Season 2008 / 2009

Final League Table

  Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 St Athan FC 28 21 2 5 82 37 45 68
2 Cwmbach Royal Stars 28 20 5 3 76 34 42 65
3 Brecon Corries FC 28 18 4 6 80 39 41 58
4 Stanleytown FC 28 14 5 9 46 37 9 47
5 Lisvane/Llanishen FC 28 13 5 10 63 55 8 44
6 Cascade FC 28 11 6 11 62 66 -4 39
7 AFC Caerphilly 28 12 2 14 77 65 12 38
8 AFC Butetown 28 11 4 13 69 65 4 37
9 Tongwynlais AFC 28 9 6 13 61 68 -7 33
10 Hopkinstown FC 28 7 9 12 52 66 -14 32
11 AFC Whitchurch 28 9 4 15 53 69 -16 31
12 Cadoxton FC 28 7 5 16 40 71 -31 29
13 AFC Llwynypia 28 10 2 16 44 81 -37 28
14 Penrhiwfer AFC 28 7 8 13 38 57 -19 26
15 Nelson Cavaliers AFC 28 5 5 18 42 84 -42 20



Date Day Home       Away  
16-Aug Sat STANLEYTOWN  2 - 0 Lisvane/Llanishen League 
19-Aug Tue STANLEYTOWN 0 -  3 Hopkinstown League 
23-Aug Sat Llwynypia 1 - 3 STANLEYTOWN League 
26-Aug Tue STANLEYTOWN  5 -  3 AFC Caerphilly League 
30-Aug Sat Nelson  0 -  5 STANLEYTOWN B CUP R1
13-Sep Sat AFC Whitchurch  3 -  0 STANLEYTOWN League 
20-Sep Sat STANLEYTOWN 0 -  0 Cadoxton League 
27-Sep Sat Brecon 2 -  0 STANLEYTOWN League 
18-Oct Sat Nelson 0 - 3 STANLEYTOWN League 
25-Oct Sat STANLEYTOWN 0 - 0 St Athan League 
01-Nov Sat Tongwynlais 0 - 1 STANLEYTOWN League 
08-Nov Sat Llanbradach 4 - 3 STANLEYTOWN S CUP R2
22-Nov Sat STANLEYTOWN 1 - 1 AFC Butetown League 
29-Nov Sat STANLEYTOWN 1 - 5 Fairwater  B CUP R2
06-Dec Sat Lisvane/Llanishen 0 - 2 STANLEYTOWN League 
13-Dec Sat STANLEYTOWN 1 - 0 Llwynypia League 
20-Dec Sat Hopkinstown 1 - 1 STANLEYTOWN League 
27-Dec Sat STANLEYTOWN 3 - 1 AFC Whitchurch League 
03-Jan Sat Cadoxton 2 - 2 STANLEYTOWN League 
17-Jan Sat Cascade 2 - 3 STANLEYTOWN League 
24-Jan Sat STANLEYTOWN 2 - 2 Nelson League 
31-Jan Sat St Athan 4 - 2 STANLEYTOWN League 
14-Feb Sat Cwmbach Royal Stars 2 - 0 STANLEYTOWN League 
21-Feb Sat STANLEYTOWN 3 - 1 Penrhiwfer League 
28-Feb Sat AFC Butetown 2 - 3 STANLEYTOWN League 
14-Mar Sat AFC Caerphilly 2 - 1 STANLEYTOWN League 
04-Apr Sat STANLEYTOWN 1 - 2 Cascade League 
11-Apr Sat STANLEYTOWN 1 - 0 Brecon League 
25-Apr Sat STANLEYTOWN 0 - 2 Cwmbach Royal Stars League 
02-May Sat STANLEYTOWN 2 - 1 Tongwynlais League 
07-May Thu Penrhiwfer 0 - 4 STANLEYTOWN League 


Player Stats

Name Games Played Goals Average Rating Star Man
Alex BRITTON         2 0 6.00 0
Anthony PHILLIPS        10 2 6.98 0
Barrie JONES           4 2 7.75 1
Carl SEMMENS 15 0 7.29 1
Dale HUGHES          4 0 6.50 0
Daniel EVANS           8 0 6.75 1
Darren HUGHES          11 2 6.73 1
Gareth GASPER 15 0 6.87 0
Gareth GRIFFITHS       2 0 6.50 0
Gareth SMITH           22 2 7.48 1
Gary THOMAS          9 0 6.67 0
Huw  EVANS           29 1 7.00 1
Ian REED            31 1 7.87 4
Jarrad DAVIES          28 4 7.74 6
Jason CARNELL         30 10 7.24 1
Jason PRITCHARD       3 0 6.67 0
Jeremy MORGAN          18 1 7.00 0
John WILLIAMS        29 0 7.21 3
Karl WILLIAMS        27 5 6.96 0
Kenny ROBBINS 14 0 7.64 4
Lee BOLDERSON 13 4 6.83 0
Marc DANIELS         8 1 6.63 0
Matthew SMITH           23 1 7.23 1
Nicky REES            4 3 6.25 1
Ross TYLER 14 4 6.71 0
Ryan JONES           1 0 6.00 0
Steve THOMAS          4 0 6.75 0
Thomas FROWEN 2 0 6.00 0
Thomas HARRISON 6 0 6.67 0
Tyrone JONES           29 12 7.39 4


Match Reports

16th Aug 08: Stanleytown 2 – 0 Lisvane/Llanishen
Our first game of the new season saw us play Lisvane/Llanishen at home in terrible conditions. As well as new manager we had 6 new additions to the squad for our opening game. Gareth Smith partnered Gareth Griffiths in the back, with new signings Darren Hughes and Huw Evans starting in midfield and new striker Ross Tyler partnered Anthony Phillips up front.
In bizarre fashion we went 1 – 0 up within 3 minutes with the unlikeliest of goal scorers, goalkeeper Ian Reed, with his long kick deceived everyone, bouncing just outside the area and flying over the goalkeepers head into the net.
We continued to push for that second goal and came close in the 20th minute when Huw Evans’s shot went just wide. 2 minutes later Jason Carnell tested the Lisvane/Llanishen keeper with a driven low shot.
In the 27th minute we doubled our lead when Darren Hughes and John Williams combined well down the right hand side for John to put a cross into the far post where Karl Williams was flying in to volley the ball into the roof of the net.
We went into the half time break deservedly 2 – 0 up and could have even been more.
In the first half we showed our attacking abilities and the second half we showed our defensive strengths. Even though Lisvane/Llanishen were just sending wave after wave of attack they very rarely troubled Reed in goals, only a couple of long range shots being comfortably saved.
After an hour new signing Jarrad Davies came on to replace Darren Hughes. Then 10 minutes later player manager Jeremy Morgan came on and replaced the hard working and reliable Gary Thomas.
Lisvane/Llanishen kept attacking us and the only shot that looked close to going in was in the 80th minute, when Reed superbly tipped a long range driven effort over the bar.
With 8 minutes left Lisvane/Llanishen just kept knocking on the door, but couldn’t put the ball in the net, and when a header from a corner did beat Reed, John Williams was on the line to knock the ball clear.
Alex Britton replaced Ross Tyler for the last 7 minutes of the game.
Lisvane/Llanishen final chance of the game came in the 87th minute when again a corner was headed towards goal, but this time Jeremy Morgan was there to clear the ball off the line.
Final Score 2 – 0
Our next game is on Tuesday 19th August at home to Hopkinstown 6.15pm kick off.
Ian Reed 10 – STAR MAN
Terrible conditions, but a superb display from the man in yellow. Handling was superb throughout and pulled off some great saves. Could well have the only 10 rating of the season in the first game, but when else is the keeper gonna scrore, keep a clean sheet and play like that?
Positive: Everything about his performance. (except kicking off the ground)
Negative: That yellow kit doesn’t look to clever and he was still his usual miserable self despite the win and his goal.
John Williams 9
Can’t remember the little fella having a better game for Stanleytown than that. Put in several overlapping runs and created the second goal with a good run and cross.
Positive: Stayed in on Friday night and you could tell.
Negative: Tried to look like something out of westlife when out in ponty. That greased quiff is not a good look. And don’t think he could organise a defensive wall if his life depended on it.
Gary Thomas 7
Good job from good job. Dependable as ever at left back. Pre-season training efforts paid off for our veteran utility player. Did well with Karl Mole to contain their decent winger.
Positive: Those new polo shirts are a godsend for Gary this season.
Negative: Ditched the spray on jeans for a pair of Bros ones.
Gareth Griffiths 8
Concerns over lack of fitness were discarded after G put in a storming performance. Strong in the air and on the ground, didn’t miss a challenge all game. Used his physical presence and was a bit dirty on times.
Positive: Left his lucky pants at home.
Negative: Has stature to be the fourth tenor, if not the voice. Likes a bit of a sing song lately.
Gareth Smith 8
Stanleytown’s own Mayor of London was great at the back. Didn’t look under threat all game and kept their forwards quiet. Some great blocks and challenges and more than played his part in keeping the clean sheet.
Positive: Probably one of our best players on the day, but definitely the worst pair of shorts on the day. And dodgy flip flops too.
Negative: All those texts and his still didn’t know what time the game was……
Jason Carnell 9
Can’t remember cazzy playing better than that. Won every challenge and would have run through a brick wall if needed. Outstanding in the air and physical presence in the middle of the park. Won the ball many times and played it simple too. Given man of the match by the opposition.
Positive: Is keeping the mane under control. Does that armband give him special powers?
Negative: Not much negative after that performance, but has now set standard that he must keep up.
Darren Hughes 7
Plenty of eyebrows were raised when he returned to the club but did a good job on the right flank that justified his return to the team. Worked hard and played some nice balls and seemed to combine well with little john. Disappointed when hauled off after an hour, but remained enthusiastic.
Positive: Sold more of tickets in the club in one game than we did all of last season.
Negative: Lots of people have said he’s put a bit of weight on. Any more of those silly back flick things and he’ll be off sooner.
Huw Evans 7
Did really well with cazzy in the middle and worked hard when switched to the right. Battled away and had a few bumps to prove it. Wish he’s get out of the way of our shots though.
Positive: Looks like he can do a job in any position.
Negative: What is his best position though?
Ross Tyler 7
Plenty of running on his full debut. Looked sharp up front and linked up play well. Caused problems for opposition and looks to be a good signing, probably a bit better than lou from a few seasons ago.
Positive: Looks the part.
Negative: Didn’t look too impressed with the quality of he new polo shirts, cos I think he’s a bit of a poseur. And that cross tattoo is a bit big.
Anthony Phillips 7
Showed plenty of touches of class, ball control superb on times. Mixed things up with some strong challenges, good runs and passes.
Positive: Kept control when it looked like he was gonna slam one of their players.
Negative: Need a big ball of cotton wool to wrap him in, he said his ‘2 groins had gone again’.
Karl Williams 8
Put in kind of performance we expect from Karl. Great ball player and worked tirelessly to track back and help out Gary in defence. Nice touches as usual
Positive: Almost turned up on time.
Negative: Just hope he doesn’t live up to his ‘sometimes’ tag this season.
Unused sub.
Nicky Rees
Unused sub
Positive: Legendary stanleytown scorer did his bit for the team as usual. Credit where its due.
Negative: Doesn’t look a natural sweeper.
Jeremy Morgan 6
Replaced Gary Thomas for last 20 minutes. One goal line clearance and helped out defence.
Positive: First time Stanleytown have won their opening fixture for a while.
Negative: Big squad and is definitely not gonna be able to keep everyone happy.
Alex Britton 6
Came on for last 10 minutes in place of Ross. Showed for the ball and worked hard, but looked like he was gonna fall over just when he was getting the ball.
Positive: Keen, and could be a physical presence.
Negative: Someone tell him its not a dummy club for wearing novelty pants. Possibly the worst pair of kegs I have ever seen, and he was proud of them.
Jarred Davies 6
Replaced city slicker for last half hour. Quickly got stuck in and worked hard to close down opposition midfield. Played it nice and easy.
Positive: Looks like he can do a good job in the middle of the park.
Negative: Gonna be hard to break into a winning team.
Alex Thomas
Proving to be a sharp cookie, coming up with some innovative ideas in the club. May even see him on Dragons Den soon. Ask him to explain.
Positive: If Rhys Ifans can pull Sienna Miller, its no wonder this boy has a string of girls after him.
Negative: Think someone might have already thought of his first idea.
19th Aug 08: Stanleytown 0 – 3 Hopkinstown
Hopkinstown were the visitors for our second game of the season. We had an unchanged side from Saturday’s win over Lisvane/Llanishen but with new signings Dale Hughes and Matthew Smith replacing Nicky Rees and Jeremy Morgan on the bench.
We almost got off to a dream start when Darren Hughes was put clean through down the right only to drag his shot wide of the far post. But it was Hopkinstown who took the lead after 5 minutes when a free kick from the right was headed in giving Ian Reed no chance in goals.
Ten minutes later Hopkinstown doubled their lead when a long ball over the top caused a mix up and the ball fell kindly to the Hopkinstown front man and his shot was struck under Reed into the net.
In the 20th minute it was the crossbar that stopped us from going even further behind when a long-range effort beat Reed but come crashing back off the bar. 3 minutes later they did go 3 – 0 up with a penalty after Reed brought down a striker in the box.
In the 25th minute we had a good effort when Anthony Phillips played Ross Tyler in down the right and his shot from just outside the area went just wide. 4 minutes later Tyler was denied by the Hopkinstown keeper when his 25 yard free kick was saved.
The last effort of the half came with 10 minutes remaining when Phillips powerful long range effort was well saved by the keeper. Half Time 0 – 3
At half time Jarrad Davies replaced Gary Thomas and after an hour Matthew Smith replaced Gareth Griffiths at the back.
Our best chance of the half came after 62 minutes when Phillips is quickly taken free kick came crashing back off the bar. In the 75th minute Phillips had another chance when his strong running took him into the box but his shot went wide.
Dale Hughes replaced Ross Tyler for the last 10 minutes. Final Score 0 – 3
Ian Reed 6
No chance with first 2 goals and conceded penalty for third. General play was ok.
Positive: Continued to get good distance with his kicking. Was up for a training session on Thursay.
Negative: Will he turn up for that training session.
John Williams 7
Continued good form with a sound performance. Cleared up well at the back, even when part of 3 man defence in second half. Looks to have found his position.
Positive: Confidence is growing and rightly so. Says he’s now ready to organise that wall when required.
Negative: It’s all looking good for little john at the moment, but Matthew will be breathing down his neck for a start soon.
Gary Thomas 5
Appeared to get pulled out of position quite a bit, and was often further forward than Karl in midfield.
Positive: Will be there, dependable as ever on Saturday.
Negative: First person this season to threaten the manager about comments on ratings…..
Gareth Griffiths 5
Solid when presented with a challenge, but there were big gaps in the centre of defence in the first half.
Positive: Arrived at a fair old pace in that fast car.
Negative: Shame he couldn’t keep up that pace on the field.
Gareth Smith 6
Part of a shaky looking defence in first half, but part of a much stronger looking unit in second half. Played the ball well in second half.
Positive: As committed as ever in the tackle.
Negative: Vic Reeves glasses, nylon windcheater and a pair of working boots. This boy has a style all on his own. 
Jason Carnell 5
Couldn’t reproduce same performance as Saturday, but still gave 100% as usual. Worked hard as we expect, but didn’t see enough of the ball. Short corner nearly came off in first half.
Positive: Was well happy with that half loaf of bread. Setting good example for rest of players.
Negative: Not as involved in game as much as he usually is or would like to be.
Darren Hughes 5
Got dragged inside for much of first half, but did better in second half when holding his position on the right. Had great chance in first couple of minutes, but drove wide.
Positive: Upbeat and enthusiastic as ever.
Negative: Doing this sucking noise with his lips quite a lot.
Huw Evans 5
Plenty of effort but didn’t seem to make much impact on the game. Appeared to be spending much of the game chasing down opposition rather than playing the ball.
Positive: Another one who’s effort can’t be faulted.
Negative: Those Primark boxers can’t be doing him any favours in the game.
Ross Tyler 5
Offered plenty of attacking runs, showing for the ball. Didn’t get enough ball to suit his game. Broke clear on right but didn’t hit target with good chance to bring us back into the game.
Positive: Plenty of showing for the ball.
Negative: Opposition defence had too much time on the ball.
Anthony Phillips 5
One powerful strike on goal in first half and hit bar with quick free kick in second half. Became frustrated and dropped too deep in attempt to get the ball in second half.
Positive: Quality player. Signs of good play are there for all to see.
Negative: Needs a goal to kick start his season. Disappointing to see him leave the field before the end.
Karl Williams 5
Kept going as usual and played it simple, without really causing problems.
Positive: Can play a big part in Stanleytown’s season. Has ability to influence games.
Negative: Nicky Rees wont believe he was there at half five, bang on time.
Jason Pritchard
Unused sub
Alex Britton
Unused sub
Dale Hughes 5
Came on up front for last 10 minutes. Looked angry when he got on the field, putting in some good physical challenges.
Positive: Will be challenging to be replacement for G on Saturday.
Negative: Officially named as the worst car parker at Stanleytown in his first game. Says when he graduates, wants to be a valet.
Matthew Smith 7
Replaced G with half hour to go. Looked composed at the back and knocked some nice passes around as well as defending solidly.
Positive: Seems to have plenty of pace and knows how to defend.
Negative: Needs to dislodge Little John from the right back slot.
Jarrad Davies 7 – STAR MAN
Came on in the middle of the park at half time. Was everywhere, flying into challenges and changing tempo of game. One of the few positives from a disappointing result.
Positive: Be difficult to leave him out of the team after second half display.
Negative: Can see him getting the odd booking or ten this season.
23rd Aug 08: Llwynypia 1 – 3 Stanleytown
Our third game of the season saw us make the short trip over Penrhys to play local rivals Llwynypia. There were 4 changes from Tuesday’s defeat to Hopkinstown with Matthew Smith and Jeremy Morgan starting in defence in place of Gareth Griffiths and Gary Thomas, Jarrad Davies replaced Huw Evans in midfield and new signing Tyrone Jones replaced the injured Anthony Phillips in a new look 3 man attack.
The new look formation defiantly seemed to be paying off, as we created chance after chance in the first 15 minutes and could have easily been 3 – 0 up.
The first chance fell to Karl Williams in the 5th minute when a cross from Ross Tyler was volleyed goal-wards and the keeper made a good save. In the 9th minute Williams returned the favour to Tyler who was put through one on one but his shot went just wide.
A minute later Darren Hughes had a great chance when Tyler found him unmarked at the back post but Hughes couldn’t get a clean strike on the ball and it was cleared off the line.
Llwynypia had their first chance in the 14th minute when they cut inside the box and shot low only for Ian Reed to tip the ball around the post.
We finally took the lead in the 18th minute when Hughes flicked the ball on for Tyrone Jones who beat the defender and calmly slotted the ball past the goalkeeper from just inside the box.
We almost doubled our lead a minute later when John Williams deep cross beat the keeper but hit the bar. In the 21st minute Jones and Tyler combined only for the goalkeeper to save Tyler’s shot.
On the half hour Tyler was involved once again this time setting up Hughes but again the keeper was there to keep the score at 1 – 0. 2 minutes later Jarrad Davies played in Jones again but his shot was also saved.
7 minutes before half time we came close again when a deep Karl Williams corner was headed just wide by Davies.
We finally did manage to double our lead in the 43rd minute when John Williams played Tyler in down the left hand side and his pin point cross found Jones who tucked the ball from 6 yards.
Just before the half time whistle we had another 2 chances, when first Karl Williams played the ball down the line for Jones whose cross found the head of Tyler who from 10 yards headed the ball over. On the stoke of half time Jones got his and our third goal to give us a deserved 3 – 0 lead going into half time, when Jeremy Morgan’s long free kick from the back found an unmarked Jones whose cross come shot found the far corner.
The second half wasn’t as eventful as the first but we did have more chances to increase our lead. However the first chance of the half fell to Llwynypia in the 57th minute when a corner was headed goal-wards but Reed was on hand to tip brilliantly over the bar.
Dale Hughes replaced Darren Hughes in the 65th minute.
Llwynypia got a goal back in the 66th minute with the goal of the game, when a spectacular 35 yard volley gave Reed no chance in goals.
Our first chance of the second half came in the 73rd minute when Tyrone Jones is shot was deflected wide. 2 minutes later Jason Carnell saw his long range effort go just over the bar.
Huw Evans replaced Ross Tyler in the 77th minute, and then man of the match Jones was replaced by Alex Britton in the 82nd minute.
We had one more good chance in the 90th minute when Evans’s cross found Karl Williams whose shot went just over the bar. Final Score 1 – 3
This was a very impressive and deserved victory and we must take this performance forward starting with AFC Caerphilly on Tuesday night 6.15pm kick off at home.
Ian Reed 8
Beaten by a 100 year shot, but all round play was as good. Pulled off a great one handed save from headed corner to keep us well ahead.
Positive: Rumours are that if we keep playing like this, Reedy will break into a smile.
Negative: Still not reading the class head backs from Jez.
John Williams 8
A revelation at full back. Superb in first half, defending well and putting some quality crosses into the box. Looking sharp, and this Friday night alcohol embargo is playing its part.
Positive: Probably our best player over the first 3 games.
Negative: Needs to keep the sambucas for Saturday night only. Will he ever pull his sweetheart Kirsty?
Matthew Smith 7
Defended quite well on first full start of the season. Lost count how many times he hit the deck, but at least he kept getting back up.
Positive: Looks like he enjoys the social side of the club.
Negative: Enjoys his weekly sleep in Wetherspoons, but surely it wouldn’t have taken 6 burly bouncers to eject him?
Jeremy Morgan 8
First start of the season and looked comfortable at the back, as long as he didn’t have to head the ball.
Positive: Hit some nice long balls into the channels and over the top for the front 3.
Negative: Heading practice in training this week.
Gareth Smith 7
Plenty of physical challenges as normal, strong in air and on the ground. Solid performance from our rosy cheeked centre half.
Positive: Doesn’t shirk a challenge.
Negative: Dodgy tracky bottoms this week, what’s he gonna wear next Saturday? Not keen on the warm up.
Jason Carnell 9
Opposition couldn’t cope with his aggression. Won everything in the air and played it simple. Won the ball all over the pitch.
Positive: Was pleased as punch when his polo shirt and jacket arrived.
Negative: Must have a case for a replacement polo shirt. Who the hell is Gazy????
Karl Williams 8
Another good game from the experienced midfielder. Showed some great touches and played some great balls to the forwards.
Positive: Looked smart with his new haircut.
Negative: Keeping it like that will cost him a fortune in Gillette blades. And did he and hobble get a BOGOF offer on those trainers?
Jarred Davies 9
Superb display. Got stuck in and amongst the opposition who had no answer for him. Good going forward and in defence. Gonna be difficult to get him out of the team now.
Positive: Downed those 6 halves in impressive time.
Negative: Don’t fancy going in rounds with him cos he was still standing late in wetherspoons when others around him were having some shut eye.
Ross Tyler 8
Caused problems for the defenders. Looked dangerous every time he got the ball. Set up the second goal brilliantly, but fluffed a good headed opportunity.
Positive: Looks the part and is played it on Saturday.
Negative: Might be a bit too cool for his own good. Rumours are that he moonlights as a model for Abercrombie (kids) on our training night.
Darren Hughes 8
Great display from the veteran in front of a critical away contingent. Some quality link up play and unlucky with a couple of efforts, most notably a good volley from distance.
Positive: Be difficult to shift him from the team on the back of performance like that. Showed dedication to travel to game from west wales.
Negative: Must have cost him a fortune in diesel to travel home and back from out west.
Tyrone Jones 9 – STAR MAN
First start capped off with a hat trick, but could have been 5. Took all finishes well, especially the third that flew into the top corner. Beat players with ease. Also created plenty of openings.
Positive: Already looking like a contender for the golden boot.
Negative: But only if he is going to turn up every week?
Jason Pritchard
Unused sub
Gary Thomas
Unused sub
Dale Hughes 7
Some robust play from the big man. Replaced city slicker up front and after taking a few minutes to settle, did a good job creating chances and causing hassle for opposition defence.
Positive: Says if he doesn’t get a job parking cars soon, he wants to be an Armani model.
Negative: Voted the Rhondda’s most tanned man who doesn’t own a passport.
Huw Evans 6
Unlucky not to have made starting line up. Proved mr versatile by doing a job up front.
Positive: Put in some strong challenges and will get another start sooner rather than later.
Negative: Competition for places at the moment is tough.
Alex Britton 6
Came on up front for Tyrone. After one loose pass, got into the game and played some decent balls and challenged well.
Positive: Boxers could almost be considered normal in comparison to those shocking leopard ones last week.
Negative: Been spotted putting plenty of training in up Llanwonno mountain, but its at half 3 in the morning after he’s been out in ponty drinking 15 pints…….
Steve Thomas
Unused squad member.
26th Aug 08: Stanleytown 5 – 3 AFC Caerphilly
We had 2 changes to the side from Saturday’s victory over Llwynypia for this mid week encounter against AFC Caerphilly, with Karl Williams and Darren Hughes being replaced by Huw Evans and Anthony Phillips.
We started in similar fashion to that of Saturday looking to get the ball down and play and cause the opposition defence a problem, and it only took 2 minutes to produce our first chance when Anthony Phillips quick footwork on the edge of the area beat the defender but his shot just missed the target.
In the 7th minute we did take the lead when Tyrone Jones dispossessed the Caerphilly defender on the left flank, got to the by-line and played a superb square ball to Ross Tyler for him to tap in from 2 yards and get his first goal for Stanleytown.
AFC Caerphilly came close to drawing level in the 10th minute when a deep corner was headed just over. A minute later we doubled our lead when Tyler fed in Jarrad Davies down the right hand side, and his cross picked out Jones on the edge of the area for him to finish with a superbly taken volley.
After taking a 2 – 0 lead we started to sit back and allowed Caerphilly to play and they got a goal back in the 21st minute when miss communication between Ian Reed and Jeremy Morgan saw a deep free kick headed over Reed’s head by Morgan.
Two minutes later a Caerphilly free knick from the edge of the box forced Reed to make a good save and keep the score at 2 – 1. Just before the half hour mark Caerphilly did draw level with a nice passing move that found the striker unmarked in the area and his shot under Reed made the score 2 – 2.
Although Caerphilly were on top until half time we had the better chances going into the break, when first John Williams is wide free kick missed everyone and went just wide of the far post.
Then 5 minutes later Jeremy Morgan’s free kick was met by the head of Jason Carnell who headed over. Our last chance of the half came a minute before the whistles when Huw Evans saw his shot from just outside the area go just over the bar. Half Time 2 – 2
The opening chance of the second half fell to AFC Caerphilly when a cross was put into the near post and headed just over the bar.
Jason Pritchard replaced the injured Matthew Smith in the 52nd minute.
In the 54th minute John Williams and Jarrad Davies combined well for Davies to into the box unmarked and get a good shot towards goal only for the keeper to get the slightest of touches on the ball and turn it over for a corner. From the resulting corner we re-gained the lead when Ross Tyler’s in-swinging corner was helped over the line by the Caerphilly keeper.
Just before the hour mark we increased our lead when Tyler’s throw found Tyrone Jones who beat the man and got his shot away a goal, only for it to take a big deflection and beat the keeper at the near post.
AFC Caerphilly almost got straight back into the game with two good chances in as many minutes when first Ian Reed was needed to brilliantly tip a goal bound free kick over the bar, and then a cross into the 6 yard box found the striker unmarked only for him to blast his effort over the bar.
In the 61st minute Caerphilly did get a goal back when the ball was passed through the middle and the striker was unmarked yet again and this time he kept his shot down and beat Reed.
In the 65th minute Ross Tyler was replaced by Karl Williams, and then 12 minutes later Dale Hughes replaced Anthony Phillips.
With Caerphilly piling on the pressure to get the equaliser we were relying more on the counter attack and a quick break away which finally paid off in the 82nd minute when a Caerphilly free kick was cleared long up field where Jones was one on one with the defender, held the ball well until support arrived from Evans and Hughes who received the ball just outside the area and laid it square and Evans’s shot from inside the area beat the keeper and wrapped up all 3 points. Final Score 5 – 3
This was a hard fought 3 points that see us go top of the league, while we are playing well at the moment there is still room for improvement to cut out the silly little mistakes. We take a break from the league in our next fixture in the Bruty Cup away to Nelson in a 1.30pm kick off.
Ian Reed 7
No chance with any of the goals again. Made brave challenges on several occasions but what was he doing for that own goal????
Positive: Smiling and everything during the game and in the dressing room changing room. This is not just any Reedy, this is a happy Reedy.
Negative: When are we gonna see the ginger rage again? Maybe when Danno is back in the team.
John Williams 8
Right back, left back, mark a quick bloke, mark a big bloke, the result is still the same – great performance from little john.
Positive: Turned things around to be one of our best and most consistent players.
Negative: Lets hope the lure of the sambuca’s doesn’t get the better of him on a Friday night soon.
Matthew Smith 6
In the wars yet again. Did well in first half, playing some nice balls down the flank, but after the injury, was kicking the ball like a cripple before he was replaced by Pritchard.
Positive: Will bounce back after latest of injuries.
Negative: Lets hope he can put in 90 minutes without hitting the deck.
Jeremy Morgan 7
Must be the only person this side of Ynyshir who didn’t hear Reedy shouting for that ball. Distribution not great, but did get in the way of a number of attacks.
Positive: Half decent on the deck.
Negative: Piss poor in the air.
Gareth Smith 7
Flies into challenges, just loves the physical side of things. Tracked well and defended resolutely as usual.
Positive: Rosy cheeks at the end of the game is a good sign for Boris.
Negative: Picked up an injury and is a doubt for cup game. Someone hurry up and give him a polo top, his dress sense will challenge the likes of Good Job, Danno, Hobble, Fred Rees and City Slicker.
Jason Carnell 8
To say this boy is committed is an understatement. Captain courageous or captain clueless – you make your mind up, and let him know what you think.
Positive: Challenges for balls he has no right to win. Think he’s got a hard head, and balls of steel.
Negative: Passes are a bit wayward on times, can’t have it all I suppose.
Jarrad Davies 8
Not putting a foot wrong. Everywhere as he has been recently. Good work and cross for the second goal. Looks up for a battle every game.
Positive: Could be drinking a lot of six halves this season with performances like of late.
Negative: Not saying anything bad about Jar, he looks a bit mad, and his mate was a big bloke.
Huw Evans 8
Great effort again from Huw. Played it simple and cancelled out their most dangerous player with ease. Showed good stamina to make run for final goal and finished with aplomb.
Positive: Boys reckon he never scores, doesn’t look like it to me after that right foot drive. And that boy is always smiling.
Negative: Took him long enough to get changed and out for a warm up.
Ross Tyler 8
Broke his duck with 2 goals. Looked dangerous as per normal, his pace causing problems for opposition defenders.
Positive: Can see many more goals coming from our diminutive striker.
Negative: Want to see a few more shots from distance.
Anthony Phillips 6
Showed strength as we expect. Touch was first class on occasions, bringing down long balls from Reedy with ease.
Positive: Think when he gets a goal, there be no stopping him.
Negative: Still struggling to gain match fitness, groin injury not helping.
Tyrone Jones 9 – STAR MAN
Just 5 goals in 2 games and sometimes he doesn’t look as if he is trying. Put first goal on a plate for Ross and caught his first on the volley, sweet as a nut.
Positive: Could bag league golden boot by xmas at this rate.
Negative: If he was a little bit selfish, he’d score even more.
Marc Daniels
Unused sub
Dale Hughes 7
Done the business for last 15 minutes and is now pushing for a start that he will get on Saturday in the cup. Put in great run to control the ball and play in Huw for the last goal.
Positive: Can be a big physical presence for us this season.
Negative: Reckons he’s a defender, maybe midfielder, and we play him up front.
Karl Williams 6
Didn’t have long, but showed the usual skills and good passing. Turning out to be one of our most reliable players this season – shocker I know. Check out his unitard in the changing rooms next time – looks like a new Zealand gymnast.
Positive: Raising his game and is still one of the most skilful players on the park whoever is there.
Negative: Might have to fight to get his place back based on performance of our midfield recently.
Jason Pritchard 7
Replaced Matthew early in second half. Defended well, hit some nice passes and was great in the air like much of last season. Made some vital clearances from corners.
Positive: Another one pushing for a start after doing well in first game of the season.
Negative: Tough competition for places this year.
Refused to change.
Gary Thomas
Refused to change.
30th Aug 08: Nelson 0 – 5 Stanleytown
We travelled to Nelson this week in the first round of the Bruty Cup.
We scored straight from the kick off through a well taken strike by Ross Tyler after playing a one two with Tyrone Jones. Nelson then missed a golden opportunity to equalise but put the header wide.
Both sides settled down then we missed a good chance when Dale Hughes put his chance wide. Just before half time Tyler and Jones combined again for Jones to score with the coolest of finishes. Half Time 0 – 2
At the beginning of the second half Anthony Phillips replaced Hughes. Phillips made an immediate impact when he scored with a well taken individual goal to make the score 3 – 0. Soon after we got our 4th goal when Phillips scored with a direct free kick.
Gary Thomas replaced John Williams and the soon after Marc Daniels came on and scored his first goal of the season and Stanleytown 5th goal to wrap up an impressive victory.
Ian Reed 7
Can’t recall a single direct shot on target for Reedy to deal with. When he was called into action, he was sharp and handling good.
Positive: Looking to be back to his best.
Negative: Turned up in the stupidest car ever, with Reedy and Cazzy looking more like Colin and Justin. And was wearing the stupidest jeans ever, usurping Gary’s efforts. Definitely didn’t go with those brown brougues.
John Williams 7
Returned to right back following injury to Rodney Trotter. Did well defensively, but wasn’t the force he has been in attack. Solid enough performance though.
Positive: Reckons he’s limiting himself to 3 pints on Friday nights now.
Negative: 3 pints of what though? Might have been 3 pints of wine this week
Jason Pritchard 8
First start of season for experienced defender. Much improved performance compared to what we saw in pre season friendly cameos. Only one crap pass all afternoon.
Positive: No lying, Pritchard really was in training last week.
Negative: Square ball into the 6 yard box isn’t really ‘don’t mess with it at the back’ is it?
Jeremy Morgan 8
Some said he even put in a few decent headers during the game. Distribution from the back was pretty good, often finding team mates.
Positive: Mole finally admitted he is assistant.
Negative: Not everyone happy about the start to the season. Rumours are that Stanleytown legend Lhomme will be making a dramatic return to the fold to rescue our season.
Huw Evans 8
Delme comfortably slotted into centre of defence. Tracked his man well and played part in keeping the clean sheet.
Positive: Looks like this boy really can play anywhere.
Negative: Has upgraded his primark boxers to matalan pants.
Jason Carnell 9
Turned up looking like a camp designer in Reedy’s motor. Thankfully he didn’t play like one and controlled the game, out muscling the opposition midfield.
Positive: Won the right to carry out the 6 halves challenge with a superb display.
Negative: If we were still there now, he still wouldn’t have finished those drinks. Got a bit embarrassing when he was sick into his own pint glass, and the landlady brought him a mop and bucket to clean up his mess.
Jarrad Davies 9
Another great display from the inspector. Seems he can’t do anything wrong on the field of late. Shocking effort in last minute tho, when he didn’t track his opposite number. Delme quite rightly gave him a bollocking.
Positive: Ferndale must have had one hell of a team if he couldn’t get in. Our gain though.
Negative: What an unusual middle name.
Karl Williams 8
Return to the starting line up for little Mole. Looking comfortable in midfield alongside the two scrappers in cazzy and the inspector.
Positive: Brilliant run and leap to meet that cross from the right hand side. Left his unitard at home.
Negative: If he had been training for the heading practice this week, he might have scored and not missed that open goal.
Ross Tyler 8
Probably a league record scoring inside 10 seconds – Tom will let us know. Seems to be improving with each game, and did well even when dropped back to right hand midfield.
Positive: Must have smallest feet ever, so only pays kids prices for his boots.
Negative: Polo shirt will be there for the next game. Got to keep his head over the ball.
Dale Hughes 7
Was up for a battle as ever. Did well against the 2 opposition bullies. Was unlucky not to score when he almost connected with a cross from the right hand side in the first half.
Positive: Gives us a different target man option up front.
Negative: Credit crunch is affecting spray tan prices.
Tyrone Jones 9 – STAR MAN
Beat his man with ease time and time again. Combined with Dale to set up Ross for opener and took his goal well just before half time.
Positive: Another star man, and was initially very happy to hear about it until the 6 halves were mentioned. He made a sheepish exit after hearing that.
Negative: Wound the opposition so much that we feared for out lives back at the club.
Matthew Smith
Unused sub but booked his place in ‘Xmas Stanleytown lookalikes’ as Rodney Trotter. And deserves credit for single handed-ly fending off an aggressive WAG in the workies.
Marc Daniels 7
Came on for last ten minutes. Found the energy to push forward and ram home the fifth goal.
Positive: Can play in any position and do a good job………
Negative: …………but not for more than about 15 minutes based on last weeks training session.
Gary Thomas 7
Was as solid as ever when he replaced little john. Did one funny circular run in our own half though.
Positive: Wasn’t sulking this week and was happy to change and sit on the bench. And Reedy’s jeans took the heat off him this week.
Negative: Left the sunroof open and paid the price for not covering up with factor 50. Some people thought Magua was back early from holidays.
Anthony Phillips 9
Came on a played a blinder, scoring a well worked move for his first and hit a free kick for his second. Looked to be back to form of last year.
Positive: Must be pushing for a starting place after a 2 goal display. Their defenders must have been gutted having to cope with a fresh Anthony in the second half.
Negative: Almost came back to the club.
Antos and Mole
Only people who were late and didn’t phone. Shocking example from committee members.
Alex Thomas
Rhys Ifans will be running the dummy club from the next Saturday games. Potentially, weekly fines to be introduced for:
Being late – 25p
Not training – 25p
Dirty boots – 25p
Not wearing club polo shirt – 25p
13th Sep 08: AFC Whitchurch 3 – 0 Stanleytown
Our first game back after our week off for the international saw us travel to AFC Whitchurch. We had two changes from the cup win over Nelson with Gareth and Matthew Smith returning in place of Dale Hughes and Jason Pritchard.
We started the brightest and looked the most likely to score in the opening 20 minutes. Our first chance fell to Karl Williams in the 7th minute when his shot from outside the area went just over the bar.
Two minutes later Jarrad Davies came close when he got on the end of Ross Tyler’s cross but he couldn’t keep his shot down. In the 12th minute a long kick up field by Ian Reed was flicked on by Jason Carnell into the path of Tyrone Jones but like the 2 previous chances the ball went over the bar.
Our best chance of the half came in the 19th minute when Jones is cross from the right hand side was met by Karl Williams but his shot from 8 yards was blocked.
Whitchurch first chance came in the 22nd minute when their striker was found unmarked on the edge of the area and one on one with Reed but the shot was put wide of the post.
Ten minutes before half time Whitchurch were awarded a penalty when Gareth Smith brought down the striker inside the box. But Reed managed to pull off a good save to his right hand side and keep the score at 0 – 0.
Just before half time we had another two chances when first in the 43rd minute Tyler had his long shot saved by the goalkeeper and then in first half injury time Huw Evans shot from outside the area was also saved by the goalkeeper. Half Time 0 – 0
t took almost 20 minutes for the first chance of the second half to materialise when Evans’s cross was fumbled by the keeper and he only just managed to stop the ball crossing the line.
In the 67th minute Whitchurch took the lead when a long range free kick squeezed past Reed into the top corner. 10 minutes later Whitchurch came close to doubling their lead when a cross was headed over. A minute later Jason Carnell saw his shot go narrowly over the bar.
In the 80th minute Marc Daniels and Darren Hughes replaced Huw Evans and Ross Tyler.
With nine minutes remaining Whitchurch did double their lead when a cleaver overhead kick into the bottom corner from 12 yards out gave Reed no chance. In the 86th minute Whitchurch saw their free kick come crashing back off the bar.
In injury time as we were pushing for a goal Whitchurch broke away an sealed all three points with their third goal of the game, when the broke down the right and a low cross across the box was slotted into an empty net to make the final score 3 – 0.
Ian Reed 6
Looking comfortable enough in first half, although big kicks from hand were not effective. Did well to pull off penalty save.
Positive: Looked on form in first half and made a great penalty save.
Negative: Bumped his head on the post after fumbling the free kick that led to opening goal.
John Williams 5
Turned up looking like he’d had a rough night but denied it. Then played like he’d had a rough night, and there was no denying that.
Positive: Kept going and never gave up.
Negative: Tired towards the end of the game.
Matthew Smith 5
Returned to starting line up, but started the game like he was still on the side. Had a tough time against a skilful striker, so did well to contain him.
Positive: Actually looks more like Peter Crouch than Rodney Trotter.
Negative: Disgraceful attempt at six halves, bringing shame to the Maerdy boys.
Jeremy Morgan 6
Not a good performance, but not a bad one either. Delivery forward was mixed, long balls often not finding their target.
Positive: Went home before he was slurring this week.
Negative: Everyone wearing these blue shirts means it’s harder to take the piss.
Gareth Smith 5
Flying into challenges as we have got used to, thriving at the contest with their burly striker.
Positive: Gave away a blatant penalty and still had cheek to protest.
Negative: Really annoyed at himself for conceding the penalty, so did his ‘I’m a little teapot’ impression in protest while the penalty was being taken.
Huw Evans 6
Had difficult job covering tricky wide man but stuck to the job. Passing not up to usual standard.
Positive: Commitment was there……..
Negative: ……….but not the end quality this week.
Karl Williams 6
We saw flashes of Karl Mole of old in first half with nice couple of turns and step overs. Ball was getting stuck under his feet, passing not as crisp as can be.
Positive: Crisp haircut is looking good in the photos………..
Negative: ……but side profile is not his best. He’s got a fair old cranium on him.
Jarrad Davies 7 – STAR MAN
Looked energetic in midfield and we looked at our most dangerous when Jarred was involved.
Positive: Good run and cross in second half nearly produced a goal.
Negative: Might have the most receding hairline I have ever seen.
Ross Tyler 5
Not in the game, really quiet, although service to him was not the best.
Positive: Started brightly, but faded quickly.
Negative: Need to see him training and back at the club, cos he’ll owe a fortune in fines and cons otherwise.
Jason Carnell 5
Looked like he was going to cause problems all afternoon, but after a good start, chased the ball.
Positive: Won his fair share of challenges.
Negative: Reedy’s inability to arrive on time cost him another 25p.
Tyrone Jones 5
An unheard of quiet game from Stanleytown’s prodigal son. Some people were saying his mind was on the thai elephant he was going for on Saturday night.
Positive: Made plenty of runs looking for the ball, but its just didn’t work out this week.
Negative: There wont be any excuses for not collecting his 6 halves after the next home game.
Jason Pritchard
Unused sub
Gary Thomas
Unused sub
Marc Daniels 6
Showed upper body strength with some strong challenges.
Positive: Loving the new blue shirts……….
Negative: but misses his Bronx t-shirt………
Darren Hughes 6
Only had a short time to show his skills, and didn’t.
Positive: Didn’t put a foot wrong.
Negative: Didn’t put a foot anywhere actually.
20th Sep 08: Stanleytown 0 – 1 Cadoxton
This week we entertained Cadoxton with 2 changes from last weeks defeat to Whitchurch with Darren Hughes returning to the starting 11 and Thomas Harrison made his Stanleytown debut, Jarrad Davies and Ross Tyler were missing.
The first chance of the match fell to us in the 4th minute when Tyrone Jones flicked Ian Reed’s long kick into the path of Hughes who went one on one with the Cadoxton goalkeeper who pulled off a good save to his right.
In a game that saw chances few and far between until the 23rd minute for our next chance to come when Jason Carnell’s left footed strike was headed behind for a corner.
John Williams had a good chance to put us in front 3 minutes before half time when a low cross from the right found Williams in the area only for his shot to be deflected over.
In first half injury time Cadoxton missed a great chance when a cross from the left found the attacker unmarked at the back post but his header from 6 yards didn’t trouble Reed and went over. Half Time 0 – 0
Cadoxton had the opening chance of the second half when Jeremy Morgan was charged down in his own half but the resulting shot went wide.
Carnell came the closest to scoring for Stanleytown when in the 54th minute his long range shot beat the keeper only the shot to hit the bar and go over.
Cadoxton did take the lead in the 57th minute when slack defending meant that the striker was through one on one and his shot gave Reed no chance.
In the 68th minute Marc Daniels replaced Huw Evans and then in the 72nd minute Jason Pritchard replaced the injured Karl Williams.
Tyrone Jones came close to levelling the score with 2 chances in as many minutes, when first in the 74th minute his free kick from the edge of the area was tipped over by the Cadoxton keeper. Then a minute later Jones beat the man on the edge of the box but his shot went just wide.
John Williams was replaced by Gareth Gasper in the 76th minute.
2 minutes from time slack defending almost cost us another goal when a free kick found the striker unmarked inside the area but his shot was well saved by Reed.
Our last chance of the match came in the 90th minute when Gareth Smith was pushed up front and he had a good chance but the keeper saved well. Final Score 0 – 1
Ian Reed 6
Was a spectator for much of the game, and when called into action, was unlucky with the shot.
Positive: Was smiling back at the club, probably cos he can still squeeze into those 30 waist jeans he’s had for the last 10 years.
Negative: Turns up in another crazy car. Debate at the club was about whats worse – the motor or a ginger moustache…..?
John Williams 5
Asked to play wide right and was up and down as usual, but couldn’t find the quality ball into the box.
Positive: Was lucky the team sheet had been put in before it was known he was out drinking on Friday night….
Negative: Nicky said he was the only one trying, then took him off.
Huw Evans 5
Difficult time against a player who was not tracking back with him, so ended up being forced back.
Positive: Proving to be Mr versatile.
Negative: Passing game never got going
Jeremy Morgan 5
Played striker onside for their goal. Disappointing game all around and one to forget.
Positive: Huge talented squad at his disposal.
Negative: 6 halves claimed another victim.
Gareth Smith 6
Solid again putting in another consistent performance.
Positive: One of only a couple of players to take anything out of the game.
Negative: Was really struggling with injury, until the magic ‘go up front sponge’ did its work.
Matthew Smith 6 – STAR MAN
Kept his man quiet, so did what was asked of him.
Positive: Making plenty of appearances back at the club.
Negative: Was looking like tom sawyer back in the club with those cropped jeans.
Jason Carnell 5
Not the best of games from the captain. Options going forward were limited and was holding on to the ball too long because of this.
Positive: One of the few players who kept going until the end.
Negative: Hard man image is being compromised by turning up in Reedy’s motor.
Thomas Harrison 5
Fair debut from new Tom. Played a holding role and knocked the ball about easily
Positive: Must have impressed in training cos he was straight in after one session.
Negative: First couple of touches weren’t the best, but he soon got it right.
Karl Williams 5
Wasn’t his normal self, and couldn’t find the ball to break through their defence.
Positive: Glad he’d recovered from bout of European flu –the MU strain.
Negative: This is the start of midweek flu season.
Darren Hughes 5
Great chance at beginning of game but keeper pulled off nice save. Did well in first half but faded in second.
Positive: Earning loads of shell points with the commute from west wales caravan.
Negative: Couldn’t break his scoring duck.
Tyrone Jones 5
Fairly quiet game, although made keeper pull off a number of saves.
Positive: Struck free kick well.
Negative: AWOL at the club again. Come on Ty, we are not gonna make you drink the six halves.
Steve Thomas
Unused sub.
Positive: Got to be pushing for a start after performance like this.
Negative: He’s a sucker for a see through top and pink bra.
Jason Pritchard 5
Put on the left wing by Nicky Rees.
Positive: Knocked a couple of nice balls with left foot.
Negative: Was never gonna go around the outside a whip a cross in.
Marc Daniels 5
Played it simple and found his man with his passes.
Positive: Nicky Rees thought Danno would be most influential as an out and out winger.
Negative: He wasn’t
Gareth Gasper
Looked solid at the back.
Positive: Played some nice forward balls.
Negative: Needs to prove his fitness.
Gary Thomas
Unused sub
Positive: Mrs Thomas bought his some new jeans. Nice too.
Negative: Alex told all the boys although jez had already spotted them.
Nicky Rees
Positive: He was well chuffed with the ecru suede K Swiss daps.
Negative: Talks a lot of sense on the side, but decision making after a couple of cans is questionable.
Tom Lewis
Positive: Website is looking good.
Negative: What is the real reason he is banned from Ponty Wetherspoons………..?
27th Sep 08: Brecon 2 – 0 Stanleytown
Both sides started well with no early chances, after 10 mins Reedy pulled off a good save, Tyrone then created chance for D Hughes.
After 16 mins Jarrad shot just wide, town then missed 2 good chances one by D Hughes and the second by Tom.
After 30 mins a mistake by Karl let in Brecon for the first goal, town came back and after a corner Matthew missed a chance 38 mins and a goalkeeping error let in Brecon for their second.
42 mins G Gasper replaced injured G Smith half time 2-0.
Brecon were proving a threat from set plays and Karl cleared a goal bound effort off the line 55 mins Kenny just headed over, Brecon broke away and nearly scored a third after this there followed a period when both sides cancelled each other out.
After 70 mins Danno replaced Tom, town upped their game and after 80 mins Tyrone had an effort cleared off the line 82 mins Karl smashed the ball against the bar from 25 yds 84 mins Jarrad had a chance then home keeper made point blank save from D Hughes 88 mins yet another chance went begging when little John shot just over Brecon held on for all 3pts.
The most disappointing thing about game was if we had taken our chances we could easily have taken the points. I must state that Mr Alridge the ref was absolutely superb and well worth ten out of ten the sec gave him
Ian Reed 7
The ghost of Brecon past raised its ugly head again. String of brilliant saves from Reedy, but mistake for second goal.
Positive: Give him a difficult save and Reedy puts his cap on it.
Negative: Is it those pointy shoes he wears that affects his kicking?
John Williams 8 – STAR MAN
Back with a good quality performance at right full back. Knocked some good free kicks and for a little fella, he gets stuck in.
Positive: Good supply of crosses throughout the game, all of good quality.
Negative: Was looking smart before going out, but was crucially let down by those poor white daps.
Karl Williams 7
Didn’t start particularly well, but finished on a high downing the six halves in record time. Great strike in second half that cannoned back of the bar.
Positive: Stroked the ball around well when pushed into the middle.
Negative: A man of few words usually, he was a man of few slurred words back at the club.
Matthew Smith 8
Some people were saying he looked a little lightweight for centre half, but he put in a great performance.
Positive: Stuck to his job well.
Negative: Needs to be more vocal on the park.
Gareth Smith 6
Back injury forced him off in the first half.
Positive: Was looking a presence at the back before his injury.
Negative: Those flip flop and three quarter trousers again….
Tom Harrison 7
Much improved from last week. Played a great defence splitting pass to Tyrone in first half.
Positive: Seems to have skills and a turn to rival Karl Mole.
Negative: Another Maerdy failure with six halves. Thought he would have plenty of training in uni…..
Kenny Robins 7
Some robust play from the debutant. Looks to have a physical presence about him. Another one unlucky not to score with a well timed header.
Positive: Says he loves a drink or two.
Negative: Was feeling the pace of the game in the second half.
Jarrad Davies 8
A welcome return to the fold. Linked well with Cazzy in first half and caused problems down the right flank.
Positive: Like a whirling dervish around the place. Let their winger knew all about in the first 5 minutes.
Negative: Was tiring in last 5 minutes, he reckons we need more fitness work in training.
Darren Hughes 7
Had several chances, but couldn’t find the net. Link up play was quite decent though.
Positive: Hit that late header as well as he could have.
Negative: Why does he keep aiming for the keeper? Go for the corners Slicker!
Jason Carnell 7
Caused problems for opposition all over the field. Gave it easy and got stuck in when needed.
Positive: Thriving with the continued positional changes, did well as emergency striker.
Negative: How long is he going to keep up this hard man image when he continues turning up in Reedy’s girly car?
Tyrone Jones 7
Looked dangerous when he got the ball and worked hard to create space. When are we going to see him back at the club?
Positive: Put some nice balls into the box.
Negative: One eye on the evening meal again? Says he’s booked in for the next 3 weeks….
Jeremy Morgan
Unused sub
Steve Thomas
Unused sub. Self proclaimed President of the social club. Some people were asking what this actually entails? Answers and suggestions on a postcard to Tom.
Positive: Fair play, Hob took his car all the way to Brecon.
Negative: Arrived late, and chain smoking substitutes is not the look the club is aiming for.
Marc Daniels 6
Worked hard in middle of park for last twenty minutes.
Positive: It’s a long way around Danno.
Negative: Second week without the stanleytown shirt, some people said he’s been wearing it to work under his overalls.
Huw Evans 7
Came on with a point to prove, and did. Great effort at full back, looking strong in the challenge.
Positive: Definitely a defender.
Negative: Definitely not a midfielder.
Gareth Gasper 7
Looks solid. Played alright too after replacing Boris.
Positive: Held back four together well.
Negative: Doesn’t look the most mobile of players.
Gary Thomas
Formally declared his desire to be considered for team selection.
Positive: Recovered from midweek cockerel flu, but not well enough to change.
Negative: Left that bloody sunroof open again.
Nicky Rees
Despite disappointment of defeat, put on a brave face for the night out so not to dampen the boys’ spirit. Still working his magic in the transfer market.
Positive: They seek him here, they seek him there, that damned elusive
Negative: Late show with Hobble meant he missed out on changing.
Rhys Ifans
Positive: Seems to be able to work the magic with the ladies, surely has the makings of a future Stanleytown player.
Negative: Father confirmed the blonde highlighted locks are a smokescreen for tangerine origins.
19th Oct 08: Nelson 0 - 3 Stanleytown
After 2 weeks off due to bad weather and the international break we travelled to Nelson, a side we beat 5 – 0 seven weeks ago in the Bruty Cup. We had two changes from our defeat to Brecon with Huw Evans coming in at centre half in place of the missing Gareth Smith and a return for Anthony Phillips in place of Tom Harrison.
The best chances of the first half fell to us when first Phillips shot over in the 10th minute. The pressure continued and in the 19th minute Jason Carnell shot just wide.
The closest we came to scoring was in the 34th minute when the ball fell to Phillips at the back post and his shot cannoned back off the post.
2 minutes later Tyrone Jones crossed for Darren Hughes whose header went over. Hughes was denied 3 minutes later when corner from the right was headed straight at the keeper.
It took until the 40th minute for Nelson to get their first chance with a free kick that was comfortably saved by Ian Reed.
Our best move of the game came a minute before half time when Carnell broke down the left, played the ball to Jones who found Hughes only for his shot to go over the bar.
We still had time for one more chance before the break when Hughes had his header cleared off the line and Kenny Robins shot went over. Half Time 0 – 0
We got off to a flyer in the second half when Tyrone Jones grabbed his 7th goal of the season, when Phillips crossed, Hughes challenged the centre half and the ball fell to Jones at the back post and his left footed volley crept under the keeper at the near post.
We went 2 – 0 up in the 53rd minute when Karl Williams broke down the left and his cross deceived the Nelson keeper and the ball dropped over his head into the net.
Ross Tyler replaced Darren Hughes in the 54th minute.
In the 55th minute we went 3 – 0 up with the best move of the game, when the ball was played out of the back, down the right with Jones who combining well with Phillips to break into the box and pull the ball back for Jarrad Davies for him to grab his first goal of the season.
On the hour Kenny Robins was replaced by Tom Harrison.
We had another chance to increase our lead when a Jones corner in the 67th minute was headed just over by Phillips.
Gareth Gaspar replaced John Williams in the 71st minute.
Our final chance of the game came in the 72 minute when Tyrone’s cross was met by the diving head of Tyler, but the goalkeeper managed to pull off a good save. Final Score 0 – 3
This was a impressive win and we didn’t look as if we would concede with a solid centre half performances from Matthew Smith and Huw Evans, which meant Reed in goals had very little to do all game. Our next game is at home to St Athan on Saturday 25th October 2.00pm kick off.
Ian Reed 9 – STAR MAN
Only occasionally called into action, but every time he was, he delivered superbly. Faultless display of goalkeeping proves Reedy is back to his best.
Positive: Plucked crosses out of the air, brave challenges and great shot stopping.
Negative: The ginger beard. And he still found time to have a moan to the assistant manager.
John Williams 7
Did ok, made his challenges when needed, and played the ball well out of the back. Needs to demand the ball of Reedy even more.
Positive: Only had ‘four cans’ on Friday night.
Negative: Might have been ‘four cans’ of meths judging by the look on him. Went all pale when appointed free kick taker. His arse went when he knew he was being filmed…..
Karl Williams 8
Saw a lot of the ball at left full back. Involved in some good passing moves down the flank, and great vision and technique to lob the keeper from 45 yards in full flight.
Positive: Second goal of the season, not doing much wrong this season.
Negative: Not much wrong with the performance, so I’ll have a dig at that dodgy uber retro jacket. Come on Karl, you are late 30s now!
Matthew Smith 8
Another rock solid performance from our lightweight centre half. Must learn to control that potty mouth of his though, there was nothing wrong with the referee’s eyes.
Positive: Good marking job kept opposition chances to a minimum.
Negative: Figurehead of the growing Friday night drinking culture.
Huw Evans 8
Back in the starting line up and did a great job alongside Matthew. Kept things tidy at the back.
Positive: The manager has always said Huw is better in defence than in midfield.
Negative: Like many of the team, needs to be more vocal.
Jason Carnell 8
Another great battling display from the club captain. Took a couple of dodgy blows to the head, but didn’t seem to affect him.
Positive: Didn’t give the opposition players a inch of space.
Negative: Quiet first half, and still our goalkeeper has scored more goals this season than our ever present attacking midfielder.
Kenny Robins 7
Spent much of the game on defensive duties, good solid game from Ken.
Positive: Is a physical presence and not afraid to get stuck in.
Negative: Apparently he goes a bit mental after an apple juice or ten.
Jarrad Davies 8
Another one who was quiet in first half, but came alive after we scored our opener.
Positive: Took his goal well, tucking ball away into the bottom corner.
Negative: Another of the Maerdy Royal Friday night contingent.
Darren Hughes 7
Cant fault his effort. Always showing for the ball. At 40+, it appeard his mind is much sharper than his body. Unlucky with a number of chances. Our goalkeeper has more goals this season than our seasoned centre forward.
Positive: Remained enthusiastic. Just needs a little luck. Good job he has the backing of the whole club.
Negative: Still insisted on aiming for the keeper instead of the corner of the goal.
Anthony Phillips 7
Return of the great striker (and self claimed awesome defender). Did well to last 90 minutes after getting dead leg in first couple of minutes. Non marker.
Positive: Hit post in first half, looked sharp. Control was often superb. Back at the club AND home in time to watch X-factor.
Negative: Needs to keep focused on the game, any thoughts of having to wake before noon will just put him off.
Tyrone Jones 7
Took the opener well, and created several other chances. Beat his man with ease all game.
Positive: Has talent to replace Stanleytowns last top scorer, Nicky Rees. (on the field)
Negative: Needs to demand the ball more often.
Jeremy Morgan
Unused sub
Positive: Tom is still checking the record books for the last time Stanleytown won 3-0 away twice in a season.
Negative: Little John had been asking for free kicks all season, and then he lets the manager down.
Ross Tyler 7
Welcome return to the fold for the best dressed man in the club. Looked sharp as ever. Everyone said he was really unlucky with that powerful header. (except Slicker, who said he would have buried it with his eyes closed)
Positive: Made it to training midweek from Newport, when others struggle to get there when within walking distance.
Negative: Needs to be booked in for a night out to bring himself out a bit……
Tom Harrison 6
Replaced Ken in midfield and did ok. Was difficult game to get into and was up against arguably their best player.
Positive: Looks to have a great touch and good shot, plenty of ability.
Negative: The last of the Maerdy Royal three.
Gary Thomas
Refused to change.
Positive: Reedy’s jeans are taking the heat off Gary lately. Mrs Reed must shop in the same place as Mrs Thomas did last year.
Negative: Not the example to be setting for more junior players in the club.
Gareth Gaspar 7
Put his body on the line when he came on. Rock solid in the challenge, and a bit dirty with it too.
Positive: Dependable as ever.
Negative: What he lacks in pace, he makes up for in dirtiness.
Positive: Has big plans for the club. Dugouts, stand and floodlights were all talked about…..and tracksuits.
Negative: Club sealed their fifth win of the season, and all Magua could go on about back at the club was losing the previous 3 games…..
Nicky Rees
Influenced the starting team sheet with almost catastrophic results.
Positive: Slicker will not have a bad word said about Nicky Rees.
Negative: Is he really forming a double act with the club treasurer?
Rhys Ifans
Positive: Has all the makings of a future stanleytown legend. Making notches on his bedpost at just 15……..
Negative: Not very effective on fine collection today.
Refusing to change – 50p
Drinking on Friday night – 25p
25th Oct 08: Stanleytown 0 – 0 St Athan
This week we played St Athan at home with 3 changes from last week victory over Nelson. There was a return to the back 4 for Jeremy Morgan and Gareth Smith and Ross Tyler started up front. John Williams, Darren Hughes and Anthony Phillips dropped to the bench.
In a tight game chances were few and far between. We had the better of the early chances with long-range efforts from Jason Carnell and Huw Evans going just over and wide respectively.
St Athan’s best chance of the half came via a free kick on the edge of the area, when it was struck hard and low it took a good save from Ian Reed tipping the ball onto the post.
5 minutes before half time we had our best chance when Jarrad Davies got his head to a Morgan cross, only for the goalkeeper to save. Half Time 0 – 0
St Athan started the brighter in the second half piling on the pressure, but they couldn’t brake through the back four of Morgan, Matthew and Gareth Smith and Evans, who were protected well by the three in midfield of Carnell, Karl Williams and Kenny Robbins.
Anthony Phillips replaced Ross Tyler in the 51st minute.
St Athan’s best chance of the game came when they were awarded a penalty in the 55th minute, but they could not make this count as the effort was blasted well over the bar.
Tyrone Jones had two good chances within as many minutes we he went through 1 on 1 on twice, lobbed the keeper but once the ball dropped just over the bar and the other went just the wrong side of the post.
With 15 minutes to go Carnell had a powerful left footed strike well save by the goalkeeper. St Athan had one more chance with a free kick 10 minutes before the end from just outside the box, but Reed saved the shot comfortably.
John Williams replaced Jeremy Morgan in the 81st minute and Darren Hughes replaced Jarrad Davies in the 87th minute. Final Score 0 – 0
This was a good point against a very good side and 2 clean sheets in a row. Next week, Saturday 1st November we travel to Tongwynlais for a 2.00pm kick off.
Ian Reed 8
Another good performance on the field and deserved clean sheet. Said Cazzy is his favourite player and he would never fall out with him.
Positive: No signs of gingerness today, wore a woolly hat in the club and had shaved that beard.
Negative: He might look better with a hat, but you’d think he’d have at least one that was half decent. And those grey smart shoes just don’t go…..Ferndale target.
Jeremy Morgan 8
Replaced little john at right full back in attempt to curb Friday night drinking culture. Started a bit dodgy, did ok for most of the game and then ended even more dodgy before being hauled off.
Positive: Wants to set the right example for the players and all was going well………
Negative: ……….until Claire shopped him saying he’d been on the vino on Friday night. Ferndale target.
Huw Evans 8
Fairly quiet game but just got on with his job and didn’t look under pressure all game. Solid at left back.
Positive: If that 40 yard drive had gone in, he would have sealed goal of the season.
Negative: Said he wasn’t allowed out for the night out in cardiff next Saturday. Ferndale target.
Matthew Smith 9
Tough job against difficult strikers, but did a great job with his sibling to keep them quiet.
Positive: Great display on the field followed up by a textbook game of poker.
Negative: Was getting carried away with the elation of his successful day and started tipping pints everywhere. Ferndale target.
Gareth Smith 9 – STAR MAN
Back in the starting line up and did a great job alongside Matthew. Kept things tidy at the back.
Positive: Boris said not even the temptation of a new pair of puma boots would make him return to Ferndale.
Negative: Throw in no cons, don’t have to train and a lift to the game and back, and he;s a gonner. Ferndale target.
Jason Carnell 9
Was all over the field with his will to win influence and was his usual presence in the air. Having an inspired season, leading by example.
Positive: Leading like a captain. Wont have a bad word said about Reedy.
Negative: Unlucky to just miss out on star man again. Ferndale target.
Kenny Robbins 9
Ken’s best game for the club. Can see he likes to put in the odd robust challenge or ten and was never gonna back out of that challenge with the keeper. Will be hard to shift from the middle of the park after performance like that.
Positive: Says if Anthony goes to Cardiff on Saturday, he will too.
Negative: And if the taxi doesn’t turn up, Ken will hijack a squad car and take us all home. Ferndale target.
Karl Williams 8
Rolling back the years with another top performance. And nice to see him in a nice tracky top for once.
Positive: Proving to be mr versatile after being moved back to midfield.
Negative: Has got more dragbacks in his locker. Ferndale target.
Ross Tyler 7
Did well on his return to the team. Back at the club and even booked in for the trip to Cardiff. Must be on six halves next week.
Positive: More to come from flying winger, and was even on time this week.
Negative: Still could offer more movement from the touchline. Ferndale target.
Jarrad Davies 7
‘I’ve scored 9 goals in two games’ is now a distant memory. Proved to everyone what a good midfielder he is with this performance up front.
Positive: Loves his stanleytown shirt so much he even wears it out to town.
Negative: must have been looking a bit creased by midnight. Ferndale target.
Tyrone Jones 7
Plenty of talent on display from stanleytown’s homegrown top scorer. Unlucky on two occasions not to grab the winner.
Positive: Vowed to take six halves at next home game.
Negative: Stitched up by his mate that he IS available for training on Wednesday nights. Ferndale target.
Gareth Gaspar
Unused sub.
Positive: Due a start soon.
Negative: Made a bed in Abercynon. Ferndale target.
Anthony Phillips
Lasted just 9 minutes. Not one to take a backward step.
Positive: Was loving it back at the club, and has since said he is up for training, as long there is no celebrity dancing on ice repeat on. Almost spot on with his X-factor selection.
Negative: Wore the worst socks seen at the club since nicky rees went beige. Where on earth can you buy black and yellow striped socks with built in toes? Ferndale target.
John Williams 6
This boy is either has a narcotics problem, drinks ten pints on a Friday night, or gets out of bed 15 minutes before he turns up to football.
Positive: Was looking good on Saturday night, had the women flocking around him. Now know ‘Dom Juan’
Negative: Of all the birds he could have picked, he went behind the back of a stanleytown colleague. Ferndale target.
Gary Thomas
Positive: Up for Cardiff trip, but will be taking spare shoes this time.
Negative: For the first time in recent history, Ferndale Chinese missed out on its donation of poker winnings from the boys. Ferndale target.
Darren Hughes 7
Only had last few minutes to make an impression.
Positive: Had made trek back from west wales. Vocal and supportive on the side.
Negative: Needs a goal.
Positive feedback for everyone from Tom, Antos, Magua and Mole. Only person involved with the club not to make it back to the club was Mal.
Positive: Nice contribution to buy all the lads a few beers.
Negative: Expectations have risen.
Nicky Rees
Controlled proceedings from the side. Made some key substitutions to maintain team momentum. He is such a dizzy rascal.
Positive: Stanleytown through and through. Loves a good debate about he fortunes of the club after a drink or two.
Negative: Has found time for Sunday geriatric league football with fellow striker. Ferndale target.
Rhys Ifans
Positive: Says he’ll start training next season when he signs in anger.
Negative: Poor show with fine collection. Paying lip service to his position as club official. Ferndale target.
1st Nov 08: Tongwynlais 0 – 1 Stanleytown
This week we travelled to Tongwynlais with just the one change from last weeks goalless draw, with Anthony Phillips starting in place of the injured Gareth Smith.
We found it difficult to get going and Tongwynlais seemed to have the better of the possession in the first half. However the best chance of the half did fall to Karl Williams when he shot over from 4 yards. Half Time 0 – 0
We started the second half like a new team and seemed to threaten every time we went forward. The breakthrough came in the 70th minute when Kenny Robbins played Ross Tyler in down the right hand side and his low cross found Williams at the back post who grabbed his 3rd goal of the season.
Tongwynlais threaten with a flurry of late chances but was unable to beat Ian Reed in goals who pulled off several good saves to keep his 3rd consecutive clean sheet, 5 for the season. Final Score 0 – 1
This was a hard fought victory, and overall a deserved win. Next week we have a break from the league and travel to play division 1 outfit Llanbradach Social in the 2nd round of the South Wales Senior Cup, 2.00pm kick off.
Ian Reed 9
Faultless handling yet again, and third consecutive clean sheet.
Positive: Pulled of top drawer save at the death to ensure we walked away with 3 points.
Negative: Does the boy own a pair of trainers? Never seen him wear any, its always those loafers.
Jeremy Morgan 8
Didn’t look under pressure all game, but then again didn’t mark all game either.
Positive: Responded to criticism from the hierarchy, by steering team to 7 points out of 9, with 4 goals for, nil against.
Negative: Ferndale are writing their xmas wish list as we speak, so will have a tough job retaining the squad.
Huw Evans 9
Another great defensive performance, some of the committee thought he deserved star man.
Positive: Seems to be enjoying his football anywhere across the back line.
Negative: Says he wants a new tracksuit to stay at the club.
Matthew Smith 9
Often seems to be in the wars. Compounded his player of the month award with another rock solid display.
Positive: Might be a lightweight in stature, a heavyweight on the field recently.
Negative: Will the curse of the ‘player of the month award’ mean he’s dropped for the next few games???
Jason Carnell 5
Only lasted a short while, suffering a recurrence of an old shrapnel wound.
Positive: Incident free weekend for Cazzy.
Negative: Did he have flip flops on? In November?????
Kenny Robbins 9 –STAR MAN
All over the pitch, starting to show what he can do. Physical presence and at the centre of everything.
Positive: Be difficult for any player to remove him from middle of park on this display.
Negative: Says he wants a new pair of boots to stay at the club. And a new cap.
Karl Williams 8
Avoided hamstring injury by playing in centre of midfield.
Positive: Made amends for missing open goal with cool left foot finish for the winner.
Negative: Has got a foul mouth, and booked accordingly. Absolutely nailed on to catch that bout of European flu that is going around.
Ross Tyler 8
Always gave us an outlet on the flank.
Positive: Put in a couple of decent crosses, one that led to the goal.
Negative: Another one with an acid tongue, booked accordingly. Wants a new Henry Lloyd jumper to stay at the club.
Jarrad Davies 8
Manager came in for criticism for playing our star midfielder out of position, when it came to light, Jarrad had a few sherberts at a haloween disco.
Positive: Still did ok after a belly full of beer, and looked better than Little John after a night out.
Negative: Wants a flagon of white lightning every Friday night to stay at the club.
Tyrone Jones 8
Needs to get back on the thai elephant diet, looked like he is losing a bit of weight.
Positive: Plenty of pace and trickery. Managed to avoid the club after the game again.
Negative: Made training last week, hope its not the only time this season.
Anthony Phillips 8
Return to the starting eleven for our superstar. Talent is right up there with the best of them. Getting match practice under his belt after a lay off through injury.
Positive: Touch and skill is top notch.
Negative: In contract negotiation.
Gareth Gaspar
Unused sub.
Positive: Right behind the club, will get his start soon.
Negative: Hard to force his way in after 3 clean sheets.
Steve Thomas
Almost made his first appearance for the club this season.
Positive: Was right up for it despite horrific back injury.
Negative: Cruelly snubbed by his best mate when opportunity to replace Cazzy presented itself.
John Williams 8
Early replacement for Carnell and didn’t put a foot wrong at full back.
Positive: Worked very hard to close down a good opposition winger. Kept him quiet in second half.
Negative: Last weeks events in Pontypridd has turned little john tee-total.
Gary Thomas
Great vocal support on the side in support of team and formation selection.
Positive: Did a great job to squeeze into that shirt on Friday night.
Negative: Will be a tougher job to squeeze back into the first eleven.
A scrappy one nil victory is no longer sufficient entertainment for the hierarchy.
Positive: Starting a campaign to reinstate little john into the first eleven.
Negative: Only thing late this week was the kit at the ground.
Nicky Rees
Forced to make an early change with injury to team captain.
The six halves challenge claimed another victim.
Frederick could be heard late in the night saying ‘only Liverpool can bollock someone and lose 2-1’.
Positive: Responded to the hierarchy campaign and took logical decision to replace carnell with little john.
Negative: Then got slammed for denying Hobble of his first appearance of the season.
Rhys Ifans
Positive: Was planning a hot date on Saturday night after the elation of the spurs game.
Negative: Become very complacent with fine collection.
Anthony’s X-factor prediction: This week Anthony predicted Daniel would be booted of X-factor.
8th Nov 08: Llanbradach 4 – 3 Stanleytown (CUP)
This week we travelled to Division One side Llanbradach Social for the second round of the South Wales Senior Cup. We had three changes from last week’s victory over Tongwynlais with Gareth Gaspar and Steve Thomas making their first starts of the season and there was a return to the side for Darren Hughes. Missing was the suspended Anthony Phillips, Jeremy Morgan and Jarrad Davies.
Llanbradach had the better of the first half, and we couldn’t get into the game at all. Our only chance of the first half came in the 25th minute when Tyrone Jones played the ball through to Ross Tyler who went one on one with the keeper only for him to pull off a good save.
Llanbradach took the lead in the 33rd minute when we failed to completely clear a corner and a shot from the edge of the area went through everyone and crept into the corner.
In the 40th minute Llanbradach doubled their lead when again we failed to clear a cross from the right and a superbly taken volley from the edge of the area gave Ian Reed no chance in goals. Half Time 2 – 0
At half time Gary Thomas replaced Steve Thomas.
3 minutes into the second half we had a great opportunity to pull a goal back when Jason Carnell was fouled in the penalty area. Tyrone Jones stepped up but the Llanbradach keeper saved the penalty to his left hand side.
We did pull a goal back in the 50th minute when Jones broke away up the middle played the ball to his right for Darren Hughes to run on to and his attempted cross to the far post beat everyone and dropped into the net to give him his first goal of the season.
Llanbradach restored their 2 goal advantage in the 62nd minute when they passed their way down the left hand side, cut into the box and slotted the ball under Reed from a tight angle.
Marc Daniels replaced Ross Tyler in the 67th minute.
In the 72nd minute Llanbradach increased their lead further with a well taken free kick from just outside the box to make the score 4 – 1.
Jason Carnell was replaced by Jeremy Morgan in the 79th minute.
Morgan was straight into the action when his low cross from the right was driven goal-wards by Karl Williams only for the goalkeeper to tip the shot over.
We pulled a goal back in the 83rd minute when Williams’s low cross from the left went through everyone and dropped to Hughes at the back post who slotted in his second goal of the game.
With five minutes left we got to within one goal of Llanbradach when Williams’s diagonal high ball into the box was met by Morgan who knocked the ball past the keeper to make the score 4 – 3.
In injury time we nearly got a late equaliser when the ball fell to Morgan six yards out but his shot went just wide of the far post. Final Score 4 – 3
Next week, Saturday 15th November, it’s back to league action when we travel to Cadoxton for a 2.00pm kick off.
Ian Reed 9
Another great show between the sticks. On top form of late, and had no chance with any of the goals.
Positive: Kept us in it with a string of first class saves.
Negative: Says he takes no notice of the comments on here, but he’d had the closest shave of his life and dug out an old pair of trainers. Odds are it will be the same again this week.
Huw Evans 7
One of the few players to take positives from the performance. Up for it as usual and got stuck in, particularly in first half.
Positive: Putting in some consistently good performances.
Negative: Needs to be much more vocal.
Karl Williams 6
Proved he is not a full back with that performance. Best play came when he moved into midfield. Created third goal with pinpoint cross.
Positive: Always more than happy to play out of position for the good of the club.
Negative: First sighting of the acrylic jumper since pandy albinos away last season. We lost that one too.
Matthew Smith 6
Has the curse of ‘player of the month’ struck again. Not his assured self but still a decent showing.
Positive: Can keep improving and be a class player. Potential to play at a higher standard.
Negative: Is the only player in the squad who looks more scruffy than jez.
Gareth Gaspar 7
First start of the season and did well. Robust performance as we would expect.
Positive: Great in the air, winning most aerial battles.
Negative: Needs to get sharper and control the back four.
Kenny Robbins 9 –STAR MAN
Covered every bit of the pitch and kept going right till the end.
Positive: Made the centre midfield position his own. It’s now becoming Ken and who in the middle?
Negative: Always turns up looking like he’s dressed for the outdoors. Cap, waterproof jacket, walking shoes………
Steve Thomas 4
First start of season for mercurial midfielder. It wasn’t the hobble of old as he hardly got a kick and was lucky to last until half time.
Positive: Great efforts in training in recent weeks, even though he said those laps were ‘fucking stupid’
Negative: If his best buddy had his way, hobble would have been hauled off after 30 minutes.
Jason Carnell 6
Another 100% display from the club captain. Was wrongly on the receiving end of some bad referee decisions.
Positive: Upbeat about the fortunes of the club.
Negative: Those big brown caterpillar boots have had their day. Quite a contrast to the flip flops.
Darren Hughes 7
Hallelujah, city slicker finally finds the back of the net. Said he’s a striker and would rather get a goal in a 5-1 loss than the team win 8-0 and he didn’t score.
Positive: Who cares that it was a cross?
Negative: When your teenage kids are taking the piss, you know there is seriously something wrong with your trousers. Come on Daz, those tracky bottoms would have looked out of place on missy elliott or 50 cent – let alone a greying 40 year old city slicker!
Tyrone Jones 6
Did well in patches. I wont say anything bad as he is a bit temperamental.
Positive: Potentially the best player in the club. Can strike the ball better than anyone else in the team.
Negative: But didn’t when taking that penalty. Said he was thinking about salt and chilli prawns when taking his run up.
Ross Tyler 6
Was suffering illness and you could tell. Not as mobile as he usually is.
Positive: Even manages to look smart in the blue stanleytown polo. Doesn’t pay VAT on his trainers.
Negative: Was on his heels for much of the game.
Jeremy Morgan 8
Came on for last ten minutes and changed the game.
Positive: Couldn’t miss after great cross from Karl.
Negative: But blew chance to equalise after missing target from just a few yards.
Gary Thomas 8
Came on at half time and you can’t complain about his performance at the back.
Positive: Wants the club to do well. Proved he can still do a job.
Negative: Came on and turned into captain and manager in one making changes to the team.
Marc Daniels 8
Turned the game on its head when he came on for Ross.
Positive: Is training hard, apparently. Talked a lot of sense back in the club.
Negative: Cant train wont train attitude about the astro turf.
On receiving end of cruel jibes about one simple that he misjudged.
Positive: Must be maintaining the best website in the league.
Negative: He must have a slamming when he’s reffing if that touchline decision is anything to go by.
United as one in training, before, during and after the game.
Positive: Best committee in the league.
Negative: Will the real manager please stand up?
We’ve got:
president-manager ,
gary thomas-manager,
and a player-manager.
Nicky Rees
Said he was sick to death of the hassle on the side. Got drunk in the night and kept mumbling on about something called tube eight….whatever that is??????
Positive: Discovered his culinary skills over the weekend.
Negative: Garlic bacon is not very popular outside of Stanleytown.
Anthony’s X-factor prediction: This week Anthony predicted Rachel would be booted of X-factor. He guessed wrong as Laura left the competition.
22nd Nov 08: Stanleytown 1 – 1 AFC Butetown
It was back to league action this week after the game with Cadoxton being called off last week and our cup game against Llanbradach the week before. We had two changes with Jeremy Morgan and Jarrad Davies returning to the starting 11 in place of the missing Steve Thomas and Darren Hughes.
We got off to a flyer when in the 4th minute Ross Tyler grabbed his 4th goal of the season, when Karl Williams lifted the ball over the Butetown defender into the path of Tyler who calmly lobbed the oncoming keeper.
Ian Reed was called into action in the 13th minute when a cross was only cleared to the edge of the area but Reed turned the shot around the post.
We came close to doubling our lead in the 27th minute when Jason Carnell’s long range effort was superbly tipped wide by the keeper. From the resulting corner the ball fell to Williams who shot just over.
Butetown continued to press and forced Reed into a save in the 31st minute with a long-range free kick.
3 minutes before the break Jarrad Davies came close when Tyrone Jones is low free kick to the back post was just put wide by Davies.
Butetown’s best chance of the half came in the 44th minute when the ball was crossed in and the striker was unmarked 6 yards out but Reed brilliantly saved his header. Half Time 1 – 0
It took 15 minutes for the first chance of the second half to materialise when Karl Williams had two shots, both saved well by the Butetown keeper.
In the 64th minute Jarrad Davies was replaced by Daniel.
AFC Butetown drew level in the 68th minute when a corner was flicked on at the near post and the ball dropped kindly to their centre forward who from a yard out could not miss.
Karl Williams was replaced by Carl in the 73rd minute and then 6 minutes later Gary Thomas replaced the injured Gareth Gaspar.
There was not much action in the remaining 10 minutes with both teams seemingly happy with the draw. Final Score 1 – 1
Next week we welcome unbeaten and division 1 leader Fairwater for the second round of the Bruty Cup in a 1.30pm kick off.
It was noted on Saturday that there are 3 pairs of shorts missing from the kit, can players check their own kit to ensure they have not been picked up a pair of shorts by mistake. If any player does have a pair can you fetch them next week. Thanks
Ian Reed 8
Has hit top form and is now adding consistency to his game.
That game down butetown last season and the howlers at Brecon, cascade, tongwynlais, penrhiwfer and Caerphilly are just a distant memory.
Positive: Become a reliable cornerstone of the stanleytown defence.
Negative: now favouring the fresh faced look. The silver slip-ons will be the next thing to go.
Jeremy Morgan 7
Struggled to get forward and set pieces were not up to much. Defended well enough tho.
Positive: Was loving the pound a can bonanza back at the club. Nice brown jumper impressed the boys.
Negative: Takes things at face value.
Huw Evans 9 – STAR MAN
Another great defensive display since not making starting eleven at Brecon.
Positive: Never looked like his opposing attacker would get the better of him.
Negative: Making an impression on the field, yet to do so at the club. Card is marked for his birthday in December tho.
Matthew Smith 7
Put in two brilliant last ditch tackles, but all in all had a fairly quiet game.
Positive: His poker win ratio has soared since finding a new partner.
Negative: Says less on the field than he does in the club.
Gareth Gaspar 8
Up against an awkward striker and won the battle after several tussles in the first half. Loves a good battle.
Positive: Making the centre half berth his own after a couple of strong displays.
Negative: How will he cope with a lightening quick striker? Best he kicks them first I reckon.
Kenny Robbins 6
Usual game from Kenny mixing things up in the middle. As fit as anyone in the team.
Positive: Only one at the club who drives a roller.
Negative: If he is tabling dancing after 4 cans of carling, what’s he gonna be like in oceana????
Jarrad Davies (7 but -2 for Friday night drinking) = 5
It’s all well and good being the fittest and fastest in the squad in training on Wednesday, but you are on a hiding to nothing if you have ten pints on a Friday night. Actually did quite well to be fair.
Positive: Watched the match highlights and didn’t know that Mal was jarred’s old man.
Negative: Beat little john to win the crap daps award.
Karl Williams 6
Started very brightly and did well throughout the game. And on time again.
Positive: Great ball in for Ross’ goal.
Negative: Went off in a huff after being substituted by the assistant manager.
Jason Carnell 6
In a striking role again and did fairly well. Unlucky not to break his duck for the season when keeper saved well to shot from outside the box.
Positive: Loved taking training and also the pre-game stretches.
Negative: It comes to something when jez, the goalie and even slicker have scored more goals than you.
Tyrone Jones 7
Said he was fed up with 6 ratings and put in a display to better it. Beat his opposite number on countless occasions. Movement was much better this week.
Positive: Enough tricks to set up his own nutmeg files.
Negative: Couldn’t add to his goal tally. One week he’s a striker, then a centre midfielder, the next a winger and this week there was talk in the club that our star is a centre half. Surely only jez can play in all those positions??
Ross Tyler 6
Great finish from our immaculately presented diminutive attacker.
Positive: Better movement this week.
Negative: Has ability to be more influential on the game
Daniel 6
Did well for his debut.
Positive: Wanted to get involved.
Negative: Way too new to be having a go at him here. But he might support Liverpool just a bit much. I reckon he still wears Liverpool pyjamas.
Gary Thomas 6
Another appearance following injury to Gaspar.
Positive: Nice to see he still wants it.
Negative: Had to disappear to family party before we had a full de-brief.
Carl 6
Couple of nice turns and good passes on his debut.
Positive: Looking up for it.
Negative: Leave it a few weeks before saying anything other than the boys reckon Hobble would beat him in a ten yard dash.
Thomas Harrison
Unused sub.
Due a start.
Did a great job on the line today.
Positive: Another success story in the six halves challenge.
Negative: Family haircuts might be cheap, but they have their downsides too.
Nicky Rees
On the poker tour again.
Positive: Getting plenty of practice in the kitchen.
Negative: Everyone knows that green striped hoody is nice, but to wear it for 4 consecutive weeks is a bit much.
Anthony’s X-factor prediction: This week Anthony again predicted Rachel would be booted of X-factor. This week he was correct. Next week we will also get Anthony’s thoughts on I’m a celebrity.
Questions are being asked about what exactly the hierarchy does for the club. Send any suggestions via e-mail to
Positive: Still the best committee in the league.
Negative: Would be really nice to see all the hierarchy at the game and back at the club. Cant remember last time it happened.
29th Nov 08: Stanleytown 1 – 5 Fairwater (CUP)
This week we took on undefeated and Division One leaders Fairwater in the second round of the Bruty Cup. There were two changes from last weeks draw with AFC Butetown with a return to the side for John Williams and Gareth Smith, Gareth Gaspar and Ross Tyler were missing.
In a scrappy start with most of the play being in the middle of the park it was us who took the lead in the 21st minute, when Jason Carnell dispossessed the Fairwater left back and shot from out wide and beat the keeper at the near post to grab his first goal of the season.
We had to endure a lot of pressure through the rest of the half but we restricted Fairwater to long range shots and Ian Reed was very rarely troubled in goals.
Jarrad Davies came close just before half time we the ball dropped to him at the edge of the area and his left foot shot was saved by the keeper. Half Time 1 – 0
After a solid defensive display in the first half we got off to a terrible start in the second, conceding 2 goals in the opening 4 minutes in similar fashion.
The first came in the 47th minute when a square ball from the right was slotted in from 8 yards. 2 minutes later a higher ball from the right was lifted over the head of Reed given Fairwater a 2 – 1 lead.
In the 56th minute Darren Hughes replaced the injured Gareth Smith and instantly got involved when he tested the keeper from 30 yards.
On the hour Fairwater went 3 – 1 up when a high ball was punched clear by Reed only for the ball to drop to the edge of the area and knock back over Reed into the goal.
In the 66th minute Fairwater put the game beyond all doubt when they caught us on the counter attack, again down the right squared the ball and the striker was there to put the ball into the net in similar fashion to the first.
Karl Williams replaced John Williams in the 67th minute and then Thomas Harrison was replaced by Daniel Evans in the 76th minute.
With us pushing for a consolation goal and having several chances through Carnell, Tyrone Jones and Huw Evans, we were again caught on the break and Fairwater made it 5 – 1 in the 85th minute.
We did have one more chance in injury time with a Carnell indirect free kick going just wide of the post. Final Score 1 – 5
Next week, Saturday 6th December, we are back in league action and travel to Lisvane / Llanishen for a 2.00pm kick off.
Ian Reed 8
No chance with any of the goals. Pulled off some great saves when called into action.
Positive: Clean shaven look has silenced the ‘ginger beard’ taunts.
Negative: but have you seen the price of those Gillette mach 3 blades????
John Williams (8 but minus 1 for suspected Friday drinking) = 7
Turned up with eyes resembling piss holes in the snow. Suspected Friday night drinking, but put in a great display.
Positive: Played several quality balls down the line.
Negative: Needs more displays like that and fewer trips to scouse land to become an automatic choice.
Huw Evans 8
Funny thing is most of the goals came from the right hand flank, yet Huw had a very good game.
Positive: Be very difficult to shift him from left back after several consistent showings.
Negative: Can somebody make sure he doesn’t drive this week so he can do the 6 halves???
Matthew Smith 8
Did really well up against some quality opposition. Covered a lot of ground and got stuck in.
Positive: Opponents manager seemed to like him.
Negative: Seems to being lured into the social side of the club.
Gareth Smith 7
Another comeback for Boris. Did well after lengthy lay-off.
Positive: Seemed to come through the game unscathed.
Negative: Boys reckoned there is no chance he’ll play in every game through the Christmas period. Likes the cold even less than Jez
Kenny Robbins 9 – STAR MAN
Great fitness levels despite suffering a couple of knocks last week.
Positive: We have at least 6 central midfielders, and with games like that, Kenny
Negative: Says he is out on the 13th. But Ken, no gore-tex jackets or caps allowed.
Jarrad Davies 7
Gives his all and did well again. To be fair to him, moved around into different positions.
Positive: Up for the battle on the field. Well overdue haircut.
Negative: Even Alex was taking the piss out of his daps this week.
Thomas Harrison 7
First start for a while. Did well enough up against good quality players. Played some nice balls in the middle of the park.
Positive: Not back at the club that much so less ammo for piss taking.
Negative: Seems to prefer a Friday night beer to a Saturday night one….
Jason Carnell 7
Battled as usual and deserved his goal. Took it well beating the keeper at the near post.
Positive: Taking training again this week. Currently leading poll to be clubman of the year.
Negative: Had quite a few bumps on the head. Good job its hard. Everyone was gutted he finally scored and got level with reedy in the goalscoring chart.
Tyrone Jones 7
Good skills and quick feet up front but difficult to break though a resolute back four.
Positive: Is enjoying his football at Stanleytown. Cant wait to be in starting line up next week.
Negative: Hint of a spat with the assistant manager. A training session wouldn’t go amiss either.
Jeremy Morgan 6
Not really at the races. Couple of decent passes but that was it.
Positive: Hope magua got that back heel on the film
Negative: but not that dodgy header.
Daniel Evans 7
Came on and wanted the ball. Played several good one-twos in the middle.
Positive: Looks to have plenty of ability on the field.
Negative: Up against at least 5 other players who want to play in central midfield.
Karl Williams 6
Squad rotation found Karl on the bench.
Positive: Quality touches when he came on.
Negative: Realised he had that sweater on again so didn’t want to risk it back in the workies.
Carl Semmens
Unused sub.
Needs a start to show what he can do.
Darren Hughes (6 but minus 2 for confirmed Friday night drinking)= 4
Came on up front but found it tough going.
Positive: As enthusiastic as anyone about stanleytown.
Negative: Couldn’t drink and play well in his twenties, so what chance has he got in his forties?
Nicky Rees
Couple of training sessions and could force himself into the reckoning.
Positive: One nice comment about the hoody, and he sends Karen to buy him one in a different colour.
Negative: Was looking redder than magua in the workies. Tell tale signs of midweek cider drinking.
Gary Thomas
Well happy with winning the raffle.
Positive: New wardrobe for Gary. Think he sent Mrs Thomas shopping with Mrs Rees.
Negative: Nicky and Gary looked like twins with their matching hoodies and snow washed denims.
Anthony’s X-factor prediction: This week Anthony predicted Ruth Lorenzo would be booted of X-factor. For the second week running, our reality TV expert was correct.
Anthony’s I’m a celebrity prediction: Anthony is tipping tennis great, Martina Navratilova to win the jungle challenge
6th Dec 08: Lisvane/Llanishen 0 – 2 Stanleytown
After our cup outing last week it was back to League on Saturday. We had three changes from the defeat to Fairwater with Tom Harrison dropping to the bench along with the injured Huw Evans and Jeremy Morgan. Daniel Evans and Carl Semmens made their first starts of the season and Ross Tyler returned to the starting 11.
Most of the early pressure came from the home side with them having several corners and long-range efforts in the opening 10 minutes, most of which Ian Reed dealt with comfortably in goals.
Our best chance of the half came in the 19th minute when crisp passing between Kenny Robbins, Jarrad Davies and Tyrone Jones ended with Davies seeing his shot across goal go just wide of the far post.
Lisvane/Llanishen’s threat continued with long range efforts but nothing too testing for our back four of Semmens, Matthew and Gareth Smith and John Williams at left back, who all protected Reed well. Half Time 0 – 0
Lisvane/Llanishen caught us napping at the start of the second half when poor marking from a short corner meant they had a free shot on goal only for the ball to go sailing over the bar.
It was us who took the lead in the 55th minute when the front two of Tyler and Jones combined, which saw Jones is shot deflect past the Lisvane/Llanishen goalkeeper.
On the hour Tom Harrison replaced Ross Tyler and almost had an instant impact when his bullet header, from a Jones corner, was well saved by the keeper.
Lisvane/Llanishen continued to press for a equaliser only for Reed to be on the top of his game and looking unbeatable. His best save of the match came in the 71st minute when first he saved a long range shot and then brilliantly at the feet of the striker from 8 yards.
10 minutes from time Reed was finally beaten only for the woodwork to come to his rescue when a corner was headed goal-wards.
In the 83rd minute we sealed the game when Jason Carnell broke away and his shot deflected up over the keeper and seal the 3 points.
Gary Thomas replaced Tyrone Jones in the 87th minute.
Lisvane/Llanishen did have one more chance in the 90th minute only for John Williams to clear the ball off the line. Final Score 0 – 2
Next week, Saturday 13th December, we are home to local rivals Llwynypia in a 2.00pm kick off.
Ian Reed 9
Reedy is on top form at the moment, answering all his critics. Given star man by the opposition. Hope nobody comes in for him with an improved deal during the transfer window.
Positive: Another deserved clean sheet. The one time he dropped a clanger he followed it up to make the save of the match and keep us 1 ahead.
Negative: Alex wants to know what is going on with his stupid caps? And needs to keep this form going, it only takes one phone call to get Simon Leach back.
John Williams 8
Nice to see him looking fairly sober before the game. Defended well. Shame he wasn’t so defensive when he was out in ponty a few weeks back.
Positive: Switched to left full back and still played as well as he has been. Hit some nice balls forward with the left boot.
Negative: Looks a bit like a rent boy on his facebook pages.
Carl Semmens 9
First start of the season for Carl, but looked as if he’d been playing right full back for years.
Positive: Started quietly but grew in confidence, putting in some great covering tackles in second half.
Negative: Was just about to start up front then late injury to huw meant he was hauled back. After game like that at the back, might never get a game as a winger.
Matthew Smith 8
Praise the lord for the miracle. Matthew went from having to come off injured to taking every goal kick within the space of minutes.
Positive: Rodney and Boris forming a sound partnership at centre back.
Negative: That silly Liverpool banner in his new motor just cheapens it.
Gareth Smith 8
Never seen this boy have a bad game. Physical as usual and never looked under pressure.
Positive: Lasted 90 minutes in very cold temperatures. Probably the most sensible member of the squad off the field.
Negative: Don’t tell him how good he is too his face, he’ll blush. Rumours of Friday evening drinking to tarnish his whiter than white reputation.
Kenny Robbins 8
Kenny was his usual self, all over the field and having a stormer, but this week many of his team mates were doing the same,
Positive: Likened to a Duracell bunny for his energy and stamina.
Negative: There wont be many games when Kenny is outshone but his midfield partners. He still played well though.
Jarred Davies 9
Back to his best, battling for everything. Played it simple and put in a very energetic showing.
Positive: First time he has shown up without his eyes being glazed over for weeks. His tracking back and tackling were awesome.
Negative: Set this standard, so we expect it every week now.
Daniel Evans 9 – STAR MAN
First start of the season. Head and shoulders the best player in first half. Showed great skills on a terrible surface. Did well when moved out to the left flank in second half.
Positive: Great potential, needs to keep working hard to keep his place in the team tho.
Negative: Difficult to have a go after a game like that. Apart from that he is asking for trouble by wearing his pants in the shower.
Jason Carnell 8
Played the target man role again, and did plenty of tracking back to help the midfield. Was more effective in second half.
Positive: Won the aerial battle and held the ball up well. Deserved his goal creating his own bit of luck again.
Negative: Many anonymous claims that the second goal should be credited as an own goal due to the wicked deflection. This was upheld so Cazzy is still one goal behind Reedy in the league goals scored table.
Tyrone Jones 8
Quicker feet than Michael Flatley on a shocking pitch. Another one deserving his goal.
Positive: Took his goal really well, firing home hard and low, just as Reedy has been advising the strikers.
Negative: Temperament to rival Berbatov, although it was a harsh decision to sacrifice him for the aging Gary Thomas.
Ross Tyler 7
Did a job with the front 3, closing down the opposition back four.
Positive: Says he is def out in Cardiff next Saturday.
Negative: By own admission, lacking a bit of fitness. There is a remedy for that Ross, its called training!
Thomas Harrison 7
Great showing when coming on in midfield. Got stuck in and played the ball well.
Positive: Desperately unlucky not to score with a bullet header.
Negative: Seems to be one of the Maerdy boys who is well and truly hen-pecked. The boys reckon Shannon Matthews has more privileges and freedom than him.
His Dad said he was disgruntled with the squad rotation policy.
Bad belly.
Bad foot
City Slicker
Bad side.
Bad side.
Nicky Rees
Supervising Mrs Rees’ shopping expedition. Just what concoction is this boy gonna be wearing next Saturday?
Gary Thomas 7
Sent on to shore up the defence and did his job.
Positive: Never seen anyone so enthusiastic about booking the end of season trip. And Alex has a pass, so Gary can borrow some cool clothes.
Negative: Was overheard asking Nicky for fashion tips for the Cardiff night out. It’s all gonna end up messy, mark my word.
Anthony’s X-factor quote: ‘I think Owen will go, but I hope JLS do as they do my head in.’ Anthony was wrong as Diana went home. Anthony is now backing Alexandra to win so lump on.
Anthony’s I’m a celebrity prediction: If you’d sided with Anthony’s prediction, Martina Navratilova, you would have walked away with a nice 8/1 each way shot as she came home runner up.
13th Dec 08: Stanleytown 1 – 0 Llwynypia
This week’s visitors were local rivals AFC Llwynypia. We had three changes from last weeks victory over Lisvane/Llanshen, with Matthew Smith, Daniel Evans and Ross Tyler all missing through injury, which meant a return to the side for Gareth Gaspar, Thomas Harrison, and Anthony Phillips returned from suspension.
We started brightly with Thomas Harrison and Tyrone Jones both having chances in the opening 10 minutes. First Harrison shot over in the 2nd minute when he was on the end of a nice passing move between Phillips and Jones. Then 5 minutes later Jones had his shot saved by the Llwynypia goalkeeper.
Both Tyrone Jones and Jason Carnell had good chances to put us one up but neither of them could connect cleanly with the ball.
The closest we came in the first half was 4 minutes before half time when the goalkeeper saved a Jarrad Davies header from a Jones free kick and the ball dropped to Harrison who had his chance cleared off the line, then Carnell’s volley went just wide. Half Time 0 – 0
We started the second half as we ended the first with Jones and Davies combining again, with Davies heading just over from 8 yards from a Jones cross.
Just after the hour we hit the woodwork twice in four minutes when first Kenny Robbins headed an Anthony Phillips corner against the bar and then Phillips individual run ended with his shot crashing back off the post.
With 15 minutes remaining we had another chance cleared off the line when a Davies cross was dropped by the keeper but Robbins’s shot was couldn’t get past the defender on the line.
In the 76th minute a tactical change saw us go to an attacking 3-3-4 with Huw Evans and Marc Daniels replacing the two hard working full backs, John Williams and Carl Semmens.
We finally got the breakthrough 3 minutes from time when Phillips’s shot from a tight angle was only parried by the keeper to the feet of Carnell who was 5 yards out and he slotted home to grab is third goal in as many games. Final Score 1 – 0
Next week, Saturday 20th December, we travel to the other local side in our league Hopkinstown for our last game before Christmas, 2.00pm kick off.
Ian Reed 8
Not as busy as of late, but did what was required.
Positive: Another clean sheet! Only conceded one goal in last 6 league games.
Negative: Officially overtaken in the goalscoring chart by captain carnell.
Is asking santa for: Plenty of mach 3 blades
Little John 7
Looking at home at full back. Defended well.
Positive: Level playing field this week as most people were hung over.
Negative: Now new carl is giving John competition for a place at right full back.
Is asking santa for: Some more brylcreem for his hair and a Saturday morning hangover cure
Carl Semmens 7
Did exactly what was required, looking confident.
Positive: Display was even better considering he was on his 21st birthday celebration on Friday night.
Negative: Hope he doesn’t follow in little john’s Friday night antics. Ferndale reject.
Is asking santa for: More performances like the last 2.
Gaspar 8
Back in the starting line up and picked up where he left off. Won everything in the air and timed his challenges well.
Positive: Back to form after 2 weeks worth of lemsip and nightnurse.
Negative: Should get a flu jab next season. Ferndale reject.
Is asking santa for: He’d settle for even half a yard of pace.
Boris 8
Was even winning headers even when he was on his arse. Never looked troubled at the back.
Positive: Another 90 minutes injury free.
Negative: Someone keep him in cotton wool cos we got some big games coming up. Ferndale reject.
Is asking santa for: Dress sense.
Ken 8
All over the field again, didn’t give their midfield a moment to play.
Positive: There is no way this boy is out on the piss on Friday nights.
Negative: Can’t be tempted for an after match drink, goes mental apparently. Ferndale reject.
Is asking santa for: Anything gore-tex. Or a police car.
Jarred 9 – STAR MAN
Playing like he was at the beginning of the season again. Put in some great through balls.
Positive: Back in contention for player of the year with games like that.
Negative: Brighter shirt than reedy’s keepers top. Ferndale reject.
Is asking santa for: Nothing, this boy has got it all. But maybe some vouchers for Maerdy shot wouldn’t go amiss.
Thomas 8
His first touch is superb on times. Good showing in midfield, was well into second half before a pass went astray and then it was only one that I remember.
Positive: Leading the maerdy boys by example with his exemplary behaviour for pre match preparation.
Negative: Doesn’t seem the keenest when it comes to training or the warm up. Ferndale reject.
Is asking santa for: A run in the team.
Cazzy 8
Captain carnell kept going right until the end and deserved his third goal in 3 weeks for effort alone.
Positive: Never gave up and was in right position to knock the winner in.
Negative: Could have had the game wrapped up in the first half.
Is asking santa for: Reedy to just make one mistake.
Tyrone 8
Unfortunate not to have scored in first half. Set piece deliveries were top drawer.
Positive: Friday night in thai elephant must have soaked up all the beer.
Negative: Under pressure to perform in front of Mr Jones. And the last time he came to watch Ty was carried off. Ferndale reject.
Is asking santa for: Thai elephant loyalty card and a sense of humour. ;-)
Anthony 8
Fourth comeback of the season for the prodigal hero. Quality player and created a number of chances.
Positive: We need a fit Anthony to maintain recent good league form.
Negative: More to come when he gets back to full fitness.
Is asking santa for: X factor and Britains got talent board games. And more socks with toes in.
Huw 7
Returned as sub after rib injury. Defended well when he came on.
Positive: Back to fitness.
Negative: Got to battle to win back his starting position. Ferndale reject.
Is asking santa for: Little John or Car Semmens to get injured.
Danno 9
Changed the game when he came on, gave us a different option up front then won some good headers at the back.
Positive: Mr versatile and will always be there when stanleytown need him.
Negative: Busting for a starting position. Llwynypia target.
Is asking santa for: Two new knees, one elbow, a hip replacement, chiropractor vouchers…………..
His Dad said he was still disgruntled with the squad rotation policy. Graig metals target.
Is asking santa for: No one to catch on that he has been having mid-winter breaks for years.
Gary Thomas
Laughed his socks off when Danno was sent on up front. Llwynypia target.
Is asking santa for: A John Wayne DVD or an elvis CD. And definitely not another pair of Bill Stunt jeans.
Crazy office injury. Too silly to mention.
Is asking santa for: Petrol money.
Bad leg.
Is asking santa for: Anything branded LFC.
Just bad. Ferndale reject.
Is asking santa for: A Stanleytown FC poker stars bracelet.
Almost called up to boslter the squad firepower. Stanleytown reject.
Is asking santa for: A chance to prove he really is Stanleytown’s greatest ever player.
City Slicker
Too old for the bench. Llwynypia target.
Is asking santa for: Just for men bumper pack. And a guaranteed starting place.
Cant justify giving himself a start on this form.
Is asking santa for: Job security.
Nicky Rees
Supervising Mrs Rees’ shopping expedition. Just what concoction is this boy gonna be wearing next Saturday?
Is asking santa for: Alpecin shampoo
Hobble 7
Llwynypia target. Has Hobble played his last game for Stanleytown?
Is asking santa for: Another weeks’ work with Nicky Rees. And a signed transfer form.
Anthony’s X-factor prediction: Wanted Alexandra to win but was convinced that there was going to be a twist in the final of this years talent contest. Alexandra won.
20th Dec 08: Hopkinstown 1 – 1 Stanleytown
This week we made the short journey down the road to play Hopkinstown. We had two changes from last week’s victory over Llwynypia with Daniel Evans and Huw Evans returning in place of the missing Thomas Harrison and Anthony Phillips.
We started brightly and had the best of the early chances, the first came in the 14th minute when Jason Carnell beat the keeper to a through ball, only for him to take it to wide and gave the keeper a chance to get back in goals for his shot from a tight angle.
10 minutes later Tyrone Jones came close when Jarrad Davies played him through down the middle and his left foot shot went just over.
Hopkinstown were the side who took the lead in the 27th minute when their goalkeepers long kick down field was not dealt with and the ball dropped to the striker who drove the ball past Ian Reed from 8 yards.
The remainder of the half saw very few chances, Carl Semmens came close for us with his shot going wide of the post and Hopkinstown’s long-range efforts were comfortably saved by Reed. Half Time 1 – 0
Three minutes after the re-start Semmens played in Jones down the right, who went one on one with the keeper but the shot was saved from a tight angle.
Hopkinstown came close to doubling their lead in the 51st minute when a corner was headed just over.
Darren Hughes replaced Carl Semmens in the 58th minute.
2 minutes later we were back on level terms with a contender for goal of the season, when a long ball from the back was brought down by Hughes, laid the ball back to Jones whose shot from 30 yards gave the keeper no chance as it flew past him into the top corner.
In the 66th minute Hughes and Jones combined again when Hughes flicked on for Jones whose half volley was brilliantly tipped over by the keeper.
With 9 minutes remaining Marc Daniels replaced Daniel Evans.
We almost snatched all 3 points in the 83rd minute when John Williams is high lob nearly deceived the keeper who only just managed to push the ball over.
Final Score 1 – 1
Next week, Saturday 27th December, we are at home to AFC Whitchurch in a 2.00pm kick off.
The club committee would like to wish all the players and everyone else connected with Stanleytown Football Club a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Ian Reed 7
John Williams 6
Huw Evans 6
Gareth Gaspar 7
Gareth Smith 7
Kenny Robbins 6
Jarrad Davies 6
Daniel Evans 7
Jason Carnell 6
Tyrone Jones 8
Carl Semmens 6
Marc Daniels 7
Gary Thomas 7
Darren Hughes 9 – STAR MAN
27th Dec 08: Stanleytown 3 – 1 Whitchurch
This week visitors to Stanleytown for this top six clash were AFC Whitchurch. We had two changes from last weeks draw with Hopkinstown, with a Karl Williams returning in place of Daniel Evans and Lee Bolderson returned to Stanleytown for his second debut replacing Carl Semmens.
On a hard and cold pitch this game was never going to be a spectacle and that was proven as it took 25 minutes for any side to have an effort on target, and that came from Whitchurch with a volley from 8 yards out that Ian Reed tipped around the post.
Our only real chance of the half came just after the half hour when Jarrad Davies received the ball inside and his left foot effort from outside the box was saved by the keeper.
The only other chance of the half fell to Whitchurch on the stroke of half time when a corner turned into a goalmouth scramble with Reed saving well on the line. Half Time 0 – 0
We got off to a flyer in the second half with a fortunate goal from Bolderson in the 47th minute, when his cross from out wide was misjudged by the Whitchurch keeper and the ball dropped under the crossbar into the net, despite the protests, 1 – 0.
15 minutes later we doubled our lead when the Whitchurch defender failed to clear a long ball from the back which left Tyrone Jones one on one with the keeper and he calmly rolled the ball past him to grab his 10th goal of the season. 2 – 0
Whitchurch got a goal back in the 67th minute when a free kick from the left was headed in from 6 yards.
Barrie Jones came on for his debut in the 68th minute in place of Karl Williams, and then Carl Semmens replaced Lee Bolderson in the 76th minute.
We restored our two-goal advantage and sealed all 3 points in the 84th minute, when Jason Carnell played Jarrad Davies in down the right hand side and his low cross from the by-line to the far post was met by an unmarked Barrie Jones who tapped in from 2 yards.
3 minutes from time Matthew Smith replaced John Williams.
Final Score 3 – 1
Our first game of 2009 comes next week, Saturday 3rd January when we travel to Cadoxton for a 2.00pm kick off.
A couple of class saves yet again, and no more cloudy days.
Positive: Recovered from the blue cardigan disaster the week before.
Negative: Could still improve on his distribution.
Little John
Solid defensively and made several runs down the flank.
Positive: People will accept him, no matter what he gets up to behind closed doors.
Negative: There’s no point putting in great overlapping runs if he doesn’t call for the ball.
Great defensive display again. Good on the ground and in the air.
Positive: Don’t remember him having a bad game.
Negative: Not such a good look-a-like display.
Having a storming run in the team. Times his headed challenges to perfection.
Positive: Looks more mobile than John Hartson.
Negative: Looks like John Hartson.
Tough time against Kingy, but soon got to grips with him and kept him quiet.
Positive: Bit like Paul McGrath in his prime – doesn’t train, often injured but still class.
Negative: Matthew said if his bro was a horse, he’d have been shot by now.
Awesome yet again. Tackling all over the pitch, winning balls he has no right to win.
Positive: Rolls Royce engine defensively.
Negative: Steffen Freund flair attacking.
Shrugged off a boxing day hangover to put in a stormer. Great run and cross for goal number 3.
Positive: Has finally lost his ‘scally chav’ tag.
Negative: Lets hope he doesn’t revert to his old scally ways.
Karl Mole
Straight back into the team after mid winter break. Did ok too.
Positive: The attic is looking great.
Negative: If he has another 4 weeks off to decorate it, that’s his lot.
Lee Bolderson
All the sensible money was for the prodigal son to score on his return, and he fluked the first.
Positive: There was a tear in his eyes when he came off the field, he’d forgotten what it was like to win. Bless.
Negative: He’s got to work his balls off to keep his place. Manager’s blue eyed boy Ross Tyler is due back anytime…..
Starting to get into his front man role, movement was much improved.
Positive: Doing a good job leading the team.
Negative: That Laurel and Hardy style mis-kick.
Looked dangerous going forward, said he gave the keeper the eyes for the second goal. Must have been bonk eyes.
Positive: Good movement across front line.
Negative: Scarpered before he could be take on the 6 halves challenge.
Slotted into right hand midfield when he came on.
Positive: Solid job yet again.
Negative: Little John is in fine form at right back.
Barrie the boxer
Did job in middle of the park, then on left flank.
Positive: Good run into the box and cool finish to kill game off.
Negative: Difficult to break into team on recent form.
Right back cum centre forward display from young trotter.
Positive: Back from his mystery illness.
Negative: Would have had a drink on boxing day if he knew he was gonna be sub.
3rd Jan 09: Cadoxton 2 – 2 Stanleytown
No Match Report
Ian Reed 6
Got a hand to the one of the goals but couldn’t keep it out.
Positive: Looks like he ate well over xmas.
Negative: He didn’t get those mach 3 blades off santa.
New years resolution: To take all the goal kicks in one game.
John Williams 5
Quiet by recent standards, didn’t get forward like he has been.
Positive: Looks like he’s been on a diet over xmas.
Negative: Was all the mulled wine taking its toll?
New years resolution: To convince Jez that he hasn’t been out on a Friday night.
Huw Evans 5
Steady showing again. Was under pressure in second half.
Positive: He didn’t see the look-alikes.
Negative: Xmas hurt his pocket.
New years resolution: To venture forward at least once.
Gareth Gaspar 6
Tough game against big striker.
Positive: We hadn’t conceded when he went off.
Negative: He came off.
New years resolution: To fix that slow puncture on his spare tyre.
Gareth Smith 6
Not his usual composed self. One loose backpass.
Positive: You cant drop the mayor of London.
Negative: Wasn’t looking to clever in the warm up, couldn’t trap a bag of cement.
New years resolution: To come out on one Saturday night.
Kenny Robbins 6
Started like a train, then quietened a little by his standards.
Positive: Doesn’t feel the cold.
Negative: Got caught in possession several times.
New years resolution: To have more attacking flair than claude makalele
Jarrad Davies 7 – STAR MAN
Looking back to his best, was a rare positive from a poor performance.
Positive: Probably the best display of the day.
Negative: Probably the most hung over too.
New years resolution: To pass his driving test before his 5th attempt.
Karl Williams 5
Powered home the equaliser in the last minute.
Positive: Kept going until the death.
Negative: Missing selling those football tickets.
New years resolution: To stay clear of Jez’s squad rotation policy.
Jason Carnell 5
Not his usual self. Quiet game compared to usual.
Positive: Wine sales in the Rhondda fawr are on the up.
Negative: That cadoxton centre half giving him stick again.
New years resolution: To wrap up that clubman of the year award.
Tyrone Jones 5
Goal out of nothing again.
Positive: Paying off the keeper worked.
Negative: Not a fan of the cold by the looks of it.
New years resolution: To make it training and back to the club in the same week.
Lee Bolderson 5
Plenty of hard work, but too much defensively not attacking.
Positive: Says he enjoyed his first game back.
Negative: Needs to cement his place back in the team.
New years resolution: 12 weeks guaranteed start like slicker had.
Matthew Smith 5
Let in 2 when he came on to shore up the defence.
Positive: Finally recovered from injury.
Negative: Not recovered from his xmas time benders.
New years resolution: To get a bigger xmas bonus this year.
Ross Tyler 5
Unlucky with one shot, played very deep.
Positive: xmas hat, xmas jumper, xmas trainers.
Negative: xmas hat, xmas jumper, xmas trainers
New years resolution: A buy a holiday home in tylorstown
Daniel Evans
Will feature soon. Back after injury.
Barrie Jones
Will feature soon. One game, on goal.
Carl Semmens
Will feature soon. Battle with Little John for right back slot.
McNicky Rees, McHobble, McAntos, McDayo
Were working on a sponsorship deal with well known fast food restaurant chain to provide post match food in the McWorkies.
Anthony’s celebrity big brother quote: I’m loving Ulrika, I think she will win it. And I got a new pair of world cup boots and I’ll be back next week, so look out.
17th Jan 09: Cascade 2 – 3 Stanleytown
No Match Report
Ian Reed
Given man of the match by opponents. Couple of saves for the camera.
Positive: Big kick put Cazzy through for our first goal.
Negative: He hates it when Cazzy scores.
First half 5
Second half 9
Matthew Smith
Bought his way back in the team by bribing jez.
Positive: Is definitely going on tour to benidorm.
Negative: Is scared shitless of flying so will probably leave a few days earlier with ferris coaches and meet us there.
First half 4
Second half 8
Huw Evans
One crazy forward run in the second half.
Positive: Reliable performance yet again.
Negative: Nose still bleeding after that forward run.
First half 4
Second half 8
Gareth Gaspar
Made some timely headed clearances.
Positive: Pulled down their forward when he was just about to score.
Negative: They scored off the free kick.
First half 5
Second half 7
Gareth Smith
Rumours at the club that he is one of the galacticos. Scored winner with acrobatic header, then had a paddy with the keeper.
Positive: Like Paul McGrath in his prime.
Negative: Trains like Paul McGrath.
First half 6
Second half 9
Jason Carnell – STAR MAN
Was no where to be seen in first half, then was everywhere in second.
Positive: Scored first goal in come back. Could have had 5.
Negative: Should have had 5.
First half 3
Second half 10
Jarrad Davies
Another good showing from an alleged Rhondda league player.
Positive: Glad he couldn’t get in the Rhondda league team.
Negative: Maerdy shot takings down.
First half 7
Second half 9
Anthony Phillips
First game in ages from the stanleytown talisman.
Positive: Looks like he has been keeping in shape. And he’s got new boots.
Negative: Not match fit.
First half 4
Second half 7
Ross Tyler
Another one to force his way back into starting line up.
Positive: Helped out in defence.
Negative: Found it hard to get forward.
First half 4
Second half 7
Tyrone Jones
Played, up front, right midfield, left midfield, left back and centre half, all in one game.
Positive: Set piece delivery was first class.
Negative: Makes chances for himself out of nothing, but should shoot more.
First half 6
Second half 9
Lee Bolderson
Strange feeling for Lee, 2 goals in 3 games, two wins and a draw.
Positive: Confident penalty when others were wetting their pants.
Negative: Needs more than that to lose his ‘scab’ tag.
First half 6
Second half 8
Karl Williams
Was as shocked to find himself dropped as when he found out he was starting a couple of weeks ago.
Positive: Excellent all round play. Finally got chance to get new boots dirty.
Negative: Is not happy with squad rotation policy.
First half Cold
Second half 9
Carl Semmens
Good showing out wide, played it simple and retained the ball.
Positive: Must be looking to start next game.
Negative: Not sure if he is a keen trainer.
First half Cold
Second half 9
John Williams
Given man of the match by a local football critic.
Positive: Showed he deserves to start every week.
Negative: Got 3 other players wanting his position.
First half Cold
Second half 9
Nicky Rees, Danno, Jez, Tom, Mole, Magua, Mal, Hobble, Gary Good job
Antos, Pip, Alex
Anthony Phillips comment: Anthony is loving MTV cult show ‘pimp my ride’ at the moment.
24th Jan 09: Stanleytown 2 – 2 Nelson
This week’s visitors to Stanley Park were Nelson who Stanleytown had already played and beat twice this season. There were three changes to the starting line up with Little John, Daniel and Karl returning to the starting XI. Gareth Gasper the unfortunate one to be dropped to the bench, Ross Tyler couldn’t make it this week but was spotted by a local photographer shopping with his missus in Cardiff and Lee Bolderson on scouting mission at old Trafford
First Half
Stanleytown got off to the worst possible start when Cazzy showed his defensive frailties yet again and his man popped up back post with a thumping header, 1-0 after 2 minutes, however it was Cazzy who had Stanleytown’s first real chance with the keeper saving well at his near post. Stanleytown finally got back to level terms when Jarrad’s perfectly executed through ball was met by Cazzy who rounded the keeper to score his 5th goal of the season 1-1. Stanleytown then came close to taking the lead from a corner but Huw put his header over from one yard out and some fans showed their frustration with his miss – one fan was heard shouting that his wife could have scored it. 40 minutes into the game and nelson were awarded a penalty but it was nothing for Stanleytown to worry about because inspirational goalkeeper Reedy was in top form and saved it effortlessly – fine bit of goalkeeping from town’s number one. 5 minutes later nelson had a breakaway and scored, Reedy only managing to get one hand to the shot 2-1 Nelson half time.
Second Half
Stanleytown started a lot better second half with Tyrone and Jarrad linking well but Jarrad’s shot failed to hit the target. Anthony Phillips went close but his shot was parried away by the keeper. Stanleytown were too slow for the rebound, town were slowly creeping back into the game but still slow reacting to the counter attack and had to rely on their defence on more than one occasion, Reedy also pulled off several good saves to keep his side in the game. Town knew if they wanted anything out of the game some fresh legs would be needed and the inclusion of Kenny Robbins and Barrie Jones was a sign of Stanleytown’s intent, Little John and Daniel the players to give way, town had a couple more chances to get back in the game but were not clinical in front of goal, this made the manager make his last substitute and he himself come on in place of Anthony Phillips to show the boys how it should be done but it was Tyrone who went closest smashing the upright from 30 yards. With minutes left on the clock Stanleytown continued to push for the equaliser and had their just rewards when Cazzy played in Jarrad who engineered a stunning strike from the edge of the box and found the back of the net the keeper having no chance final score 2-2. A fair result in the end but Stanleytown will need to play a lot better in coming weeks if they want to keep their dream of promotion alive.
Next up for Stanleytown is St Athan Away Stanleytown currently 3rd but closely followed by St Athan who are 4th and have a few games in hand. The clubs met back in October and played out a very exciting 0-0 draw.
Ian Reed 8
Came on in the 3rd minute when we were one nil down. Kept up the season’s form with a number of good stops.
Positive: Another penalty save from big ian reed.
Negative: Crazy designer beard is not catching on with the boys.
Matthew Smith 6
A fairly quiet game from young trotter. His mind is still on that flight to benidorm.
Positive: Mrs Trotter.
Negative: His idea to go dressed as Romanian peasants in benidorm didn’t go down well with the boys.
Huw Evans 6
Solid at the back, dodgy going forward.
Positive: Got into a great position one yard out to meet a great corner from Tyrone.
Negative: The miss looks even worse in the video. Heading practice this week.
John Williams 7
Average game from little john. Always plays his fair share of decent balls.
Positive: Put in a nice turn a number of times to get clear of his opponent.
Negative: Subbed again, despite having a decent game
Gareth Smith 8
Opposing centre forward was up for it, but Boris sorted him out in the first 10 minutes. Some great tackles yet again.
Positive: Mrs Boris said he can go on tour if he wants.
Negative: Working in clydach this week.
Jason Carnell 8
Took his goal calmly. Caused plenty of problems again.
Positive: Has got a new lease of life this season. Great example for a 39 year old.
Negative: Starting to look his age.
Jarrad Davies 10 – STAR MAN
Gutting to have to say this, but he was awesome. 100% effort from start to finish. Won’t see many better displays than that this season.
Positive: Made one and scored cracking equaliser at the death.
Negative: Alex said he is shit at Fifa. And is on his 3rd driving test too.
Anthony Phillips 6
Played through the pain barrier again, things didn’t go his way.
Positive: There is always a place in the Stanleytown team for Anthony.
Negative: Been playing with torn ankle ligaments. Out for the season. Stupid pool ball socks.
Daniel Evans 6
First game back for a while. Can be a top player.
Positive: Started brightly, played the ball about well.
Negative: Needs a couple of games to get match fit.
Tyrone Jones 9
Showed great pace and played a number of superb balls.
Positive: Looking more dangerous all the time, someone is gonna be on the receiving end of a hat trick soon.
Negative: Boys have had to arrange a stanleytown night at the thai elephant to have a pint with tyrone after the game.
Jeremy Morgan 5
Rubbish. Looked like he hadn’t played since November.
Positive: Can pick when and where he plays. Might get a few more games with new boots tho.
Negative: Still can’t justify a place after that showing.
Barrie Jones 7
Looked bright when he came on.
Positive: Pushing for a start.
Negative: Pushing for a fight first.
Kenny Robbins 7
Didn’t take him long to put in some robust challenges.
Positive: Wants to be in first eleven.
Negative: Jarred challenging for player of the year now.
Gareth Gaspar
Unlucky to miss out. Unused sub.
Nicky Rees
Got drunk watching other peoples kids dancing. Humbled by pip in the Friday night poker marathon.
Didn’t tell anyone it was his birthday.
Downed 6 half with ease but also tipped 3 pints with equal ease.
6 strand hairstyle setting the trend in stanleytown.
Popeye fell under 3 falling pints.
Gary good job
Is already looking at what clothes he is gonna pack for Benidorm.
Wore his hair down on Saturday
Won’t take any more shit from Cazzy
Anthony Phillips comment: He did say in the changing rooms he had sensitive feet. The hospital said it was torn ligaments.
31st Jan 09: St Athan 4 – 2 Stanleytown
This week Stanleytown took the long journey down to St Athan. The previous game between the sides was a stalemate with both sides unable to break the deadlock. There were three changes from the side that drew with Nelson last week with Lee Bolderson, Kenny Robbins and Jeremy Morgan all returning to the starting line up in replace of Gareth Smith suffering from travel sickness yet again, Daniel Evans not troubled with the present credit crunch going in search for a new car with his missus and Anthony Phillips likely to be out for a few weeks injured.
First Half
Stanleytown got off to a flyer when Jarrad Davies pounced on a poor clearance and hit a stunning side footed volley giving the advancing keeper no chance, 1-0 after 10 minutes. Despite being 1-0 down it was St Athan who took the game to Stanleytown and forced several good saves from their keeper Ian Reed. St Athan kept pressing and finally got their equaliser when the ball deflected off a defender only to loop over the keeper and in to the back of the net 1-1. Stanleytown immediately regained their advantage when Cazzy played in Tyrone who bursts into the box only to be tripped by the keeper – penalty. Lee Bolderson easily converts from the spot with a thunderous strike to give town the lead 2-1. St Athan responded well having a shot cleared off the line by Matthew Smith. Town then had a great chance to increase they lead when Tyrone wriggled his way past a defender only to put his shot just wide of the post. With 5 minutes left in the half, St Athan equalised yet again when a cross was flicked on then headed into the net, 2-2 half time.
Second Half
The second half started the way the first half ended with Ian Reed having to pull off a string off fine saves to keep his side in the game. Town finally came alive but despite having the majority of the ball they were unable to craft out any clear shots. Huw Evans clearly struggling with a knock was replaced by Carl Semmens half way through the half. Town were made to pay for their waste of possession when St Athan took the lead for the first time in the game with a strike from the edge of the box 3-2. St Athan was now in control of the game and Town only had their keeper to thank for keeping the score line down. Town still in the game pushed for the equaliser only to become undone when St Athan hit them on the break and scored despite the keeper’s best efforts, 4-2 final score. Yet another disappointing result for Stanleytown which could have been a lot worse if not for Ian Reed between the sticks.
Next up for Stanleytown is Tongwynlais at Stanley park. These sides played back in November in a hard fought match which Stanleytown edged 1-0.
Ian Reed 9 – STAR MAN
Superb throughout and kept us in the game until the end.
Positive: Becoming a contender for player of the year although he did say that himself.
Negative: Just what is he hiding under that cap? Cazzy said he’s the next nicky rees
Matthew Smith 6
Was a little bit dodgy at the back, nothing to chuckle about this week.
Positive: Great goal line clearance off his shin. And is now Stanleytown champion chopstick chopper.
Negative: Could be heard muttering ‘I ain’t getting on no plane!’ while tucking into his main meal.
Huw Evans 6
Fair game against decent opposition.
Positive: Kept going despite taking a knock.
Negative: Couldn’t get forward.
John Williams 6
Shocker in first half but was 100% better in second.
Positive: Great clearance in second half that had potential to make him look like his hero, traore.
Negative: Was made to weigh in for his beer in the thai elephant.
Jeremy Morgan 8
Back in the team due to AWOL team mates.
Positive: First start in eleven games.
Negative: First defeat for stanleytown in eleven games.
Jason Carnell 7
Linked well with Tyrone in first half, but pulled back into the middle in second half.
Positive: Looking fitter than players half his age.
Negative: Has sideburns of someone twice his age.
Jarrad Davies 8
Usual non-stop display from super-jar. There were rumblings that he actually does too much running. At this rate he will have lost his ‘rhondda league player’ by the end of the season.
Positive: Took his goal instinctively. Magic boots.
Negative: Made amends for his opener, by losing possession for their equaliser.
Lee Bolderson 6
Nice couple of runs, did ok. Nice bit of banter with Reedy.
Positive: Showed Tyrone how to take penalties. 3 goals in 4 games.
Negative: Little john needs to show him a good time so he doesn’t struggle in benidorm.
Karl Williams 7
Some great skills on a dreadful surface. Played everywhere and coped throughout.
Positive: Looks to have got his starting place secured again.
Negative: Is no left back or left winger.
Tyrone Jones 8
Back on top form. Was brought down for penalty.
Positive: Enthused following Saturday night squad pilgrimage to his favourite venue.
Negative: Did all the hard work to create chance for himself, then dragged ball wide.
Kenny Robbins 7
Battled away and won more that his fair share of challenges.
Positive: Scored in the warm up.
Negative: Couldn’t unlock the defence.
Carl Semmens 6
Came on at right midfield, but couldn’t influence the game this time.
Positive: Due a start soon.
Negative: If he turns up for 3 consecutive weeks…..
Nicky Rees
Too cold to change. A number of contentious decisions, especially to move Cazzy back to midfield.
Was working on a car. Probably.
Back to the tried and tested 20 strand hair style.
Too cold to change.
Gary good job
Too cold to change.
14th Feb 09: Cwmbach 2 – 0 Stanleytown
No Match Report
Ian Reed 8
Another string of great saves. Almost got to the penalty.
Positive: Without doubt, best hands in the league this season.
Negative: Unfortunately, the worst feet in the league.
Matthew Smith 9
Started a little shaky, but soon got to grips with skilful forward. Won some towering headers.
Positive: Incident free night for a change. Apart from ruining Jez’ brand new shirt.
Negative: Benidorm nights could be very long for Matthew’s carer.
Huw Evans 7
Also took some time to get into game, then was usual dependable self.
Positive: Proved versatile covering at centre back.
Negative: Just don’t ask him to play midfield!
John Williams 7
Probably the best full back in the club called John. Looked far more comfortable when switched to right back.
Positive: Was on fire in Wetherspoons in the night……
Negative: but with Jez and Matthews women!
Carl Semmens 8
Another one who started slowly, but then came into the game. Was having a cracking game until something went crack.
Positive: Puts in a good show every time he plays.
Negative: Curse of Carl Semmens strikes again. Injured.
Jason Carnell 7
Bump on the head, bump on the leg, bump on the foot. He still keeps going.
Positive: Fitness levels and physique of a man in his late thirties have inspired Nicky Rees out of retirement.
Negative: Do we really want Nicky Rees out of retirement??
Lee Bolderson 7
Got stuck in across the middle, did well in tight midfield battle.
Positive: Looking inspired on his second coming.
Negative: Could be appointed Matthew’s carer in benidorm.
Karl Williams 7
Playing so well of late, only man who can turn up late to a guaranteed start. Showed good skills again to be fair.
Positive: Work on that attic seems to be a thing of the past.
Negative: There is another cold snap forecast, could put Karl out for weeks.
Tyrone Jones 7
Expected bits of skill from our top scorer. Unlucky not to score when hitting post.
Positive: Reckoned he was going to come training this week.
Negative: Nicky Rees back in the fold, still fancies himself to score more than tyrone this season.
Barrie Jones 9 - STAR MAN
If he can play like that after a Friday night fight, whats he gonna be like when fresh?
Positive: Selection problems for Jez when Kenny and Jarred return.
Negative: I don’t fancy telling him if he doesn’t get picked in the future.
Jeremy Morgan 7
Looked good on the field, played rubbish, but looked good.
Positive: Everyone wants his boots.
Negative: But not his fitness levels.
Nicky Rees 4
Finally looks up for a return to action after self imposed exile. Back to his scoring best.
Positive: One flicked on header in 15 minutes was not bad for first showing this season. Boots wont need cleaning this week.
Negative: The road to fitness looks to be a very long one.
Marc Daniels 5
Used upper body strength when he came on late. Valued member of the squad.
Gareth Gaspar 6
Back into the fold following Carl’s injury. Looked comfortable.
Where do you start? Lets just say he’s had better weekends.
Gary good job
Mild weather this week, so got changed.
Did not make it. Rugbyitis.
Did not make it. Rugbyitis.
Did not make it. Rugbyitis., awayitis & borisitis.
21st Feb 09: Stanleytown 3 – 1 Penrhiwfer
This week Stanleytown entertained local rivals Penrhiwfer at Stanley Park. Stanleytown were looking to improve on last week’s game where they lost 2-0. There was only one change from the starting line-up with Jarrad Davies coming in for Jeremy Morgan.
First Half
Stanleytown started the game in a positive manner when Tyrone Jones showed great vision to set up Karl Williams who shot was saved comfortably. Penrhiwfer come close on a few occasions and seemed to be on top but Stanleytown were always a threat on the break with Tyrone Jones’ and Lee Bolderson’s pace with tyrone coming close with an header near post. Stanleytown finally got on the scoresheet when they were awarded what seemed to be a soft penalty but replays showed the referee was correct to award it, up stepped the Ice Man Lee Bolderson who fired in yet another goal from the penalty spot 1-0. Stanleytown kept up the pressure and with a string of fine corners from Tyrone, Barrie Jones narrowly missed the target with a header back post, Barrie then linked well with Jason Carnell whose scuffed shot somehow found the back of the net on the stroke of half time, 2-0 at the interval.
Second Half
Stanleytown started the second half a lot better with Tyrone coming close only to see his shot go just wide of the goal. A mix up in defence between Carl Semmens and Jarrad Davies almost allowed Penrhiwfer back into the game but the striker put his shot wide lucky escape. Tyrone then played in Bolderson whose volley was put behind for a corner. Penrhiwfer upped their game and came close on several occasions only to see themselves come un-done when Stanleytown broke and Barrie Jones slotted the ball into the back of the net 3-0. Stanleytown made three changes with Daniel Evans coming on in place of Lee Bolderson, Gareth Gasper replacing Huw Evans and the oldest man on the field Jason Carnell coming off for debutant Thomas Frowen, Carnell didn’t seem to happy about it though throwing his armband to the ground in frustration. Penrhiwfer finally scored after a lot of pressure when Ian Reed and Carl Semmens felt sorry for them and both moved out of the balls way 3-1 final score.
Next up for Stanleytown a tough away trip to Butetown, these sides played back in November with the game finishing 1-1 despite Hew Evans best efforts.
Ian Reed 8
Super Reedy was super again.
Positive: Rarely gets beaten in a one on one.
Negative: Combined will Carl Semmens to gift them a consolation goal.
Carl Semmens 8
Lasted the full 100 minutes. Yet to put in a bad game.
Positive: Possibly the best right back in the club.
Negative: Has to stop feeling sorry for the opposition and giving them goals.
John Williams 7
Did well on the left flank, although positional awareness not always there.
Positive: Possibly the best right back at the club.
Negative: Not a natural left footer.
Matthew Smith 7
Looks comfortable anywhere in the back four.
Positive: Possibly the best right back in the club.
Negative: How long will the self impose Workies exile continue?
Huw Evans 7
Mr consistent did well yet again.
Positive: Possibly the best right back in the club.
Negative: Bemused at the decision to be replaced.
Barrie Jones 8
He’s just as good when he doesn’t have a Friday night scrap.
Positive: Proving a natural replacement for king Kenny robbins.
Negative: Proof that Sunday football is no good for Saturday players.
Jarrad Davies 8
Turned up late and only made the second half. Despite this, he is the boss’s favourite so deserves his 8 rating.
Positive: Fitness levels seem quite good, despite his big belly.
Negative: Will it be the same in a few years time??
Karl Williams 7
Having a great season in what some thought would be his twilight footballing years.
Positive: Seems to be avoiding the managers squad rotation policy.
Negative: But the attic at home is suffering. Mrs Mole is tamping.
Tyrone Jones 9 – STAR MAN
Great game from Stanleytown’s sulky forward. One of his best games.
Positive: Pace and footwork too much for opposing defenders.
Negative: Would give Anelka, Berbatov and Cantona a run for their money in temperament stakes.
Jason Carnell 8
Natural leader on the field, he doesn’t miss open goals from 2 yards, even when they are on his left foot.
Positive: Took being subbed like a man, an example for the rest of the boys.
Negative: Prone to the odd miss kick or 5.
Lee Bolderson 7
Blasted home another penalty into the top corner. Possibly the best penalty I’ve ever seen.
Positive: Best goalscoring form of his career.
Negative: Still a lot of bridges to build after sabbatical at ynyshir.
Daniel Evans 6
Turned up, so cant be that bad.
Gareth Gaspar 6
Eased into centre back berth
Tom Frowen 6
Debut up front, but not long to make an impression.
Frustrated at not making an appearance.
Nicky Rees
Made it just before kick off.
Cant get in the team despite probably being best right back at the club.
28th Feb 09: AFC Butetown 2 – 3 Stanleytown
This week Stanleytown played AFC Butetown away form home the sides drew 1-1 in the last meeting. There were several changes to the side that beat Penrhiwfer last weekend with Gareth Gasper and Gareth Smith replacing little John and Carl Semmens who both were dropped to the bench Daniel Evans replaced the injured Barrie Jones in midfield.
First Half
Stanleytown were slow off the mark where as Butetown got straight into the game and tested the Stanleytown rear guard on several occasions before they got their just reward when they left the Stanleytown No 1 Ian Reed scrambling for the ball as the attacker comfortably took the ball around him and smashed the ball into the back of the net despite Huw Evans best efforts on the line 1-0. Butetown continued to push for a second goal however in doing so they were left exposed on the break and Tyrone Jones came close to an equaliser when Jarrad Davies found him unmarked in the area but was unable to keep his shot down. Jason Carnell also had an effort that sailed over the bar 1-0 half time.
Second Half
Stanleytown started the second half exactly the same as the first, on the back foot and soon found themselves 2-0 down when Ian Reed’s save fell straight into the path of the supporting attacker who lobed the ball in to the back of the net. Going 2-0 down seemed to inspire Stanleytown and within minutes Tyrone Jones played in Carnell who slotted the ball home to make it 2-1. Stanleytown were clearly on top by now and continued to push for the equaliser but Jarrad Davies couldn’t find the target with his long range effort. Stanleytown remained patient and soon got the equaliser when Daniel Evans’ cross found Tyrone Jones unmarked and Jones just smashes the ball into the roof of the net to make the game 2-2. Jones was involved again soon after but saw his shot saved comfortably by the goalkeeper. Stanleytown not wanting to settle for a draw brought on some fresh legs with Carl Semmens, Little John and Thomas Frowen replacing Daniel Evans, Lee Bolderson and Huw Evans respectively. Carl Semmens made an immediate impact and played in Tyrone Jones who went past the defender easily, only to somehow miss the target. Stanleytown kept pushing but were almost caught out on the break but keeper Ian Reed produced a fine one on one save. In the dying stages of the match Stanleytown were awarded a corner which Tyrone drilled to the near post and Matthew Smith with a darting run got his head on it to make it 3-2, what a screamer to win the game.
Ian Reed 9 – STAR MAN
Getting boring, but pulled off string of saves again to keep us in it. Really has been superb this season.
Positive: Even started taking some goal kicks.
Negative: That may be the gingerest beard I’ve ever seen.
Matthew Smith 8
Poor playing in the tyre tracks, but had a stormer in the second half, especially when his buddy Carl came on.
Positive: Powered home the winner with his head. Caught it so well he didn’t know what day it was.
Negative: Really didn’t know what day it was when he was halfway to work and realised it was Sunday.
Huw Evans 6
Struggled to play on a poor surface. Defended well enough.
Positive: Listened to Reedy when he told him not stay on the line.
Negative: Came off the line when he should have stayed. And then got lobbed.
Gareth Smith 7
Midwinter break over, Boris is back for the rest of the season.
Positive: We never lose when Boris plays.
Negative: But does he just pick the easy games????
Gareth Gaspar 6
Solid in the air and great timing, pace exposed at times. Was the first to tell Jez that Little John was out boozing on Friday night – cheers Gaspar.
Positive: Back in the team after a spell on the side.
Negative: Didn’t last 90 mins and taken off injured.
Jason Carnell 7
Was within 2 mins of being hauled off again, but struck home a rocket right footer. Nice of him to join in the game in the second half.
Positive: Led the Stanleytown comeback yet again. Nobody shouts ‘COME ON’ better than Cazzy.
Negative: He must have been smoking with the butetown boys after the match, cos they gave him man of the match.
Lee Bolderson 6
Quiet game for Lee in comparison to recent games. Think he was half cut from the alcohol fumes from Little John in the car on the way down.
Positive: 2 for 1 crew cuts in ynyshir barbers.
Negative: He took Little John with him.
Karl Williams 8
Quietly gets on with it and played some good quality stuff as expected.
Positive: Mrs Mole is a dab hand with a needle and thread.
Negative: Just how many garments can she sew crocodiles on?
Tyrone Jones 8
On top form lately, rifled home the equaliser. Caused them plenty of problems with his pace.
Positive: Created a number of chances for himself.
Negative: Only took the one, on another day he would have bagged 3.
Daniel Evans 7
Back in the team and did well, created the second for Typhoon.
Positive: Says he will be a regular from now on.
Negative: Will he or wont he turn up?
Jarrad Davies 7
The Manager’s love child was his usual influential self.
Positive: When he is good, he is very very good – second half.
Negative: When he is bad, he is horrid – first half.
John Williams 6
Said that is the last time he asks Gaspar out for a drink on Friday night.
Positive: He’ll be back in the team soon.
Negative: All the subs want to know what John is up to on Friday nights.
Carl Semmens 8
Came on in second half, and was superb.
Positive: Was flying into tackles and created a number of chances down the right flank.
Negative: Another one spotted out boozing on Friday night, this time by Daniel.
Tom Frowen 6
Did well for last ten minutes. Long throw in expert apparently.
Didn’t travel. Not committed.
Gary good job
The dedicated follower of fashion is a dedicated follower of Stanleytown.
Midway through self diagnosed injury. Back in a few weeks.
Nicky Rees
Does whatever Hobble does, so didn’t travel either.
14th Mar 09: AFC Caerphilly 2 – 1 Stanleytown
This week Stanleytown took the short trip down the A470 to AFC Caerphilly. Stanleytown had previously beaten them 5-3 back in August however this week they were forced to travel with a much depleted team as a few superstars preferred to watch other sporting events such as rugby, football and even bowls.
First Half
It was a scrappy start to the match with some big tackles going in with both sides clearly trying to get a feel for the game. It was Caerphilly who had first glimpse at goal only to see it cleared off the line and out for a corner by Big John. Caerphilly kept pressing and came close a few times from set pieces but Ian Reed saved well on several occasions. Stanleytown took the lead on their first real attempt when Tyrone Jones drilled in a corner that was met by the head of Jarrad Davies, the ball looping in to the back of the net, 1-0 to the away side. Caerphilly came straight back at Stanleytown and soon rattled the ball against the bar with a thunderous strike from the edge of the box. Caerphilly were pushing for the equaliser and finally got it when Hobble lost his man who scored a simple header from 6 yards following a perfectly executed cross 1-1. Stanleytown were looking for a response and nearly took the lead for a second time when Tyrone Jones shot under pressure but was unlucky not to hit the target. Soon after Carl Semen’s cut inside and linked well with Hobble who’s cross almost found Nicky Rees who made a lovely run and lost his marker - some great link play by the old men, 1-1 at the interval
Second Half
The second half started a lot like the first with some rather robust tackles. There was none more sinister than when Big John made a dazzling run from the back only to be hacked down from the side. From the resulting free kick Carl Semen pounced on a headed clearance only to see his shot parried away by the goalkeeper, Hobble also had an effort that nearly went for a throw in. Stanleytown made a substitution with Nicky Rees being replaced by a Jan Molby look-alike with Ryan Barnes taking part in his first match for the Town this season. One of the Stanleytown players thought this was a perfect opportunity to go worm hunting. (Carl Semen’s) What was he doing? Soon after Lee Bolderson linked well with Jarrad Davies whose cross was dealt with by the goalkeeper despite Tyrone Jones best efforts. Soon after, Caerphilly attacked down the right and some poor marking made it easy for the attacker to slot home from 18 yds to put Caerphilly 2-1 up. In the dying stages off the match Tyrone Jones nearly levelled things only to see his shot sail over the bar final score 2-1 to Caerphilly. Even though Nicky was screaming like a girl 4-1. God knows what game he was watching!!
Ian Reed 6
Our lifeline in every game and this week was no different. Relied on too much this week.
Positive: Put his body on the line, when he got a kick in the ribs, to keep us at 1-1
Negative: Could here his scream in the ‘workies’
John Williams 5
Worked well with Carl on the right, a couple more overlaps were needed. Moved to left back and was isolated second half marking two men. Carried the ball well out of defence and linked with midfield.
Positive: Insists he stays in on Friday’s now
Negative: He plays better after a night out
Gary Thomas 5
Shared the blame for the first goal. But made up for it later with good positioning and organisation, which kept us in the game for a long spell.
Positive: He brought his boots
Negative: He doesn’t bring them more often
Huw Evans 4
Not his comfortable self as centre back fill in, although he did win more than his fair share of headers. Kept a skilful striker very quiet, until he scored the winner.
Positive: Only Maerdy player not to drink Friday night
Negative: Only Maerdy boy not to drink after the game
Karl Williams 5
Strengths not utilised at left back. Much better second half when he was allowed to get forward. Beat his man every time and got a few crosses in. Settled well with Ryan when he came on.
Positive: Allowed to get forward second half and cause problems
Negative: Played ‘left back’ for 45 minutes
Carl Semmens 5
Class footwork to beat his marker in the final third, shame he laid it off. A bit more greed needed to have a go himself. Got forward and tracked back every time.
Positive: Great forward running
Negative: Rarely had chance to stay forward.
Stephen “Hobble” Thomas 5
Slotted straight in and looked very comfy in centre midfield. Struggled to get on the ball but when he did it was never wasted.
Positive: He brought his boots
Negative: He doesn’t bring them more often
Jarrad Davies 6 STAR MAN
A very quiet first half lacked his usual aggression and bite. Second half completely new player, maybe ‘right winger’ is his forte. Giving Jez another reason not to drop him- he can play there too.
Positive: Can’t fault his boot cleaning ability
Negative: They were not his boots
Lee Bolderson 4
Short passes more often than not went to the opposition. Long passes were a bit better- found Tyrone in some great positions. Came into the game second half once removed from his ‘bogey position’.
Positive: After all the stick Nicky has given Jez about playing him left wing, looked a sure thing for a new position
Negative: Played left wing
Tyrone Jones 4
Quiet game, but didn’t see the ball to be fair. Dropped deep on occasions to try and pick up the ball and that left us wanting for pace upfront. Blazed one great chance high over the bar, but he was the only one to get into that position
Positive: Always wanted the ball
Negative: Rarely got it
Nicky Rees Player 4 (Manager 2)
Did well even though the only ball he was given was head height, plenty of closing down. A good weekend all round for Nicky, still not sure if he knows we LOST though
Positive: He brought his boots
Negative: He was compared to Sammy Lee (not just because of the all in one tracky)- useless in charge but does ok behind the scenes i.e. the workies
Ryan Jones 6
Our biggest threat when he came on, very positive on the ball and put himself about to control midfield. Contender for star man- didn’t put a foot wrong.
Positive: Classy passing and good movement
Negative: Not on long enough, or was it Nicky was on too long
Tom, Magua, Mole 6
Positive: Phones were ‘red hot’ at 12:30pm trying to get us a team!
Negative: They are not signed this year and Mole’s phone was even hotter at 2:45pm.
Jeremy Morgan 0
AWOL- left the team in hell of a mess. ‘Deadly Doug’ issued a reminder that it’s club first and holidays should be taken during the off-season not at crucial stages of the season. Holding on to his job by a thread, only lucky Nicky done such an awful job. Rumoured we could lose him to vets football next year.
Positive: His birthday recently so no doubt he will have a couple more wardrobe howlers next game.
Negative: Doubt he’ll drop the absentees or get in the vets team.
Matthew Smith 0
Football took a back seat for ‘bowls’ this weekend. That’s a sad day for sport.
Positive: He’s good at bowls.
Negative: He prefers bowls to football.
Cazzy 0
“Busting for a game” but forgot he was banned. Last we saw of him.
4th Apr 09: Stanleytown 1 – 2 Cascade
This week Stanleytown welcomed Cascade to Stanley Park the sides met back in January where Stanleytown beat them 3-2. There were a lot of changes in personnel this week with Jez returning to the hot seat after a recent scouting mission in Europe. The biggest shock off all was the Ynyshir reject Lee Bolderson being dropped to the bench despite his best efforts in training.
First Half
Stanleytown playing from left to right started well and were unlucky not to take the lead early on when Cazzy and Jarrad both came close to breaking the deadlock. Tyrone Jones also had a great opportunity only to see his shot saved and put out for a corner. Cascade despite having a lot of possession never really threatened until the 30th minute when a quick free kick from their own half played in their attacker who slotted the ball comfortably into the back of the net 1-0 to Cascade. Stanleytown now pushing for an equaliser raised they’re game and nearly got back on terms when Karl Mole made a dazzling run down the left, turning players this way and that and put in a lovely cross but there was no one on the end of it. Tyrone came close to the equaliser when Cazzy’s shot rebounded to his feet but his shot sailed just over the bar. On the stroke of half time Carl Semmens put in a lovely ball towards the back post where Karl Mole out jumped the defender but his header went just wide of the post 1-0 half time.
Second Half
The second half started a lot like the first ended with Stanleytown still searching for the ever elusive equaliser. They put Cascade under a lot of pressure despite having two or three corners in succession. Town never really produced a goal scoring opportunity until Cazzy run on to a through ball from Jez and rounded the keeper to slot the ball in to an empty net 1-1, despite the protests from Cascde that the striker was offside. Stanleytown now back in the game seemed to take their foot off the gas and allowed Cascade too much time on and off the ball. This was evident when one of their players run on to the ball with not one Stanleytown player within 30yds of him, he was through on goal rounded the keeper and somehow hit the post - lucky escape. Town almost took the lead later on in the game when Karl Mole found himself unmarked yet again in the box but missed the target with his header. Cascade eventually regained the lead from a stunning free kick from more than 30 yds out despite Reedy’s best efforts in goal and they almost added another soon after if it wasn’t for the heroics of Carl Semmens clearing off his own line. Final score 2-1 to Cascade.
11th Apr 09: Stanleytown 1 – 0 Brecon
No Match Report
Ian Reed 9
Staked his claim for player of year with first clean sheet of 2009.
Positive: Kicking practice with Jez looks to have paid off with only one wayward boot all game.
Negative: Managers blue eyed boy Jarred looking to push him for end of season accolades.
Carl Semmens 9 – STAR MAN
One time Ferndale favourite showing his class. Considering he’s a little fella, he put in longest headed clearance of the season.
Positive: Stanleytown committee said he was becoming their favourite player.
Negative: Not really seen his boozing capacity yet.
Gareth Smith 9
Quietly got on with organising defence. And if you mess with his brother, you mess with him.
Positive: Ledley King style defender – Always in the starting 11 when fit.
Negative: Can’t train as much as he wants too.
Matthew Smith 9
Starting to show his aggression on the field. Quality defending from the statistician. FACT.
Positive: Showing his aggression off the field too.
Negative: Will Stanleytown lose him to the lure of the Rhondda league next season?
Huw Evans 9
Didn’t really see much of Huw again. But never saw his opposition number have a kick either.
Positive: Says he feels wanted at Stanleytown.
Negative: ALWAYS got an excuse not to go for a beer.
Lee Bolderson 9
Back in the team to replace hung over Jez.
Positive: Sighs of relief from all the bitter boys and mole when Lee got a start.
Negative: Says he is not doing any more ratings.
Jarrad Davies 9
Efforts in training keep paying off. Great all rounder and the original Rhonnda League player.
Positive: At the top of his game on the football field.
Negative: Still has a bit to do on the squash court.
Karl Williams 9
The thinking mans player of the year. Struck home the winner into the roof of the net.
Positive: Heading practice in training paying dividends. Creating a nice partnership with super Jarred.
Negative: Says work on his attic is postponed until next winter.
Tyrone Jones 9
Local hero worked his magic again. Last weeks huff is all forgotten.
Positive: Back on his game, wanting to play more than anything.
Negative: Disappointed to be replaced by talented striker late on.
Jason Carnell 9
Captain fantastic does it again, inspiring team mates to deserved win against team of toffs.
Positive: Likely to be a contender for every gong
Negative: But the boys can’t forget his pout against Caerphilly away so clubman of the year will probably go to hobble, or nicky, or god job.
John Williams 9
Coped well out wide against the flying public schoolboys.
Positive: Proving to be Mr versatile.
Negative: Reckons he plays better after a night on the town.
Jeremy Morgan 9
Only one to make himself available on the bench. Went on for last few minutes to play pivotal role in the win.
Positive: Might be the most unpopular man at the club, but like a pint of Murphy’s, he’s not bitter.
Negative: Feared for his life when Gary had a rant.
Tom Frowen
No game for Llwynypia, so watched his beloved Stanleytown, fair play.
Nicky Rees
More interested in nights out these days than Stanleytown football. Rumours are he is thinking of joining Llwynypia next year??
Says he will only play for Nicky. Funny that. If Nicky said ‘Hob, lets sit in the sea and suck salt water through a straw…….’ Hobble would do it. That’s bromance for you.
Gary Thomas
Gave Chuckles his vote for player of the year.
25th Apr 09: Stanleytown 0 – 2 Cwmbach
No Match Report
Ian Reed 8
Brilliant again. No chance with the 2 goals, and great one handed save.
Positive: Finally lost his ‘dracula’ tag by punching clear every dangerous cross that was put in.
Negative: When is he gonna start catching the crosses?
Carl Semmens 7
Could tell he was on the beer on Friday night.
Positive: Defended well and played some decent balls forward.
Negative: Needs to demand the ball more.
John Williams 8 – STAR MAN
Revitalised player this year. Contender for young player of the year award. Best player on the park.
Positive: Had his opposite number in his pocket.
Negative: Apart from the time he crossed and they scored.
Gareth Smith 8
Battled away until injury got better of him.
Positive: Won challenge after challenge
Negative: Saw the dark clouds, and thought ‘f**k it, I’m not getting wet for anyone’
Huw Evans 7
Kept shape well and made numerous interceptions.
Positive: Loves a pint or two.
Negative: But not with any of us.
Karl Williams 7
Best of our attacking players. Having an indian summer.
Positive: Had his hair cut for the photo.
Negative: Looked like a WW2 POW.
Daniel Evans 6
First game back for a while. Started strongly, but faded as game went on.
Positive: One of the manager favourites
Negative: Another one who boycotts the club.
Jarrad Davies 5
Super Jar was not so super today. But have our expectations been raised too high for the rhondda league player of the year?
Positive: Had his haircut for the photo too.
Negative: He might have dyed his hair blonde, but he still has ginger skin.
Lee Bolderson 5
Worked hard but didn’t really hold ball up.
Positive: Said it could be worse, he could have played all season for ynyshir.
Negative: Silly shiny exhausts on his girlfriends car.
Jason Carnell 5
Worked hard, but didn’t really hold ball up.
Positive: Shouts ‘C’MON’ better than anyone else in the league.
Negative: Trainers would make Dizzee Rascal jealous.
Tyrone Jones 5
Didn’t really hold ball up.
Positive: Wants to be more involved in the game.
Negative: Needs to be more involved in the game.
Jeremy Morgan 6
Sacrificed himself for good of the club.
Positive: Couldn’t wait to get on.
Negative: Wasn’t much use when he did get on.
Gareth Gaspar 6
Solid when he replaced Boris.
Positive: Back fighting for a place.
Negative: Only 2 games left.
How on earth could he sit through a day of snooker without shouting abuse?
Was seen sipping a can of beer in the executive box. Refused to change and help out the team. Rumours he is signing for Ynyshir next year?
Was seen sipping a can of beer in the executive box. Refused to change and help out the team.
Rumours he is signing for Ferndale next year?
Was seen sipping a can of beer in the executive box. Refused to change and help out the team.
Rumours he is signing for Llwynypia next year?
Nice to see him back in the workies supporting the club.
Rumours he is coming back next year?
2nd May 09: Stanleytown 2 – 1 Tongwynlais
This week Stanleytown welcomed Tongwynlais to Stanley Park - these sides met last way back in November where Stanleytown scraped a 1-0 victory. There were two changes from the side that lost to Cwmbach last week with Jeremy Morgan and Stanleytown legend Nicky Rees coming in for Huw Evans and Daniel Evans respectively.
First Half
Stanleytown started brightly and looked a threat every time they went forward with Nicky Rees’s pace really troubling the Tongwynlais defence. It was Rees who eventually made the breakthrough when he charged down the keeper and showed great skill knocking the ball into the back of the net off his knee, on to his shin and finally onto his foot - Quality. Tongwynlais tried to get back in the game but they were unable to trouble the goalkeeper despite several efforts towards goal. Stanleytown doubled their lead soon after when they swung a free kick in from the left flank which hit Cazzy somewhere and rolled in to the back of the net. Stanleytown’s strikers really proving they are quality in front of goal. Stanleytown had a few more chances to extend their lead but Tyrone Jones failed to find the target with his long range effort, Cazzy also came close with a header. Tongwynlais finally woke up and started playing. They struck the cross bar twice in as many minutes and eventually scored just before half time with a nice strike from 8 yds out.
Second Half
Stanleytown were quick of the mark with Karl Mole making a nice run down the right who’s cross found Cazzy unmarked on the edge of the box but was unable to hit the target. Tongwynlais soon became more involved in the match and started pressing but some good defending kept them at bay and they had to settle for long range efforts, which were comfortable for the home side to deal with. Late in the half, Stanleytown broke away with Carl Semmens holding the ball up well and laying the ball off for Tyrone Jones whose effort failed to trouble the goalkeeper. Carl Semmens soon found himself furthest forward yet again but his shot sailed just over the bar and out for a goal kick. Stanleytown looked to freshen things up a bit and brought on two of the bitter boys Gary (Good Job) Thomas and Stephen (Hobble) Thomas who replaced the not so happy Karl Mole and the extremely happy legend Nicky Rees. The final chance of the match fell to Cazzy whose header was cleared of the line following a well taken corner from Tyrone Jones. Final score 2-1.
Ian Reed 7
Handling not as crisp as we have seen, but never looked troubled.
Positive: nobody mentioned the ginger hair or beard or cap or dodgy kicks
Negative: Dead ringer for stone cold steve austin
Carl Semmens 7
Another first class showing. Will be hard to dislodge from the team.
Positive: Was doing well in poker tournament….
Negative: Looks easily influenced by that scally jarred.
Gareth Smith 8
Made countless challenges, and almost made jez look good alongside him.
Positive: Could have been player of year candidate with more appearances.
Negative: Probably only play half the games next season, although ynyshir have made a bid for him.
Jeremy Morgan 7
Almost, just almost was star man.
Positive: Actually won a couple of headers.
Negative: Whoever said his right foot was better than mole’s left must have been pissed.
John Williams 9 – STAR MAN
Superb at left back. Never gave his winger a kick.
Positive: Must be most improved player in the team.
Negative: Surely he cant get any better than this?
Lee Bolderson 8
Another quality showing from one of the managers most favourite players ever.
Positive: Looks to be eating well.
Negative: Maybe too well judging the size of his fat arse
Jarrad Davies 8
Plenty of running, played right back, right wing and centre midfield. Was everywhere.
Positive: Gives 100% at everything.
Negative: Even on the dance floor.
Karl Williams 7
Didn’t impress the old man and was hauled off for good job.
Positive: Jez can see his quality even if papa mole cant.
Negative: He’ll be having a end of season and start of season break soon. But at least the attic will get finished.
Tyrone Jones 7
Like Michael Flatley in the first 20 minutes when he ran the show. Went a bit quiet after that. Don’t know what we would have done without his goals and assists this year.
Positive: Was so pleased to be on the same park as his boyhood hero, Fred Rees.
Negative: Faded after a bright start.
Jason Carnell 7
Nice finish to put us 2 up. Don’t know what we would have done without his goals and assists this year.
Positive: Has the backing of the players, and fans.
Negative: Will he catch Tyrone for top scorer?
Nicky Rees 8
Said he’d been dreaming about 2 of his football icons, Magua and Alex Ferguson.
Positive: Still scoring as regularly as ever. Never out of practice.
Negative: Complexion to rival Gareth Lewis and Sir Alex. Looks funny running flat out.
Steve Thomas 9
Came on and did the magic. Got stuck in, winning the ball and spraying it around.
Positive: Wants his place back next season, as well as his player of the year gong.
Negative: Not sure he has the will to want it.
Gary Thomas 8
Showed he can still defend with an assured showing.
Positive: Reckons he will be fittest defender in pre season.
Negative: Lots of rivals for right back slot.
7th May 09: Penrhiwfer 0 – 4 Stanleytown
No Match Report
Ian Reed 9
Finished the season as he started, with a clean sheet.
Positive: now he is scalped, he looks to scary to take the piss out of.
Negative: ynyshir boys club are in the market for a keeper, can we keep hold of him????
John Williams 9
Brilliant all round play. Passing, heading and tackling, he can do it all.
Positive: Has bulked up, and is now size small rather than extra large boys.
Negative: Will have to pay VAT on his clothes now.
Gareth Smith 9
Rifled home another screamer. Solid at the back.
Positive: Kept their 2 crazy forwards quiet.
Negative: Being tapped up by other clubs already, the bastards.
Gareth Gaspar 9
Looked rock solid alongside boris.
Positive: Never got beaten by their forward and put his boot in when needed.
Negative: Not looking forward to the pre season runs.
Huw Evans 9
Mr quiet, straight back in the team and played as well as he has all season.
Positive: Looks great defending.
Negative: Doesn’t look great attacking.
Lee Bolderson 9
Looked back to his early career form.
Positive: Most people have forgiven him for deserting stanleytown in their moment of need.
Negative: But no-one will forget, he will always be scab.
Jarrad Davies 9
Who would have thought this boy was a Rhondda league player? Good again.
Positive: Could be the first of many good seasons in stanleytowns midfield.
Negative: hopefully Ferndale don’t want him back yet.
Steve Thomas 9
Must have inspired by female support on the side.
Positive: Best game Ive ever seen hobble have.
Negative: Last game of the season.
Tyrone Jones 9
Typical performance from ‘le sulk’.
Positive: Brilliant at times.
Negative: Uninterested at times.
Jason Carnell 9
Put in yet another captains display, leading by example-ish.
Positive: Is a fans favourite.
Negative: Loved by our fans, hated by the opposition, especially that woman in the arran jumper and tracksuit bottoms.
Nicky Rees 9 – STAR MAN
Despite the funny running, Fred Adair can finish.
Positive: Nearly always shoots every time he scores.
Negative: Is he the new magua in the making?
Jeremy Morgan 10
Inspired team selection.
Positive: Kept mrs hobble company under the umbrella and didn’t have to go through with that shower ordeal at the end.
Negative: Nothing.