in those old legs.
Negative: There’s no entertainment on the side unless Mole junior is there,
Wayne Davies 6
Came on for Captain Carnell.
Positive: Gives us an alternative outlet.
Negative: We overplay him on times, poor fucker must be knackered.
John Williams 6
Came on as extra striker, but the little fella couldn’t produce any magic.
Positive: Is looking sharp, but needs to get a start to get back on his game.
Negative: Concern that all this extra bulk might slow him down.
Jarrad Facey 6
Did well for half hour, looks a great potential for the future.
Positive: Out blings Hollywood Hughes without trying.
Negative: Was bombing forward when we went 3 in the back.
Tuesday 30th March 2010
Gareth Smith (2) 16, 75
Karl Williams 44
Jason Carnell 56
Ian Reed (GK) 58
Ian Reed 9
Quiet first half, one good save in the second half and lobbed the keeper from 100 yards out.
Positive: Not many keepers score 2 goals in 2 seasons.
Negative: Injury prone to say the least.
Carl Semmens 9
Part of a solid looking back 4.
Positive: Showed a bit of fancy footwork in the corner at end of first half.
Negative: Harsh booking for the deliberate handball.
Huw Evans 9
Not a bad showing for someone not rated by the opposition.
Positive: Probably our most consistent player,
Jarrad Facey 9
Was right up for the game against his former team mates.
Positive: Got suck in and was on top against his opposite number.
Negative: Hope he’s insured those diamond earrings leaving them in dodgy changing rooms.
Craig Williams 9 – STAR MAN
Superb display winning every challenge on the deck and in the air.
Positive: A surefooted display after returning from broken leg.
Negative: Thankfully he let the ref do the pitch inspection rather than using telepathy like he did for the Tonwynlais game.
Thomas Harrison 9
Impressed chief critic Fred Rees in the first half. Won many of the midfield battles.
Positive: Looking back to his early season form. And lasted 90 minutes proving its not ‘always Thomas’.
Negative: Just about to begin a 4 game rest.
Lee Bolderson 9
Plenty of running supporting the attack and putting his arse in for blocks in defence.
Positive: Some people have forgotten his scab ways from last year.
Negative: Fred Rees never forgets.
Karl Williams 9
People on the side were saying their veteran midfielder would run the show. In reality, he ran off in a huff after Karl put in a top performance.
Positive: Making old Mole a proud man.
Negative: Is not bringing junior mole to as many games – entertainment value is gone.
Dale Hughes 9
Had the opposition defence shaking in their boots. Powerful play from our big number 9.
Positive: Doing everything bar scoring.
Negative: Boris has overtaken him in race for the golden boot.
Jason Carnell 9
Physical showing after a quiet start. Deserved his goal.
Positive: A true gentleman on the field, not a bully at all.
Negative: After a game like that, thinks he’ll be able to play another season.
Gareth Smith 9
Pushed up front to cause some trouble and give us added aerial power and goals.
Positive: Now leads race for golden boot. Had a feeling he had a bit of Paul Warhurst about him.
Negative: Proven goalscorer and top defender. The club will need to take a prov out to keep him next season.
Wayne Davies 9
Looked rapid for the last 30 mins.
Positive: Fast legs.
Negative: Faster haircut by all accounts.
John Williams 9
Showed great energy bombing forward.
Positive: Added bulk seems to have improved his game.
Negative: The usual automatic choice is facing a battle to reclaim his starting place.
Matthew Symmons 9
Another flyer like fast wayne, caused their larger defenders some problems.
Positive: Looks dangerous going forward.
Negative: Is favourite for the 2 halves challenge at the end of the season.
Tuesday 6th April 2010
Dale Hughes 1
Wayne Davies 58
Ian Reed 7
Not much to do, but still complained about it.
Positive: Fitness will be vital to our run in. Kicked the ball 80 yards with bad leg.
Negative: Gammy leg again. Not the best directional sense.
John Williams 7
First start in a while, did well in attack and defence.
Positive: Added bulk looks to have given him a new physical edge to his game.
Negative: Carlos Semmens wants his place back.
Huw Evans 8
Didn’t put a foot wrong yet again.
Positive: Offered to fill in at left back this time out.
Negative: Declined my the manager for in place of someone with a big bum.
Jarrad Facey 7
Made a number of good challenges and held his own.
Positive: Definitely a Stanleytown player of the future. Adds some glamour to the team with his bling.
Negative: Should be feeling more confident after excellent string of performances.
Craig Williams 8
Only seemed to have his slippers on for 5 minutes of this game, making a quality partnership with Huw at the back.
Positive: Back to top form at centre half.
Negative: Bloody wedding on a Saturday, not sure we can fill his gap.
Jeremy Morgan 8
First start in a little while. Kicked the ball straight a few times too.
Positive: Mole counted 3 clear headers won by utility player manager.
Negative: Had one shot at the corner flag, and missed that.
Lee Bolderson 8
Decent game from Lee, again. Might just think about things too much though.
Positive: Looked an attacking force.
Negative: But more so when he was playing full back.
Karl Williams 8
Plenty of hard work from Karl against a very good opposition midfield.
Positive: Set pieces put their keeper under pressure.
Negative: Beard is getting a bit too long now, has he refused to trim it until we lose?
Dale Hughes 7
Scored from 20 yards with first touch after 15 seconds. Then kept telling everyone about it.
Positive: Started like a train, finished like a moped.
Negative: Should have got a train home cos the Cardiff University product couldn’t find his way out of Gelligaer.
Jason Carnell 9
Some great challenges from tenacious forward. If only we all wanted it as much as Captain Carnell every week.
Positive: Not afraid to put his head in where it hurts.
Negative: Seemed disappointed with a 2-1 win.
Gareth Smith 9 – STAR MAN
Caused trouble up front, tracked back and made it hard for them, then went to centre half to shore up the defence.
Positive: Super performance
Negative: Couldn’t add to his goal tally but did almost everything else.
Wayne Davies 7
Bantam weight flyer came on and caused problems.
Positive: Great finish after closing down defender.
Negative: A few not so great finishes with a number of chances.
Jarrad Davies 7
Found it hard to replace mercurial midfielder Morgan, but came into his own at the end of the game.
Positive: Fitness seems to be back and gave it his all in the middle of the park.
Negative: After brace at Tongwynlais, finding it hard to live up to the ‘super jarred’ tag he has given himself.
Matthew Symmons 7
Could have had a hat-trick in the last 15 minutes, but caused them big problems all the same. Self diagnosis of ‘my knee has gone’
Positive: Looks rapid like full pelt, and found his knee as Wayne carried him off at the end.
Negative: Needs to break his duck in front of goal.
Saturday 10th April 2010
Tuesday 13th April 2010
Lee Bolderson (pen) 74
Saturday 17th April 2010
Tuesday 20th April 2010
Lee Bolderson (2) 22, 36
Matthew Symmons (3) 33, 60, 76
Wayne Davies 74
Positive - At least he looks like a keeper, one stunning save in first half to keep us in front. Reckons he had a long shot covered which he left and only missed by inches. Running commentary is keeping supporters entertained for 90 mins.
Negative - That stupid kit! Kicking isn't the best to put it politely, as Hollywood Hughes told him back in the club. Missing next game to watch a game of Billiards.
Huw Evans 9
Positive - Exactly what you want from a centre half, solid and reliable. Part of a superb back 3 and up against a good striker who rarely got the better of Delme.
Negative - That stupid kit! That stupid middle name and that stupid run towards the end of the game when we wanted to keep it tight.
Craig Williams 9
Positive - Another member of the solid 3. Rarely loses a challenge whether it be in the air or on the floor. Looking at home in defence after his come back from bad injury.
Negative - That stupid kit! Looked in pain after a heavy fall on his back, soldiered on though to see the result through. Missing for sat which could prove to be a problem gap to fill
Karl Williams 9
Positive - The 3rd member of that super back 3, calm head, never panics or gets rushed and slotted in with ease. Loves to get the ball down and play which can only be good for us. Got stronger as the game went on.
Negative - That stupid kit! Bit keen to push on in first half, which had Nicky on pins at times.
Jarrad Facey 9
Positive - Worked hard defensively in 2nd half to protect the back 3, got forward at every opportunity and had a crunching encounter with their keeper which nearly produced a goal. Got stronger as game went on.
Negative - That stupid kit! Left mole a bit exposed in early stages, recovered well though and put in a top performance. Those green boots need to go
Wayne Davies 9
Positive - Had his marker running scared from first minute to last. Worked his socks off up and down the line all night. His performance was rewarded with a goal finished calmly.
Negative - That stupid kit! Has another rival wanting his fastest man in the club tag apart from super jar.
Jarrad Davies 9
Positive - Up against a good opponent which he did well to keep quiet on the whole, smashed him once with a trademark tackle. Worked his ginger nuts off with the rest of midfield to keep us on top throughout. Looks to be getting back to his best.
Negative – That stupid Kit! Just when he's getting fit and back to form he'll be missing on sat.
Marc Daniels 9.5
Positive – Rolled back the years with a performance of the highest order. Played it simple, touch was class, left his foot in when needed and organized the whole team showing his experience to keep us ticking over. Great skill to set up one of Simmo’s goals.
Negative – That stupid kit! On any other night would have easily been star man. He doesn’t think his knees will hold up for sat though.
Lee Bolderson 9
Positive – Played some great through balls to the front two, and was a constant threat in attack. Scored twice and looked to be the Lee Bolderson of old. Looked like he enjoyed knocking the ball around.
Negative – Looked too comfortable in that kit and its quite worrying that he saved his best performance of the season for when he pulled that shirt on.
Dale Hughes 9
Positive – Back to doing what he does best (no I don’t mean getting lost). Was strong, held the ball up well and brought everyone around him into play. Exactly what we want from him. The only thing missing from his performance was a goal. Still a top performance though and hopefully many more like this to come. Didn’t get lost or fall over the ball either. He is now the founder member of the Danno appreciation society.
Negative – That stupid kit! Getting out-blinged by young jar on a weekly basis which cant be good for his confidence. Tried raising the bar this week with a new haircut and a bottle of St. Tropez but was still found wanting. Dreading what he’ll try to pull off on Saturday. There has been a call to change the nickname from Hollywood to TomTom for obvious reasons.
Matthew Symmons 10 – STAR MAN
Positive – Only a performance of this standard was going to take the star man award from Danno. Didn’t give their defenders a moments peace, chased and pressed everything from 1st minute to last. Great touches, great runs and even better finishes. Looked a constant threat everytime he went forward and had their center halves running scared. Even them trying to hack him out of the game didn’t work. Could be the goal machine we need.
Negative – That stupid kit! Where has he been all season?? With performances like this we wouldn’t be worrying about possible relegation and maybe pushing for promotion.
Nicky Rees 10
Positive - Finally showed what he can do in management on his own. 1 game and 1 win can’t be argued with. Formation, tactics, the warm up going up banking and team talk were all spot on. Was over the moon with the performance of everyone and a bit of tactical tweaking throughout the 2nd half ensured we were never really in danger of losing after we had taken the lead
Negative – Had that stupid shirt on under his jumper which took a bit of the shine off the win. He was only 3 mins away from being talked out of the formation by Magua. Thank god for the traffic.
Magua 10
Positive - Smiling from ear to ear after seeing his beloved Stanleytown score 6 on the road for the first time this season. Has told us he’d buy us all a hoody if we reach 32 points.
Negative – Should have checked the kit before accepting it from the launderettes, apart from that was faultless.
Tom 10
Positive – Another one of the committee upbeat after a resounding win against a top side. Optimistic about us staying up and has takn the time to check the form of our upcoming opponents.
Negative – Needs to keep a closer check on the time to keep Nicky happy on the side and did give them one dodgy throw in.
Gareth Smith 10
Positive – Made the effort to travel to Caerphilly as a non playing member of the squad. Enjoyed watching the team put in a top class performance and thought the formation worked a treat. Looking forward to watching many more of these performances this season.
Negative – Didn’t expect to be jumping up and down celebrating 6 (six) goals which has done nothing for his dodgy knee. Well and truly lost his place anywhere in the team after that showing and maybe getting a little too comfortable on the sideline with no real desire to rush back into action.
Shay Williams 11
Positive – A constant source of entertainment on the side, he was telling some random woman how we beat Caerphilly at home. Slowed the game down when needed by taking his time to fetch the balls that went in to touch. Nearly had the score right aswell, he predicted a 5-2 win for us.
Negative – Supports Man Utd.
Saturday 24th April 2010
Marc Daniels 90
Nicky Rees 8.5
Made some great saves to keep Stanleytown in the game, especially the one down to his bottom right in the second half. Made sure the basics were done correctly and even showed his great composure outside the box with a dribble in the first half. Not much he could have done about the Whitchurch goal, as it was a thunderbolt to say the least
Negative – He was as concerned about Dale Hughes’s car having no seat belts to take him up the rug as every player was when he almost threw the ball into his own net in the first half.
Huw Evans 8
Part of a solid three at the back. Tucked up the opposition strikers again and was in the right position at the right time on numerous occasions. Won the majority of headers and showed good composure with the ball at feet. Beginning to have the confidence to play the ball out at the back when necessary and very strong in the tackle, this was too much for the referee in the second half, when Hugh clearly won the ball
Negative – It use to be shouted ‘don’t panic Hugh’ as a sarcastic joke when he had the ball, this would often lead to him putting the ball forty yards out of touch. This tag has disappeared over the last season; instead the panic sets in when he is in the opposition’s 18 yard box instead
Jeremy Morgan 8
Lot of debate flying around the Stanleytown Camp on whether Jezza would stick to the 3 – 5 – 2 formation, which had proved successful in previous game. There have even been phantom emails flying about, which could have resulted in him going AWOL and giving the team the ‘hairdryer’ treatment. However, stuck to 3 – 5 – 2, picked himself and came up trumps with a good performance. Knew the positioning very well, won his fair share of headers and his experienced head at the back proved a good decision in the Town getting a point. Hit some very nice balls to the front two and even had the maturity to call the strikers back and defend on the line, due to the dangers of the Whitchurch set piece
Negative – That email reply and wearing those three quarters up Tyly Rug Saturday night.
Carl Semmens 9 – STAR MAN
Just pips the other two with this gritty display against good opposition. One of the most composed players at the club, when he has the ball at his feet. Hit some great balls down the channels and for a small man, got up and cannot recall a header being lost at the back. At first I thought it was John Terry in disguise. Was strong in the tackle and looked as if he had played there all his life. Has great feet and looks a great player when he enjoys playing the game
Negative – Had to receive a phone call to ensure he was turning up
Wayne Davies 8.5
Got such good pace and stamina, that he is able to catch players quickly even if they have four or five yards on him. Is asked to do a difficult job as wing back, but has adjusted to it very well. Has opposition defenders quaking in their boots when he is close to the ball and when he does have it, is often floored by the opposition players, but just rubs himself off and gets on with it
Negative – The only man I know to lose his job and be delighted with it
Jarrard Facey 8
The youngster is enjoying a good run in the team and reminds me of a young Dale Hughes with his grit and determination for the cause. Can’t fault his work ethic and enjoys a good tackle for his age of 17. Been given a difficult role as full back, but due to his youth and ability, able to do it well. Could of been played in by Dale Hughes on a couple of occasions, but the greedy striker went for goal himself. Had a good chance in the first half, which was well saved by their keeper. Looks a promising player for Stanleytown FC and even pops back to the club after the game. Definite potential bitter boy in twenty years time.
Negative – He isn’t coming to Blackpool for the end of season tour, think we may have to get his old man on his case to have a word with him
Marc Daniels 8
Another robust display from the bitter boy that is Danno. Communicated well throughout the game, made some crunching tackles and did well in this game against some decent opposition. Great composure in front of goal with the lob, for the late equaliser, which shows his fighting spirit for 90 minutes. One if the oldest members of the side, but you wouldn’t guess the way he goes about the game.
Negative – Can he fight the Stanleytown cause for the remaining five games of the season
Lee Bolderson 8
Leigh enjoys the five in midfield, which provided him with the opportunity to move forward and support the attack. Played both in midfield and up front, this provides the team with a great outlet. Communicated well throughout, didn’t give the ball away much and often played some lovely balls through to Wayne and Dale.
Negative – There were some who were asking Leigh did he need directions back to the Star
Karl Williams 8
Often asked to play in numerous positions for the team, but found himself in his custom midfield role for this game. Played some lovely balls into the wide players and put up a great battle all round. Got annoyed with one of their players in midfield, but as usual did not look out of sort, battled through and worked well with the other two midfield players. Always consistently good with any role he needs to do for the team
Negative – That Manchester United top EVERY SATURDAY
Dale Hughes 8
Worked hard up front, tried to create against a decent back four but the centre half just wouldn’t leave his side. Won a few headers in the second half, which were often latched onto and hit one shot just over the bar. First touch beginning to get better and still in need for a goal for his troubles
Negative - Was selected as captain on the advice of Danno and screwed up right from the off Referee ‘Heads or tails’ Dale ‘Tails’ Referee ‘Tails it is, what you want to do’ Dale ‘Swap ends please Ref’ Nicky go and grip a hat son....
Matthew Symmons 8
After his hat trick against Caerphilly, everyone was expecting another three from the Stanleytown striker. Although this did not happen, he was up against a solid back four. Showed some good touches on the ball, always up for a battle and his pace, like his mukka Wayne’s is frightening. Moved around well with his strike partner, tried to create space and closed down the full backs regularly. Any one on one and anyone would fancy Symmo to score. Can see a few more goals being put away this year.
Negative – went off with a knee injury
Thomas Harrison 8
Came on as sub and was straight in the mixer trying to get himself booked. Was playing well before his suspension and hope he can be a valuable asset towards the end of the season
Negative – Currently strapping up that ankle and playing through the pain barrier for the Stanleytown Cause. Shows the Maerdy Boy in him
Ian L’homme 8
Came on as a sub and created the 90th minute equaliser for Danno. Probably told everyone up the club he would of won Stanleytown promotion if he had been here all season, but it’s a welcome return none the less for the end of season battle
Negative – No boots, no shin pads and refused to pay three pound coins back at the club.
Gareth Smith 8
Talked and Communicated well with the team, ensuring Symmo was close to Dale as well as giving the ball to the full back for quick throw ins. Encouraging throughout and didn’t need the shouting back at him from Dale Hughes. Knows the game well and can see a lot from the sidelines. Looking to be a bitter boy, but not to sure this could be possible as of yet... Committed to the Stanleytown relegation battle with his speedy recovery from injury and back for the Penriewceiber game Wednesday
Wednesday 28th April 2010
John Williams 10
Positive - Made a string of good saves and caught a lot of balls, could the 3rd choice keeper be moving in to 2nd choice?
Negative - The sound effects he makes with each save, also makes me cringe everytime he comes in to contact with another player
Carl Semmens 6
Positive - Feeling at home in the back 3 with the new formation
negative - Gave away a penalty with a needless challange, AND is not happy being made the chief suspect of the phantom emailer
Craig Williams 7
positive - Won lots of ariel ball and took some cracking long distance free kicks and goal kicks to ease the pressure off the defence
negative - Buying a house in stanleytown, could this be the making of the new nicky rees?
Huw Evans 7
Positive - Same old huw, solid, plenty of challenges and headers won, another good shift
Negative - can on occasions be dragged toward the ball causing him to lose his marker
Marc Daniels 6
Positive - Provided the defence with a strong wall and was always vocal to the younger members of the squad with words of encouragement
Negative - The ever ageing knees could only make it till half time, also lost possession once or twice
Karl Williams 7
Positive - Lots of silky skills in the middle of the field and some good balls played out to wings, another of the squad defying the rule of age
Negative - Missed a good opportunity toward the end, also didnt bring the little rascal shay back to the club for entertainment
Lee Bolderson 6
Positive - Another energetic showing from bolderson, some fine footwork in the middle of the park, may finaly lose his 'scab' tag if he continues?
Negative - Plays in the middle, out wide, up front, where is lee's best position jeremu?
Jarrad Davies 7 STAR MAN
Positive - Never stops running, the engine of the team, puts in some robust challenges in the middle, won headers, got forward, got back
Negative - These robust challenges often result in needless free kicks. and missed 2 sitters, and has ginger
John Williams 6
Positive - On the score sheet again, good following up for the goal and cooly finished
Negative - Played against a tricky oponent who seemed to get the better of him on a few occasions
Dale Hughes 7
Positive - Won a lot of headers and had some great link up play with gaffa. Also didnt get booked
Negative - Done a lot of moaning to the ref and nearly cleaned out a van while reversing
Gareth Smith 7
Positive - some excellent link up play with dale and john, won headers and defended from the top of the field
Negative - was taken off to go and conspire with his new bitter boy mates, late season lay off may have effected his fitness?
Wayne Davies 6
Positive - Always a threat with his pace, won a few free kicks and made some decent runs
Negative - Could tell he was being played out of place at attacking midfield until he was moved to wing, unlucky to be dropped from saturday
Jarrad Facey 6
Positive - Looked good when he came on, some good attacking and defending play, defiantly a future stanleytown star
Negative - Another who was unlucky to be dropped from saturday
Jeremy Morgan 6
Positive - Came on up front, did well, winning a few challenges and helping create a hat full of good chances, also laughed off the 'bitter boys application form' in the changing rooms
Negative - Likes a tussle with the opposition, also missed a decent chance
Saturday 1st May 2010
Lee Bolderson (Pen) 4
Wayne Davies 6
Jeremy Morgan 38
Positive - Caught everything and looking more assured between the sticks with every game.
Negative - Had to face 2 pens for the second game running. Must be reading the neil jenkins art of kicking, he's finding touch everytime.
Gareth Smith 6
Positive - Enjoyed being back in defence. Looked comfortable and defended well.
Negative - Sent off and ended up losing the game.
Craig Williams 8 – STAR MAN
Positive - Exactly what we've come to expect, strong in the air and on the floor. Likes to play from the back. Hit one cracking 50 yard ball to set up one of the goals.
Negative - Thinks he may have done some damage to that wand of a foot.
Karl Williams 7
Positive - Nothing went past him and enjoys being part of a back three. Talked well and used his experience. Another who loves getting the ball down and playing from the back.
Negative - Was as gutted as anyone to lose and definitely didn't deserve it.
Thomas Harrison 6
Positive - Tommy two shoes used the ball well when he had it and enjoyed his tussle with their midfielder. Just getting back into the swing of things after his ban.
Negative - Gave away a needless penalty when 2-0 up.
Jarrad Davies 7
Positive - Far from fit for this game but you wouldn't have known. Did a good job in midfield, used the ball well and put in a few trademark tackles.
Negative - Started with a dodgy ankle and finished with a dodgy shoulder. Missing the next two games which will be a blow.
Lee Bolderson 7
Positive - Been in good form of late and carried it into this game.
Played some lovely through balls to the strikers and worked hard to get back.
Negative - Sometimes one touch too many on a crap field, can't fault him for wanting to get the ball down mind.
Jarrad Facey 7
Positive - Looking more at home with every game he plays. Put in a good performance up and down the flank and kept one of their better players quiet in 2nd half, resulting in him losing his cool.
Negative - Might need to tone down the tan, jewellery and get a pair of black boots. It's costing Dale a fortune to compete.
Wayne Davies 7
Positive - Frightening pace and a massive player for the town. Has defenders running scared everytime he gets the ball. Not afraid to defend either.
Negative - Was on the wrong end of a load of dodgy referee decisions, nothing he did was right in the refs eyes. It was never a pen.
Matthew Symmons 7
Positive - Full of running, nice touch and a real threat for us. Puts loads of effort into every game and is going score a shed full for us next season. You'd never have thought he stayed awake for 24 hours just for the sake of it.
Negative - Stayed awake for 24 hours then got lost in one of his 3 houses, luckily never goes missing on the field.
Dale Hughes 6
Positive -Swollen ankle before the game couldnt stop him fighting the cause for survival. Looked like he was going to have a good game when he was on the field. . .
Negative - . . . Then he chased a ball half way up the banking, twisted his dodgy ankle, went off for 10 mins, came back on for 5 and decided enough was enough. Could be out of next game
Jeremy Morgan 7
Positive - Came on for Hollywood and scored a goal much to the annoyance of the travelling bitter boys. Always wanted the ball and never hid.
Negative - Could have made the ball stick a bit better in 2nd half when we were under pressure.
Tom Lewis 6
Positive - Always willing to come on and help out when we are struggling, replaced super jar and worked hard for the cause. Not much time to make an impact.
Negative - One of the managers favourites in the phantom emailer saga means he might only play when the bitter boys are calling the shots.
Tuesday 4th May 2010
Thomas Harrison 4
Matthew Symmons 12
Wayne Davies (2) 16, 72
Dale Hughes 54
Jarrad Facey 58
Lee Bolderson 81
Jeremy Morgan 86
Thursday 6th May 2010
Craig Williams 7
Jason Carnell 13
Lee Bolderson 38
Saturday 8th May 2010
Matthew Symmons 56
Jeremy Morgan 80